White Supremacy

There is no designation for domestic terrorists in the US Code, however criminals are pursued through the FBI and Joint Terrorism Task Force. In contrast: U.S. State Departments designation of Foreign Terrorist Organizations.  In the UK, MI-5 follow extremists.

The Nexus Between Far-Right Extremists in the United States and Ukraine West Point Combating Terrorism Center April 2020, Volume 13, Issue 4. by Tim Lister

The Rise of Far-Right Extremism in the United States Center for Strategic & International Studies November 7, 2018.

1488, 14/88, 14 Words: created by David Lane, a founding member of the group the Order: “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.” Rundo Complaint

European Far-Right Attacks rose 43% from 2016-2017.


June 2015 – Charleston, SC, Emanuel Africa Methodist Episcopal Church Dylann Roof killed 9

June 2018-Paris, Corsica & Charentes-Maritimes- Action des Forces Opérationnelles (10) arrested- Islamophobic

October 26, 2018-arrest of Cesar Sayoc MAGA bomber targeted 13 Democrats with explosive packages

October 27, 2018-Pittsburgh Tree of Life Jewish Synagogue Robert Bowers shooting

Post Civil War

Throughout the 1860s and 1870s, President Ulysses Grant deployed federal soldiers to arrest KKK members and white supremacists such as the Knights of the White Camellia, tried by US Attorneys in the Klan trials.  The FBI continued to pursue groups such as Sword, the Order and the Covenant, and Arm of the Lord. 1990s White Nationalist issues included the 2nd Amendment and gun control, NAFTA, personal liberties under government oppression, anti-abortion, anti-immigration, and anti-gay marriage. The April 19, 1995, Oklahoma City bombing of the FBI building resulted in more arrests and 168 deaths. Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols were motivated by Ruby Ridge (watch on PBS) and Waco  (David Koresh’s Branch Dividians – Vox).

The Turner Diaries, a 1978 novel written by William Pierce under the pseudonym Andrew Macdonald, describes a race war culminating in nuclear war lead by white supremacist military revolution who exterminate gays, Jews, and people of color.

Louis Beam suggested “leaderless resistance” in an ISIS-like independent cluster structure without central leadership to appear as lone wolf actors (Seditionist, Issue 12, Feb. 1992).

The Religious (White) Right

Wesley A. Swift (1913-1970) started the Christian Identity movement and established the Church of Jesus Christ Christian and the Antelope Valley, CA, KKK. From the current King Identity Ministries website stating its beliefs: “WE BELIEVE the White, Anglo-Saxon, Germanic and kindred people to be God’s true, literal Children of Israel. Only this race fulfills every detail of Biblical Prophecy and World History concerning Israel and continues in these latter days to be heirs and possessors of the Covenants, Prophecies, Promises and Blessings YHVH God made to Israel. This chosen seedline making up the “Christian Nations” (Gen. 35:11; Isa. 62:2; Acts 11:26) of the earth stands far superior to all other peoples in their call as God’s servant race (Isa. 41:8, 44:21; Luke 1:54). Only these descendants of the 12 tribes of Israel scattered abroad (James 1:1; Deut. 4:27; Jer. 31:10; John 11:52) have carried God’s Word, the Bible, throughout the world (Gen. 28:14; Isa. 43:10-12, 59:21), have used His Laws in the establishment of their civil governments and are the “Christians” opposed by the Satanic Anti-Christ forces of this world who do not recognize the true and living God (John 5:23, 8:19, 16:2-3).

Fred Koch was a founder of the John Birch Society after World War 2, and made his fortunes beginning with Stalin and Hitler. Rev. Rousas John Rushdoony started “Christian Reconstructionism” in 1965, and Ahmanson family bankrolled entry into ELECTRONIC VOTING in 1979, the right wing think tank Chalcedon Institute, and Paul Weyrich Started the right wing political activist arm beginning with the Council for National Policy in 1981.  Read it and Religious Right for the evolution from the Nazis, anti-communist John Birch Society’s Fred Koch through today to observe the generational institution of ideology backed by billions and strategic activism.

