Dan Gertler

Dan Gertler International group, President. “Grandson of Moshe Schnitzer, first President and co-founder, in 1947 of the Israel Diamond Exchange,[3] and the winner of the Israel Prize in 2004.” Opened his diamond mine business in 1997 in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. In 2007, Gertler “Partnered with Glencore International Plc.,the largest company in Switzerland and the world’s largest commodities trading company.” Wikipedia     Panama Papers       Magnitsky Act Sanctions    HSBC Swiss Leaks

US targets Israeli businessman Dan Gertler with fresh sanctions Financial Times , Commodities and Mining Editor 

    • Money Laundering -Diamonds  are  great  vehicles  for  money  laundering  because  they  are  high  value  in  a  small  space  and  can  be  painted  black  to  devalue  them  at  customs.  Watch The Dubious Friends of Donald Trump: King  of  Diamonds about Lev Leviev. “Diamonds have a long history of being linked to conflict and violence,” said Michael Gibb of the international human rights group Global Witness. “The ease with which diamonds can be converted into tools of war, when not sourced responsibly, is astonishing.” ICIJ
    • The UN’s anti-conflict diamond effort is the Kimberley Process, cofounder Ian Smillie.
    • Natural Resources
      • Clean Water  Paraguay, Earth’s largest aquifer
      • Minerals & Rare Earths
      •  Aziza Kulsum “2001 United Nations report also said that Kulsum was a key player in the Democratic Republic of the Congo in the illicit trade in coltan, a strategically important mineral used in electronic devicesHSBC referred to Kulsum as a “businesswoman (stone and noble metals)” and the owner of a cigarette factory. Another questionable account appears under the name of Katex Mines Guinee. According to a 2003 report by the United Nations, Katex Mines was a front company used by Guinea’s Ministry of Defense to traffic arms to rebel soldiers in Liberia during fighting in 2003. Inexperienced child soldiers were fighting on both sides; hundreds of people were killed and more than 2,000 were injured. The account is shown with $7.14 million in it three years after UN reports about Katex Mines were made public.” ICIJ  Semion Mogilevich is into cigarettes, by the way.
  • The Panama Papers- Dan Gertler is in the exposé of offshore shell corps. more than 200 times, by a whistelblower within the Mossack Fonseca law firm that revealed international oligarch-level crime rings in April 2016.
    • Diamonds– Dan Gertler has diamond and copper mines in the Democratic Republic of Congo. in 2015, worth $1.26 billion. iron ore, gold, cobalt, oil, agriculture, and banking.
            • Russians Richard Davidovici, Kenneth Lee Akselrod and Mozes Victor Konig, Interpol fugitives for Russian crimes: fraud, smuggling and tax evasion. HSBC
            • Omega Diamonds: Sylvain Goldberg, Robert Liling, and Ehud Arye Laniado laundered arms money in DR Congo & Angola, 2006, Belgian 2013 settlement for a $195 million tax dispute for falsely valuation of Congolese and Angolan diamonds & shifting profits into a Dubai account HSBC
            • Emmanuel Shallop, Côte d’Ivoire convicted of blood diamond dealing from a Dubai account April 20, 2011. HSBC
            • Mozes Victor Konig and Kenneth Lee Akselrod Interpol Most Wanted list – diamond dealers at HSBC
            • Erez Daleyot, a Belgian-Israeli diamond tycoon “reportedly under investigation by Belgian authorities for money laundering and tax evasion” NYC Partner Lazare Kaplan International claimed plaintiff defrauded of money from Daleyot in HSBC MEDIS group accounts that funded $20 million bribes Antwerp Diamond Bank officials ~2005
              • Arkadi Gaydamak, a Russian-Israeli convicted in 1990s “Angolagate” sometimes partnered with Daleyot ICIJ   HSBC Warrant for arrest December 2000 but fled to Israel
          • Arms Trafficking
          • Angolagate aka Mitterrand-Pasqua Affair -40+ Indicted. Iinternational political arms scandal between French President Mitterand’s son Jean-Christophe Mitterand (JCM) and met a relative of French arms company Thomson CSF in Scottsdale named Pierre Falcone. JCM contracted La Compagnie Générale des Eaux in May 1992. Falcone organized a prepaid oil deal with Angola, and became the supervisor to supply food, medicine, and the troops with arms from Slovakia. Angola bought $47 uSD of arms from Slovakian arms company ZTS_OZOS on November 7, 1993, followed by fighter aircraft and tanks up to $633m USD by April 1994. JCM & Falcone were arrested in December 2000.
            • Shailesh Vithlani, “an alleged middleman who arranged for the British arms company BAE to secretly pay $12 million into an unspecified Swiss bank account in return for the Tanzanian government buying an overpriced military radar systemHSBC staff advised him on investing in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania..”The Guardian reported in 2007 that Vithlani, who is listed as a beneficial owner of one account, who could not be reached for comment, told The Guardian in 2007 that he did not pay money from Switzerland to officials in Tanzania.”ICIJ 
            • Fana Hlongwane, a South African political adviser and businessman.  The U.K. Serious Fraud Office said in statements submitted to South African prosecutors in 2008 that Hlongwane received money from BAE through a disguised chain of offshore intermediaries in order to promote arms deals…In a 2014 affidavit made to an ongoing inquiry into the arms contracts, Hlongwane denied “any evidence implicating myself and/or my Companies in any corruption or wrongdoing.” Hlongwane is listed as the beneficial owner of an account, Leynier Finance SA, that contained $888,000. Two other accounts that held $12 million at one point in 2006/2007 do not specify his exact role.”ICIJ 
            • Military Industrial Complex
          • Elias Murr, “president of the board of Interpol’s Foundation for a Safer World, an organization aimed at fighting terrorism and organized crime. Murr, who was a prominent businessman before entering politics, was interior minister of Lebanon in 2004 when an HSBC account owned by him was held through a company called Callorford Investments Limited. By 2006-2007, the account would contain $42 million. A spokesman for Murr said his client’s wealth and that of his family is public knowledge, and his family has held accounts in Switzerland since before he was born.” HSBC Swiss accounts
          • Antwerp, Belgium-world  headquarters
    • Nessergy Ltd. Oil Company, Gertler sold in April 2013 for $150 million, DRC-Congo

