Trump Fans

Trump Fans

It’s not too late to stand up to hate.

Many studies and analyses have been done to better understand Trump appeal. Not everyone likes him for the same reasons. Many people are very defensive at being lumped in with extremists and racists. Some people voted for him because tribalism is arguably ingrained and many vote the way their friends and family do. Others are traditional states-rights Republicans and businesspeople who prefer the traditional Republican economic model.

The “Father Knows Best” appeal of an authoritarian-style leader perceived as a successful businessman has been discussed. Part of it comes down to neuroscience, the way people’s brains are conditioned over time, and differences in “wiring”. Some of us have more flexible thinking than others. Some people are turned on by his lack of “political correctness”, an alt-right theme. Others simply wanted change and didn’t believe he would actually try to take away their healthcare. In other words, Trump voters cannot be solely defined by the extremists at Charlottesville…but they are responsible for their vote and what that means to the world. It’s not too late for them to stand up to hate.

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“Michael The Black Man”

The strange story of that ‘Blacks for Trump’ guy standing behind POTUS at his Phoenix rally

Washington Post August 23, 2017

“At a number of political rallies over the past year, a character calling himself “Michael the Black Man” has appeared in the crowd directly behind Donald Trump, impossible to miss and prompting widespread fascination.

He holds signs that scream “BLACKS FOR TRUMP” and wears a T-shirt proclaiming with equal conviction that “TRUMP & Republicans Are Not Racist.”

Almost always, he plugs his wild website,, across his chest.

Michael Symonette, Maurice Woodside and Mikael Israel — has inspired not only trending Twitter hashtags but a great deal of curiosity and Google searches. Internet sleuths find the man’s bizarre URL, an easily accessible gateway to his strange and checkered past.

The radical fringe activist from Miami once belonged to a violent black supremacist religious cult, and he runs a handful of amateur, unintelligible conspiracy websites. He has called Barack Obama “The Beast” and Hillary Clinton a Ku Klux Klan member. Oprah Winfrey, he says, is the devil.

Most curiously, in the 1990s, he was charged, then acquitted, with conspiracy to commit two murders.

But Michael the Black Man loves President Trump.”