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Keep Up With The Legislative Votes keeps up with the US Congress bills and votes, and connects with your Reps via Facebook Messenger.

TrackBill phone app also keeps up and connects with Reps, but allows users to comment and vote on each other’s.

Contact Your Reps Directly

This Link identifies key issues promoted by the dark money Club For Growth and This Links to their Congressional Scorecard.

Call The Halls: Contacting Your Representatives The Smart Way by Emily Ellsworth, Congressional Staffer

The House Committees  – Keep up with the issues.

Click here to Find Your Many Representatives   The most effective outreach is calling your Representatives and leaving a comment with staff. They take notes and sometimes engage in discussion.

CREDO ACTION  Innovative ways to quickly take action.

CALL CONGRESS  Apps for iPhone and Android

RESISTBOT Text your Reps a fax automatically and FREE! Super quick. Text “resist” to 504-09 and it will walk you through entering zip code, etc. or MESSAGE RESISTBOT ON FACEBOOK     @botresist on Twitter to follow


Flippable  Focus on Districts


SWING LEFT: Identify the nearest Republican district and help with Voter Registration, Talking to Voters, Fundraisers, etc. 

League of Women Voters

Younger Voters: Rock The Vote

Spanish Language: Voto Latino

Hubdialer   by


Action Group Network A group of 10-50 people organized by location, issue, or profession who commit to working together toward concrete action items important to them. Each individual group will decide as a unit which actions they pursue.  Groups Near You

Town Hall Project Find a Town Hall Near You

Action Alliance Aggregator of smaller sources

Wall of Us 4 Weekly Acts of Resistance emailed to you


Indivisible Guide to Resist Trump’s Agenda

The Small Planet Institute’s Field Guide with links to 90 different organizations

Rise Stronger: Basic resistance guide and Citizen’s Watchdog on legislation. Sign in and merge a local calendar with your Google calendar of events and training sessions on things like single payer healthcare.

Bill Moyers Trump Resistance Plan

Activist University by Care2

RUN FOR OFFICE Secure Fundraising Tools  Directory of Current Campaigns

Run for Something

New Leaders Council

Democracy Labs:  OPEN SOURCE POLITICS  Group Planning, Action and Evaluation for Practical Solutions

“The Civic Tech Exchange will be a hub for online civic participation.  Our vision is to create a dynamic database of civic tech tools and resources with distinct views for citizens, software developers, leaders and donors.

  • Citizens will choose the communities they belong to and issues they care about, then use and evaluate civic tech tools that have been configured to engage them.
  • Developers will research projects that align with their skills and interests, then bid on paid work or gain recognition for volunteering.
  • Leaders will be able to easily find appropriate tools to engage their constituents.
  • Donors will be able to perform due diligence on projects and pledge their support.

The Civic Tech Exchange will create an efficient marketplace to allocate eyeballs and funding in the growing civic tech sector.  We believe the results will be agile experimentation with new methods and technologies, and an smoother path to sustainability for projects that demonstrate real-world impact. An early prototype of what we’re working in collaboration with our friends at the Better Democracy Portal can be found here.”


Do Something,org

Campaign Legal Center

Citizens for Responsibilty and Ethics (CREW)

American Civil Liberties Union ACLU

Democratic CoalitionScott Dworkin, filing lawsuits Twitter @funder, Facebook

People For The American Way  PFAW

Southern Poverty Law Center

Working Families Party   Elections, Issues, News

Men for Choice

Justice Democrats represent the People, not corporations    Platform

Brand New Congress Recruits Congressional candidates to run as Republicans in Red districts. Many of the same principles as Justice Democrats.

Our Revolution local and state elections. Find a Group Near You! Uses Hubdialer to phone bank for elections nation-wide.

Keith Olberman’s “The Resistance” on Youtube (no longer in production)

MAD DOG PAC “Mad Dog PAC was founded in December, 2017 by Chairman Claude Taylor (@truefactsstated on twitter). It is a hard-hitting political advocacy organization that is taking the fight to the home districts of the worst Republican members of Congress. We are placing billboards in prominent locations, and we make no apologies for calling out sitting members for their hypocrisy, criminality, racism and dangerous support of Trump.”


#grabyourwallet on Twitter for boycotts

#NeverTrump Republicans

#TeamPatriot Deep digging by defenders of the Republic


Meet the Leaders of the Trump Resistance, Rolling Stone January 2017 by Tim Dickinson