Alan Weisselberg

Trump Organization CFO, Prepared Taxes for Decades

Allen Weisselberg, Longtime Trump Organization CFO, Testified and Was Granted Immunity in Cohen Probe WSJ

Accountant is third longtime confidant of Mr. Trump known to have provided information in hush-money investigation that has implicated the president. By Rebecca Ballhaus and Nicole Hong 

Trump Organization finance chief Allen Weisselberg has been granted immunity by prosecutors.

Trump Organization CFO granted immunity in latest blow to the president Politico. Allen Weisselberg’s extensive knowledge of the president’s finances could be highly valuable to investigators.By and  08/24/2018

“What we have right now is a campaign finance issue,” said Joyce Vance, a 25-year former federal prosecutor and U.S. Attorney for Alabama in the Obama administration. “But there’s a whole amusement park of potential crimes out there given what we know about Donald Trump, and Weisselberg is the guy who knows where the entrance is and has the roadmap of it.”

In many ways, Weisselberg isn’t just the keeper of the roadmap, he is the roadmap, with a head full of information about names, dates and reasons for why the secretive Trump entered into particular transactions.

For several decades, Weisselberg has done Trump’s personal tax returns and watched over his personal finances in addition to acting as CFO for the Trump Organization. Currently, he is also running that financial empire with Trump’s two eldest sons Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump.

Prosecutors have not disclosed the particulars of the immunity deal given to Weisselberg, which was first reported by the Wall Street Journal. But his cooperation with prosecutors became apparent to veteran Trump watchers on Tuesday, when Cohen, Trump’s longtime personal attorney, pleaded guilty in a Manhattan federal court to eight charges that included tax evasion, financial fraud and campaign finance violations. Cohen said during his courtroom appearance that he was directed by then-candidate Trump to make payments to adult-film actress Stormy Daniels and ex-Playboy model Karen McDougal “for the purposes of influencing the election.”