Dealing with Bullies

There are many organizations for prevention and coping with bullies.

The First Lady stated cyberbullying would be a focus of her efforts.

10-2-17 is the Blue Shirt Day® and World Day of Bullying Prevention™ from

Dr. Walter Keenan has created this guide on How to Deal with Cyberbullying & Substance Abuse:

The Dept. of Health and Human Services has many resources. StopBullying.Gov , Twitter and Facebook pages.

Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Foundation

Keaton Jones Anti-Bullying message goes Viral

28 million people in 48 hours saw middle-schooler Keaton Jones’ video about his experiences being bullied. In an unexpected backlash, 2 photographs of his mother posing with a Confederate flag were circulated. She claimed in this video that she has been bullied for NOT being racist. Because they both stepped forward and shared an experience which thousands of kids have every day, other victims will feel that much more supported as they decide to come forth and stand against bullying. CBS News