Locate Hate

INTOLERANCE. That’s what every hate group has in common. They each try to control and deny the rights or existence entirely, of the other. 

How can we be intolerant of intolerance without being intolerant?

The problem is, there’s a lot of people in the world and every year there are more. We can’t avoid those outside our tribe easily…not without joining an “off-the-grid” group or moving to a remote locale. Many people are afraid of losing what they have, whether it be land, power, money, resources, or culture. That fear is used by “thought leaders” to control large groups of people while they enact the will of the leader, and when the willful aren’t aware, it’s called reflexive control.

Most of the hate groups are fearful and mad about something.They represent the extreme fundamentalists of their group. A little advice: don’t be prejudiced and assume that someone feels a certain way just because they have something in common with a hate group. You don’t want someone slapping a label and tons of baggage on you, after all. Furthermore, it reinforces confirmation bias against you, and your group.

“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”, The Golden Rule, and the world will be much more pleasant…Or if you suffer from self-hatred, don’t be a mean jerk.

Where are the harbors of hatred and how does it manifest?

People are individuals, not labels, and there is a huge spectrum and combination within each major subcategory. People float from feeling one way, to another.

The Trump Team has taken the US’s biggest hate groups off of the terror watch list.  We have to watch out for ourselves.

Hatewatch from the Southern Poverty Law Center

Right Wing Watch, a project of People For The American Way

Angry White Men tracks the alt-right so you don’t have to


The MovementSteve Bannon‘s global white Christian nationalist populist movement to create global conflict and send us back 150 years.  At war with Pope Francis within the Catholic Church.  

Think of the societal fallout of criminal abuse.  The personal trauma ripples through communities in domestic violence, poverty, and broken homes.

What Happens When Your Town Lands on the Hate Map Politico You freak out. You try and clear your name. You get nowhere. By TONY REHAGEN February 21, 2018