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One of the central issues in the Trump Administration is the Emoluments Clause. In question are the sudden trademark approvals of Trump brands in China and Ivanka’s in Japan, the preference for using Trump Hotel in Washington DC, and other instances of financial gain via Government position.This video briefly explains The Emoluments Clause, posted on Nancy Pelosi’s Twitter page.

Congressman Jerrold Nadler, (D-NY), “top Democrat on the House Judiciary Committee has filed a resolution of inquiry” into President Donald J. Trump and his Russian business ties, emoluments and interference in the election. It can be considered a step toward the impeachment process because of the information sought in this case. “Donald Trump has refused to step away from his business interests in any meaningful way. His foreign entanglements are likely unconstitutional, he has repeatedly refused to disclose his financial assets, and he is clouded by the specter of Russian intervention in the election and his Administration.” Drafted on 2/9/17  Countable, which explains the Resolution of Inquiry. It was VOTED DOWN PARTY LINE on 2/22/2017. It “was the first time Members of Congress had a recorded vote on legislation concerning an investigation of Donald Trump’s conflicts and Russia ties.” Nadler

April to December 2016: “Russia’s patent office grants 10-year extensions for six unused Trump trademarks that are set to expire in 2016. Trump had originally acquired the trademarks for hotel and branding deals that never materialized — including “Trump Tower” in 1996 and four more hotel-related trademarks in 2007, when Felix Sater and Bayrock Group were scouting potential deals in Russia.”  Bill Moyers

Trump Foundation admits to violating ban on ‘self-dealing,’ new filing to IRS shows

“The GSA (General Services Administration) ruled in March that the Trump Organization can keep using a government-owned building in Washington for its new hotel, the Trump International Hotel, a favorite of diplomats and lobbyists. That decision drew criticism from good-government groups and Democrats. They note the contract the president’s company signed forbids government officials from being a party to or benefiting from the building.”  ABC News

 Foreign payments to Trump’s businesses are legally permitted, argues Justice Department“The U.S. Department of Justice argued Friday (June 9) that President Trump’s businesses are legally permitted to accept payments from foreign governments while he is in office, and thus Trump is not in violation of a constitutional clause barring the acceptance of emoluments. In a 70-page legal brief responding to a liberal watchdog group’s lawsuit, the administration said that market-rate payments for goods or services made to the president’s real estate, hotel and golf companies do not constitute emoluments as defined by the Constitution. Advocates from the Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) brought the suit against Trump in January, shortly after he entered office. ” Washington Post

Ethics group sues for Trump International Hotel records ahead of Republican Party fundraiser MIC   As Trump prepares to attend a major fundraiser at the Trump International Hotel in Washington, American Oversight, a non-partisan accountability group, announced it’s suing “to force the release of communications between the Trump Organization and the government agency that manages the taxpayer-owned building.”

American Oversight, which is run by Democratic former government officials, filed suit in federal court against the General Services Administration for information it requested, but didn’t get, under the Freedom of Information Act.

The price of entry to Wednesday’s dinner is $35,000 per person, Newsweek reported. The money will be split between Trump’s 2020 re-election campaign and the Republican National Committee.”



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