Sexual Assault

The Harvey Weinstein scandal unleashed #metoo stories and formal accusations against people from all industries.

A conversation about #MeToo

“Before Harvey Weinstein, before Roger Ailes, before #MeToo — there was Anita Hill.

In October 1991, Hill testified about sexual harassment she allegedly endured from Clarence Thomas, her former boss and then a Supreme Court nominee. Before an all-male Senate Judiciary Committee, she recounted the allegations, sparking a national conversation about sexual harassment: what it is, how it’s defined and whom it affects.

Thomas was eventually confirmed to the Supreme Court. But Hill forever changed how we talk about sexual harassment in the workplace.”

Accusations in Government

The Stunningly Long List of Women Who’ve Accused Trump of Sexual Assault

We’ll update this list if more people come forward.  Mother Jones 

Woman suing Trump over alleged teen rape drops suit, again Politico By JOSH GERSTEIN

The Roy Moore scandal, a right-wing Christian Alabama Senatorial candidate and sitting judge accused of molesting 4 underage girls, also challenges the morality of those who defend him. Immediately following, #FireHannity was #1 on Twitter for Sean Hannity having defended Moore on Fox News.

This is what Roy Moore has said about child abuse and sexual assault 

Former Alabama Chief Justice and U.S. Senate candidate Roy Moore speaks at a rally, Monday, Sept. 25, 2017, in Fairhope, Ala. (AP Photo/Brynn Anderson)

Roy Moore Cast The Sole Vote In Favor Of A Man Who Raped A Four-Year-Old LawNewz COLIN KALMBACHER November 11, 2017  Embedded Links to legal documents in the case prosecuted by Trump-supported Luther Strange in the primary to replace Jeff Sessions’s vacant Senatorial seat.

“Roy Moore dissented from that opinion. He wrote:

Because there was no evidence in this case of an implied threat of serious physical injury…or of an implied threat of death, Higdon cannot be convicted of sodomy in the first degree “by forcible compulsion.”

Celebrity Accusations

Since Weinstein, Here’s a Growing List of Men Accused of Sexual Misconduct  NBC NEWS