Europe is currently experiencing multiple Separatist movements and increasing Far-Right popularity. Russia supports this and Calexit and Texit in the US.


European Energy Projects


June 10, 2015: Pro-American Polish President and Cabinet members resigned after the release of tapes recorded at a 5 Star Warsaw Restaurant, which inspired the name “Waitergate”. The tapes were of them trash-talking America. Rachel Maddow explained it June 12.

Polish Nationalist Youth March Draws Thousands in Capital  Crowd of mostly young people carries banners that read ‘Europe Will Be White’ and ‘Clean Blood’   Wall St. Journal  November 11, 2017


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The Catalan Crisis for Dummies The Catalan government has systematically silenced more than half of Catalan society—the non-independentistas—and has imposed a unilateral path toward secession. October 19, 2017  The Daily Beast  “The rupture of Spain would mean the rupture of the European Union. “