The “Angry White Men” Watchdogs 10/7/17

The “Angry White Men” is a blog that tracks current Alt-Right, White Nationalist, Nazi, whatever-you-want-to-call-it media. It’s important to know what people are talking about and believe to be true, what they want, and more. All sides, but especially people with a violent streak who are well-armed. Antifa is a fabricated boogeyman for them in size and intent. Most people don’t know what Antifa is, yet these people are ready to defend themselves against them. How long before average protesters are seen as a threat?

Internal emails show how Breitbart pushed white supremacy into the mainstream, right-wingers are spreading conspiracy theories about the Las Vegas shooting, The Daily Stormer once again lost its domain, and more.

via Headlines — 10/07/17 — Angry White Men

BuzzFeed News – Here’s how Breitbart and Milo smuggled white nationalism into the mainstream.
Right Wing Watch – White supremacy figured out how to become YouTube famous.
 – I spent a week using only the alt-right’s version of the Internet.
Media Matters – How right-wing media are elevating conspiracy theories about the Las Vegas shooting.
Think Progress – White House-credentialed media outlet falsely accuses ‘far-left loon’ of Las Vegas shooting.
The Mary Sue – Garbage right-wing street artist mocks Jimmy Kimmel’s masculinity because he dared respond to the Las Vegas shooting like a human being.
The Outline – The Daily Stormer just lost its new .cat domain.
The Daily Dot – Unpacking The_Donald, the Internet’s pro-Trump bunker.
The New York Times – After Charlottesville, ACLU braces for the next alt-right case.
The Intercept – The white privilege of the ‘lone wolf’ shooter.
Raw Story – Sex offender arrested for threats against Howard University students: ‘It’s not murder if they’re black.’

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