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Gordon Pennycook is a Canadian researcher who has “published on religious belief, sleep paralysis, morality, creativity, smartphone use, health beliefs (e.g., homeopathy), language use among climate change deniers, pseudo-profound bullshit, delusional ideation, fake news (and disinformation more broadly), political ideology, and science beliefs (in roughly that order). He is also interested in the methodological and theoretical issues that pertain to the measurement of cognitive reflection and motivated reasoning. My research sits at the intersection of cognitive and social psychology and most recently he has gotten interested in the use of social media data for social science (both correlational and experimental). For an overview of recent work on misinformation and motivated reasoning, click here. See published work for a full list of publications and working papers.” Pennycook and colleagues won the 2016 Ig Nobel Peace Prize for our investigation of pseudo-profound bullshit. Some coverage of the event: The GuardianBusiness InsiderGlobe and Mail.


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