Newt Gingrich

Author of the Best-Selling book “Rediscovering God In America”

“Intelligence agency findings describe hackers seeking to obtain messages and send them to intermediary who also had deep ties to Trump backer Newt Gingrich

Peter Smith told the computer specialists he approached in his hunt for the stolen emails that he was working with Michael Flynn, then a top Trump foreign policy adviser, according to the Wall Street Journal. But Smith, who has died since talking to the Journal, also had deep-rooted connections to Newt Gingrich, an old Clinton foe and enthusiastic backer of Trump.

Smith was a Chicago investment banker who was a major fundraiser for Gingrich when the latter was a Republican congressional leader in a ferocious battle of wills with then president Bill Clinton. Smith was instrumental in the “Troopergate” scandal, in which four state troopers who provided security for Clinton alleged that the then Arkansas governor had used them to find him women to have sex with.

He also tried to orchestrate a paternity suit against Clinton and tried to find a woman who would claim she had an illegitimate child with the governor.

According to David Brock, a former investigative journalist, Smith offered to provide financial support, including finding jobs and setting up a legal fund for the troopers if they lost their jobs as a result of the allegations against Clinton. Brock later expressed doubts about the veracity of the allegations.”   The Guardian

GOP Operative Sought Clinton Emails From Hackers, Implied a Connection to Flynn

Peter W. Smith portrayed the former general as an ally in an effort, independent of the Trump campaign, to find personal emails deleted by Hillary Clinton  WSJ

“In Washington, Mr. Gingrich, one of his party’s best known and most polarizing figures, may still be remembered for a spectacular rise and fall: the Republican takeover of the House in 1994, the confrontation with President Bill Clinton that led to a government shutdown the next year, ethics battles and his resignation as speaker in 1998. He also acknowledged having an extramarital affair with Callista Bisek, then a House staff member, while leading impeachment proceedings against Mr. Clinton for lying about his own sexual transgressions.” NY Times 

Devout Catholics, he and Callista made the Citizens United/Steve Bannon/David Bossie film Nine Days that Changed the World  about Pope John Paul II’s visit to Poland. On February 26, 2011, speaking to anti-abortion group Ohio Right To Life he said “In America, religious belief is being challenged by a cultural elite trying to create a secularized America, in which God is driven out of public life.” Mr. Gingrich said he believed that the 2012 election was comparable in historic scope to 193, when Franklin D. Roosevelt defeated Herbert Hoover and ushered in the New Deal, and to 1860, when Abraham Lincoln prevailed over Stephen A. Douglas, setting the stage for the Civil War.” NY Times

Get ready for the Callista show! Callista Gingrich, Trump’s pick for ambassador to the Vatican, gets a nomination hearing Washington Post  July 17, 2017


Newt and Callista at Trump’s Inauguration: Embed from Getty Images

The cultural elite can be none other than the “liberal Democrats” as they are called “liberal elites” constantly by politicians and in the media, which non-Right-Wing becomes the “liberal media”. These historic references share that of Steve Bannon in the Fourth Turning, post-financial crash fear-film, Generation Zero, which was released in the 2010 by Citizens United (Koch-founded during the Tea Party, then Mercer-backed during Bannon).

February 26, 2011-“He urges Republicans to not settle for “Rejection conservatism,” which simply casts aside liberal arguments, instead of “replacement conservatism” which would fundamentally change institutions that he believes have outlived their effectiveness…Does it (GOP) want to be a party prepared to replace the failed institutions and move to a very bold new approach? Or does it want to try to muddle through accepting the framework of the systems that are failing?” The man who introduced the Contract with America in 1994, which still stands as a gold standard of political branding, now has a snappier jingle for today’s shorter attention span…at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) the note card reads: “2+2=4″ He uses it to present his broader view that the next presidential election should be a major debate over the size and scope of government.” NY Times

The ideals of returning to a previous time when God was more a part of public life and morals were higher (before Roe v. Wade and gay marriage, prayer in schools, Christian references on Government property, etc.) is directly evident in the title of Newt’s “Rediscovering God In America”. He pulled in the Christian Right, which shares a nostalgia for traditional values with the Mercers and Putin. Too bad those values also include Oligarchy and repressive Theocracy. Religious freedom exists only for fundamentalist Christians.

In retrospect from the Trump administration’s appointees, proposed bills and budgets, and billionaire-Libertarian-funded GOP in a post-Citizens United Washington: These statements reflect the shared desires of the Libertarian Koch and Mercer camp to dismantle Government and Labor Unions, privatize Public Education, Social Security, Prisons, Public Lands and everything else, while removing all protections for the Environment and People, including the healthcare, welfare, disability, and minimum wage, so they can run the country directly and decide who lives or dies based on who can pay the price they set and move away from the land they destroy. It also illustrates how the use of repetitive language “Replacing the Failed Institutions” “Systems that are Failing”, prepared the Republicans into compliance and acceptance that institutions such as Social Security and Medicare will inevitably fail (not according to mathematicians), while the Trump-era massive cutbacks will affect their poor supporters and states the most.

February 2011: “When President Obama changed his position last week and said he believed that the 1996 law barring federal recognition of same-sex marriages was unconstitutional, Mr. Gingrich waited a full day to offer his reaction. In a statement on Thursday, Mr. Gingrich kept his criticism confined to process, rather than the merits of marriage, saying: “The president is replacing the rule of law with the rule of Obama.” NY Times  This statement reinforced the image that Obama was a dictator, a common theme in Right-Wing media and films, like the ones Bannon produces through Citizens United, for example. As an adulterer, perhaps his PR people advised him to insert a Koch-Mercer talking point. By calling Obama a Dictator, it takes the heat off the people who behave like one. The naive believe they just survived a dictator, and since it wasn’t bad, the Left calling Trump and everyone else who is behaving like an oligarchy protecting their authoritarian leader, has less effect. It doesn’t mean anything to someone who may be a holocaust denier, white nationalist, religious and anti-abortion, uneducated, etc., and the alarm bells don’t go off. The boy who cried wolf.