White Supremacy

As the White Supremacist movement is unified under the Alt-Right, that page has much more information.

Melanoid Nation www.melanoidnation.org  tracks anti-African American hate groups

The ADL Lists More White Supremacists On Their Database

Alt Right: A Primer about the New White Supremacy Anti-Defamation League

SCOOP: The Department of Homeland Security is restarting a stalled $10-million grant program for “Countering Violent Extremism” this morning. Life After Hate, a group dedicated to deradicalizing neo-Nazis and stopping white extremism, was slated to get $400,000 in the final days of the Obama administration (http://bit.ly/2sxsh6x) before the program was halted for review, but the Trump administration dropped them from the new grant list that’s getting announced today. Politico

Rachel Maddow on the Political History of the KKK and Trump’s response to Charlottesville Protest on August 12, 2017.