Diamond Dealers in Deep Trouble as Bank Documents Shine Light on Secret Ways ICIJ Belgium, the center of the world’s diamond trade, has charged HSBC’s Swiss Private Bank with fraud. And it’s not just Belgium – many dealers are under investigation around the globe. By , , , and February 9, 2015

Israeli billionaire sells Congo oil rights for 300 times purchase price Reuters January 22, 2014 “According to the Africa Progress Panel, headed by Kofi Annan, Congo lost out on at least $1.36 billion in potential tax revenue in five deals with Gertler during this period. Fleurette however stands by the deals. It said the Panel’s criticism failed to “take into account a series of other factors which will impact the value of an asset, or simply state the wrong value of the transaction.” The Gertler-controlled group insisted the Nessergy deal was good for Congo. It said that joint production with Angola will earn the cash-strapped central African nation between $1.3 billion and $3.6 billion. (Writing by Joe Bavier; Editing by Daniel Flynn, editing by David Evans)

“Gertler Earns Billions as Mine Deals Leave Congo Poorest Bloomberg Markets. December 5, 2012 by Franz Wild, Michael J. Kavanagh and Jonathan Ferziger “Fleurette Properties Ltd. owns stakes in various Congolese mines through at least 60 holding companies in offshore tax havens such as the British Virgin Islands. Gertler, whose grandfather co-founded Israel’s diamond exchange in 1947, arrived in Congo in 1997 seeking rough diamonds. The 23-year-old trader struck a deep friendship with Joseph Kabila, who then headed the Congolese army and today is the nation’s president.”