The modern Republicans have been overtaken by White Supremacist interests because of billionaire GOP Donors with their roots in Dominionism, the most powerful but nearly unknown extreme Christianity movement which celebrates intolerance and the rights of real estate owners, and is writing our laws via the Council for National Policy, State Policy Network, and ALEC; training and packing the Judicial Branch with extremists via The Federalist Society under Leonard Leo; providing favorable analysis and false data findings via the Chalcedon Foundation, Heritage Foundation, Claremont Institute, American Enterprise Institute, Government Accountability Institute, Judicial Watch, and more; owning and perhaps planting vote-changing code in touch-screen Electronic Voting Machines (Dominion currently owning the IP), which have had many Issues. These same people have rampantly Gerrymandered districts and practiced Voter Suppression to ensure their agenda comes to pass. They also own major media and have regularly created Fake News and Propaganda, using data generated from the above organizations, which they disseminate and spread on Twitter and Facebook; using Memetic Warfare techniques and microtargeting in combination with Russia’s Internet Research Agency; and on YouTube where conspiracy theorists such as Alex Jones spread Right Wing Rumors and distrust of the Intelligence Communities, Government, and Law Enforcement.  All of those are Leninist strategy to destroy a Democratic government. Steve Bannon’s ideological hero was Lenin before discovering the radical Apocalyptic “Fourth Turning” war-lust. Memes and disinformation to spread division and hatred, amplified by the Alt-Right”, many of whom are White Supremacist, as was tragically on display in Charlottesville, and created a false fear with Antifa. They have their very own international mercenary in Erik Prince, whose Blackwater Ammunition is in NC. The original conspiracy theorist was John Welch, who created the John Birch Society and whose founding fathers were Fred Koch and other members of the KKK and original Religious Right, who wanted to destroy the Government and rebuild it by calling for a Constitutional Convention. All of these same people are involved with Big Data, such as Peter Thiel and the Mercers, who provided substantial funding for Cambridge Analytica and their work on the Trump, Ted Cruz and John Bolton, Ben Carson, Thom Tillis, Tom Cotton, and other campaigns, with Pioneer Solutions, and millions of church congregants’ enriched data provided by the National Black Robe Regiment, 20,000 or so pastors committed to a prison or death pledge to their faith and the NBRR’s goal of creating a Christian-only country. The PSY Group was also involved in micro-targeting and the Koch’s own, separate big data i360, is at work.  These organizations to varying extent promote Anti-feminism, Islamophobia, Anti-LGBTQ+, and are Anti-Abortion. They are also Anti-Education and Climate Change Deniers because many come from or are heavily invested in the fossil fuel and natural resources industries. To be clear, Russia worked with Cambridge Analytica, and used the Russian Orthodox Church first to establish the Russian Mob in the U.S. in Brighton Beach, NY, and establish a Money Laundering relationship with the Trump Organization via Felix Sater,and many Trump-Russian Mafia ties.  Again, they used the Church and  National Rifle Association to befriend the Republican Religious Right, and Wikileaks to put Trump and the aformentioned Republican machine, into power. They used America’s wonderful, Democratic and Constitutional Democracy, and with it our Freedom of Speech and Press, Civil and Human Rights, against us. They used our Tribalism as a weapon against Democracy, and it is global. Canada is being hit hard. Russia wants Alaska back. Cambridge Anaytica, shuttered for crimes in Brexit and the Trump Campaign, has reformed as Emerdata. It will be ongoing until it’s not.


Getting Out can help someone you care about, maybe even you.

Melanoid Nation tracks anti-African American hate groups

SPLC HateWatch Blog monitors activities of hate groups

The ADL Lists More White Supremacists On Their Database

Alt Right: A Primer about the New White Supremacy Anti-Defamation League

SCOOP: The Department of Homeland Security is restarting a stalled $10-million grant program for “Countering Violent Extremism” this morning. Life After Hate, a group dedicated to deradicalizing neo-Nazis and stopping white extremism, was slated to get $400,000 in the final days of the Obama administration (http://bit.ly/2sxsh6x) before the program was halted for review, but the Trump administration dropped them from the new grant list that’s getting announced today. Politico

Rachel Maddow on the Political History of the KKK and Trump’s response to Charlottesville Protest on August 12, 2017.

December 19, 2018 “The anti-lynching bill, introduced in June by the Senate’s three black members — Sen. Cory Booker, D-N.J., Sen. Kamala Harris, D-Calif., and Sen. Tim Scott, R-S.C.— applies to lynchings motivated by a victim’s “actual or perceived religion, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, or disability.” In a statement released shortly after the bill’s unanimous Senate passage on Dec. 19, Booker called it “an emotional and historic day.” “For over a century, members of Congress have attempted to pass some version of a bill that would recognize lynching for what it is: a bias-motivated act of terror. And for more than a century, and more than 200 attempts, this body has failed,” Booker stated. ‘We have righted that wrong and taken corrective action that recognizes this stain on our country’s history.'” NBC News.  Some Republicans want to exclude LGBTQ+ victims.  Anti-LGBTQ+

Is that an OK sign? A white power symbol? Or just a right-wing troll? SPLC September 18, 2018 David Niewert “From its adoption first by white nationalists, and then by 4chan trolls intent on ‘triggering the libs,’ the well-known hand signal’s use points to deeper concerns. The smirk that almost inevitably accompanies the “OK” sign, that simplest of hand signals, is the dead giveaway in the shroud of internet-age befuddlement: Does the sign, the thumb and forefinger joined together in a circle, the remaining three fingers splayed out behind, mean “all’s good?” Or does it mean “white power” instead?  The smirk gives away the proper answer: You’re being trolled.

The problem, of course, is that there are white nationalists, neo-Nazis and Klansmen who have increasingly begun using the use of the symbol both to signal their presence to the like-minded, as well as to identify potentially sympathetic recruits among young trolling artists flashing it. To them, the configuration means WP, for “white power.”

This use of the signal preceded the 4chan hoax that made it go viral. A number of alt-right figures, notably white-nationalist guru Richard Spencer, published photographs of themselves using the symbol as early as 2016. Milo Yiannopoulos adopted the symbol on social media as early as 2015.

But by then, the alt-right had already long weaponized the trolling culture and its use of irony to create a hall of mirrors surrounding such “memes.” These can easily be found in other alt-right “ironic” constructs, such as the hoax religion of “Kek” (and its home country, Kekistan), or its adoption of Pepe the Frog as a mascot.

The original “Operation O-KKK” post at 4chan.

In early 2017, after a controversy arose over whether Gateway Pundit publisher Jim Hoft and a writer for his site flashed the “white power sign” at the White House Press Briefing Room, the trolls at 4chan responded with a hoax they titled “Operation O-KKK.” The plan? ‘We must flood twitter and other social media websites with spam, claiming that the OK hand signal is a symbol of white supremacy. Make fake accounts with basic white girl names and type shit like: OMG that’s so truuuuu…'”