Women’s Support and Development

The Sewing Machine Project, based in Wisconsin, is US focused but has donated to Cuba.

AFRICA:   TOOLS FOR SELF RELIANCE https://www.tfsr.org “We run vocational training projects which provide people with the skills they need to set up their own business. We also equip them with a toolkit to get them started. As well as technical training in trades such as carpentry, welding, and bricklaying, we also provide training in business and financial management. We believe that this approach gives people the best chance of success.”  They collect and repair hand tools and SEWING MACHINES for women and girls.

Zambia: Buy 3 Esthers Farm Coffee to feed the children and support Sew Powerful

Sew Much Hope Provides hand crank sewing machines to women without electricity in the US, Haiti, Peru, Africa, and more