David Bossie

David Bossie, Trump’s Deputy Campaign Manager, Former Head of Citizens United and Steve Bannon’s documentary producer (Koch & Mercer-backed)

From June 21, 2016 New Super-PAC Launches for Donors Who Won’t Back Trump But Loathe Clinton, Bloomberg

“David Bossie, president of the conservative advocacy group Citizens United, will take over as the head of Defeat Crooked Hillary. “This is an opportunity to really refocus the presidential debate around Hillary Clinton and her character, and the whole culture of corruption that’s surrounded the Clintons for decades,” says Bossie. Conway said that she recruited Bossie for his role at the super-PAC, but hasn’t decided what she’ll be doing next. “Very few people have studied Hillary Clinton longer or stronger than Dave Bossie, and I support him in this role as I decide where I can be most helpful in defeating Hillary Clinton,” she said. Bossie says that the name Defeat Crooked Hillary PAC won’t actually appear in Federal Election Commission filings. “Technically, the name of the super-PAC is going to be ‘Make America Number One,’” Bossie says. “If we call it ‘Defeat Crooked Hillary,’ it’s an FEC violation. You have to do these things because of the way federal election law works.”

Bossie would know. It was his 2007 anti-Clinton film “Hillary: The Movie” that was the basis of the 2010 Supreme Court case, Citizens United vs. Federal Election Commission. The court ruled 5-4 in Bossie’s favor, opening the floodgates for more private money in politics. However, many of the Republican donors who took advantage of the court’s ruling have refused to support Trump. The Mercers hope that Defeat Crooked Hillary will open a pathway for them to do so, at least indirectly. “Some donors don’t want to associate with something overtly pro-Trump,” says Bossie. “This gives people an opportunity to aggressively get involved at whatever level they might want but have it solely focused on being a Hillary Clinton effort.” Bloomberg