Drug Trafficking Busts

OFFICE OF FOREIGN ASSETS CONTROL-Kingpin Act Designations-Specially Designated Nationals And Blocked Persons List (SDN) International drug traffickers-“SDNs.” – Assets Blocked, US deals prohibited

QINSHENG PHARMACEUTICAL TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD., ZHENG, Guanghua, ZHENG, Fujing, YAN, Xiaobing-August 21, 2019 Kingpin Act Designation

May 1, 2018: 57 Aryan Brotherhood of Texas White Nationalists arrested for Drug Trafficking and kidnapping United States of America v. Joshua David Lane, et al., Third Superseding Indictment, United States District Court, Northern District of Texas.  Attorney General Jeff Sessions said “Not only do white supremacist gangs subscribe to a repugnant, hateful ideology, they also engage in significant, organized and violent criminal activity. The Department of Justice has targeted every violent criminal gang member in the United States. The quantities of drugs, guns, and money seized in this case are staggering” (Press Release)