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“I Revel In Your Hatred Because If I Wasn’t Effective You Wouldn’t Hate Me”

Stone’s Rule: Nothing is On The Level.  It’s better to be infamous than never to be famous at all.   Attack, Attack, Attack. Never Defend. Use the Politics of Fear

Watch “Get Me Roger Stone!” on Netflix  Trailer  Understand the Evolution of the GOP from Reagan On. Manafort was right there, together with Trump from Day One.

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Method to the “Madness”: Dissecting Roger Stone’s Statement to Congress, by a Former Fed Prosecutor  September 26, 2017 “If you put aside Stone’s distractions and political attacks, his factual assertions are carefully written to exclude things that perhaps he cannot deny.”

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Theory that Randy Credico was Stone’s mutual friend to Julian Assange of Wikileaks

Randy Credico, comedian arrested in 2014 while running for NY Governor’s Democratic Primary

Trump Adviser Had Twitter Contact With Figure Tied to Russians NY Times  Stone has acknowledged trading messages over Twitter with Guccifer 2.0, a suspected Russian hacking intelligence officer. He also claimed to have released it himself after having become known.”

UNPAID DOLE ADVISER RESIGNS: September 12, 1996 CHICAGO TRIBUNE  “An unpaid consultant to Republican presidential candidate Bob Dole was forced to resign Thursday after two supermarket tabloids reported he and his wife had advertised for group sex. Consultant Roger Stone was a member of Dole’s “Clinton accountability team,” whose job was to point out inconsistencies in the president’s record…The National Enquirer and the Star said Stone used the Internet and a “swingers’ magazine” called Swing Fever to find couples or single men to join him and his wife for group sex. Clinton’s top political strategist, Dick Morris, resigned from the president’s campaign two weeks ago when the Star reported he had a year-long liaison with a prostitute with whom he had shared confidential White House information.”


 “Roger Stone tweets, “[N]ow Guccifer 2.0 — why are those exposing the truth banned?” Without explanation, Twitter reinstates the Guccifer 2.0 account. In a private message to Guccifer 2.0, Roger Stone writes, “Delighted you are reinstated. Fuck the State and their MSM lackeys.” [Added March 13, 2017] Bill Moyers


Roy Cohn biographer Wayne Barrett said on Netflix’s “Get Me Roger Stone”, “I started hearing about Roger from people who were close to Roy…Roy Cohn is the single most evil person I have ever…If that’s a Magnet for you as a young man, it says you’re Soulless before you start.” Roy Cohn, Trump’s Mentor, introduced Trump to Roger Stone, Ronald Regan campaign manager and originator of the PAC.

He discovered the power of disinformation in grade school. He thought Kennedy had better hair but supported Goldwater. He spread a rumor that Kennedy wanted to have school on Saturday, and in their mock election, he saw the effect in the polls. He started convincing grown men to run for office and getting them elected while in school, and ended up the youngest witness on the Nixon “Dirty Tricks Campaign”. He has since been called the “Dirty Trixster”, became close with Nixon after the Trial and got a tattoo portrait of Tricky Dick on his back.

He was the head of the Young Republicans at 25. What happened with the new Right was a new generation that said we’re gonna fight dirty and we’re gonna win.  Terry Dolan, Director of National Conservative Political Action Committee (NCPAC) pioneered Negative Campaign Advertising and used the politics of Fear. He was a dark legend by 1983.  Stone befriended amoral Mafia Consigliere Roy Cohn (gay and routed out all of the homosexuals from the State department as McCarthy’s attorney) who introduced him to Trump in 1979 while Trump hired Polish immigrants to demolish and prep for Trump Tower. Trump was cooperating with the Italian mafia in both the usage of non-union labor while the mob controlled the unions, choosing to pay Mafia-owned S&A Concrete highly inflated prices for the concrete-constructed Tower and selling 3 apartments to one of their unemployed “girls”. Selling the 3 apartments to the Mafia Moll resulted in a lawsuit filed by Trump. “She countersued for $20 million and in court papers accused Trump of taking kickbacks from contractors, asserting this could “be the basis of a criminal proceeding requiring an attorney general’s investigation” into Trump. Trump then quickly settled, paying the woman a half-million dollars.” Politico In 1980, Roger worked for the Reagan Campaign, which used the slogan “Make America Great Again”.  “In 1980,  Roger Stone founds a lobbying practice with Paul Manafort; Trump becomes one of Stone’s first clients. In the 1980s, Trump hired Manafort as his lawyer on gambling and real estate issues. In 1987, Stone suggested Trump run for President and arranged a luncheon speech for the Portsmouth, NH, Chamber of Commerce. By 1988, Stone is one of Trump’s closest advisers and “Squired” Trump around the Republican Convention.” 

