Rudy Giuliani

Rudy Giuliani

Mayor of New York during 9/11 and Former New York Attorney General

Was Rudy Giuliani At The Center Of An FBI-Trump Campaign Conspiracy To Steal The Election?  Seth Abramson 12/21/2016 Updated Dec 22, 2016  “Publicly Available Information Appears to Put Giuliani at the Center of a Watergate-Level Conspiracy It’s surprising that Rudy Giuliani has been out of the news lately, given that, as recently as November 7, Donald Trump was planning on offering him a cabinet position. A little over a month later, the president-elect ruled out Giuliani having any role in his administration whatsoever.”

So what happened between November 7 and December 9?”  Read The Article to understand Giuliani’s role in the October Surprise  Huffington Post



Rudy Guiliani kicks off Inauguration Lunch with 9/11 sex joke That’s Locker Room Talk, referencing the “Grab ’em by the Pussy” dismissal as “locker room talk a few months prior. The Intercept  January 19, 2017 with audio by Mattathias Schwartz  

“His 2000 book, “Rudy! An Investigative Biography of Rudy Giuliani,” revealed details about the criminal past of Giuliani’s father. In 2007, when Giuliani was in the midst of an ill-fated presidential campaign, Barrett reported that the former New York City mayor was the owner of four New York Yankees World Series rings, which he had purchased from the baseball club for far less than what they were valued on the marketWayne Barrett Obituary, CNN

Rudy GiulianiThe former mayor of New York has been a perennial shortlist candidate for running the department going back to the Bush administration, but has never been formally nominated for the job. He gained nationwide prominence during the aftermath of the 9/11 attack and has built a career in the private sector around his expertise. Giuliani had sought the secretary of state position during the Trump transition, but when he was passed over he removed himself for consideration from another Cabinet position.” CNN

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