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George Papadopoulos

Papadopoulos’s Statement of Offense     Russiagate    The Meetings

Who’s who in the George Papadopoulos court documents Washington Post

  • Sam Clovis, Trump campaign national co-chairman Sam Clovis, former radio host in Iowa
  • Paul Manafort, Campaign Chairman
  • Rick Gates, Manafort’s Deputy
  • Corey Lewandowski, Campaign Chairman
  • Stephen Miller, Trump Campaign Foreign Policy Adviser
  • Walid Phares, Fox Commentator and Trump Campaign Foreign Policy Adviser
  • Joseph Mifsud Maltese Professor and Olga offered “Dirt” to Papadopoulos, then introduced Timofeev
  • Ivan Timofeev “A Russian National Connected to the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs”
  • Olga Polonskaya (maiden Vinogradova)

George Papadopoulos told a senior Trump adviser he had an ‘interesting message’ from Russia — a day after learning of Clinton ‘dirt’ Business Insider Natasha Bertrand November 13, 2017

“The former Trump campaign foreign-policy adviser George Papadopoulos told Stephen Miller, a senior policy adviser, in an email last April that he had received an “interesting message” from Russia – one day after learning that the Kremlin apparently had “dirt” on Hillary Clinton, the 2016 Democratic presidential nominee.

The emails were disclosed in court documents filed by the special counsel Robert Mueller’s office and unsealed late last month. The New York Times reported on Friday that Miller was the “senior policy adviser” described, but not named, in the court filings.

Miller, now a top White House policy adviser and speechwriter for President Donald Trump, was in regular contact with Papadopoulos over several months last year, the court filings show. He has reportedly been interviewed by Mueller as part of the special counsel’s investigation into Russia’s meddling in the 2016 US election and whether the Trump campaign colluded with Moscow to influence the outcome.

The court filings say that on April 25, 2016, after “multiple conversations” with a Russian national connected to Russia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Papadopoulos told Miller that “the Russian government has an open invitation by Putin for Mr. Trump to meet him when he is ready,” referring to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“The advantage of being in London is that these governments tend to speak a bit more openly in ‘neutral’ cities,” he said.

On April 26, Papadopoulos met with Joseph Mifsud – identified in the court filings as an “overseas professor” – for breakfast at a London hotel. There, Mifsud told Papadopoulos that he had learned from high-level Kremlin officials during his recent trip to Moscow that the Russians had “dirt” on Clinton in the form of “thousands of emails,” the filings say.

Papadopoulos emailed Miller the next day.

“Have some interesting messages coming in from Moscow about a trip when the time is right,” he wrote, the court filings say.

hope hicks steve bannon reince priebus stephen millerRon Sachs-Pool/Getty Images

Papadopoulos also emailed Paul Manafort on April 27 asking “to discuss Russia’s interest in hosting Mr. Trump.”

Manafort, who was then a campaign strategist but later became the campaign chairman, was described in the court filings as a “high-ranking campaign official.”

 “Have been receiving a lot of calls over the last month about Putin wanting to host him and the team when the time is right,” Papadopoulos told Manafort.” Business Insider

Top campaign officials knew of Trump adviser’s outreach to Russia

 Washington Post    Who is George Papadopoulos?

Former Trump campaign adviser George Papadopoulos pleaded guilty in early October to lying to federal officials about his contacts with Russian nationals. 

 October 30, 2017
Papadopoulos was in contact with several senior Trump campaign aides about his efforts to broker a relationship between Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin, the court papers show. In addition to Clovis, who now serves as senior White House adviser to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Papadopoulos wrote to campaign manager Corey Lewandowski and campaign chairman Paul Manafort, the newly released documents show.”

A London Meeting of an Unlikely Group: How a Trump Adviser Came to Learn of Clinton ‘Dirt’
Interviews and records reveal new details about contacts between George Papadopoulos and self-described Kremlin intermediaries. New York Times

Papadopoulos’s fiancee was interviewed by ABC News December 8, 2017 “George is very loyal to his country,” Simona Mangiante told ABC News chief anchor George Stephanopoulos in an exclusive interview. “He is already on the right side of history. I think he will make a big difference.”

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