Roger Stone invented the modern, sleazy lobbyist. Jane Mayer said, “Roger said, I’m gonna make a pile of money off of it, that’s it..It Is the Swamp”. He wore black patent leather slippers to parties in Washington. His firm was called The Torturer’s Lobby, repping the worst dictators lobbying Washington.

Stone said, “One man’s freedom fighter is another man’s terrorist”.

At the time, Bush Sr. was vocally against the corruption of lobbying. Stone and Paul Manafort’s lobby originated the violation of traditional ethics, just as Trump has now pardoned his staff and Lobbyists, by being paid to get politicians elected and then being paid by the worst people to lobby them. They only cared about the money. When Trump says everyone is for sale, he is speaking from personal knowledge of his friends Roger Stone and Paul Manafort.

Now, Stone is singing the tune of the angry white men promoted by Bannon/Breitbart, Alex Jones and Matt Drudge.

ANTI-ELITISM: which was found in Nixon, Reagan and Trump administration according to Stone.

ANTI-DEEP STATE: In the Bill Maher interview, he said he was against the Deep State and they need to be exposed. He supports Wikileaks because they expose the Deep State, a theme being circulated in Alt-Right Circles, which increases skepticism and cynicism about the Intelligence communities which are investigating him and others.

ANTI-NEOCON: Endless War and the resulting troubles.  He is credited with getting Bush, Jr. elected so they could create more war when Stone caused a riot during the Florida recount.


Roger Stone understands the Outsider. He seeks to “Destroy” his enemies. He has held his political opponents to one-sided ethical standards, and led “Lock Her Up” chants during the 2016 campaign. His career low was as Bob Dole’s campaign manager, but that gave him an opportunity to attack Bill Clinton with the Paula Jones scandal. In 1996, there was a sex scandal that he and his wife were advertising for threesomes and attending sex clubs. He blamed it on a domestic employee but didn’t fully recover with conservatives. James Baker called him to work on the Gore/Bush Jr. Recount in Florida.  He shut down the recount and prevented Gore from obtaining any more votes by telling everyone to chase the re-counters and not let them close the door… the “Brooks Brothers” riot. Wayne Barrett said he didn’t believe Bush would have been President if it weren’t for Stone. In 1992, he got Pat Buchanan out of the Republican Party and convinced him to run for the Reform Party, and then Trump ran against Pat Buchanan for the Reform candidacy. Trump said, “I guess he’s an anti-Semite. He doesn’t like the blacks, he doesn’t like the gays. He’s obviously in love with Adolf Hitler in some form and I don’t think the Reform Party should be taking losers.”, Trump’s biggest supporters today. This strategy undermined the chances of Buchanan winning for the Reform Party by making it a circus and strengthened Bush’s chance of getting elected.   Wayne Barrett said, “Roger freely admitted to me that he’d known since the Nixon days that Pat Buchanan had an illegitimate child. Nominating someone for President of the United States whose name will appear on the ballot in all 50 states who  you were blackmailing at the same time so that he won’t really run; that isn’t just a dirty trick, that’s a transformation of Democracy.” Stone denied knowledge of the child. “Sometimes you confuse me with the Stephen Colbert character that I sometimes play called Roger Stone, don’t confuse him with the real Roger Stone.”

“I revel in your hatred,” a top-hat-wearing, bespectacled Roger Stone says at one point near the end of the excellent new documentary, Get Me Roger Stone, premiering at Tribeca Film Festival on Sunday before its May 12 (2017) Netflix release. “Because if I weren’t effective, you wouldn’t hate me.”Roger Stone takes credit for creating Trump as President.  Stone also “convinced Trump to hire Paul Manafort”.   “As former campaign chairman Paul Manafort puts it in the documentary: “Roger’s relationship with Trump has been so interconnected that it’s hard to define what’s Roger and what’s Donald.” Manafort also suggests, as The Daily Beast has reported, that Stone recommended him for the top job in Trump’s campaign.”  Read More from The Daily Beast