Freedom Works

2004 Koch PAC began as Citizens for a Sound Economy (CSE), split with Americans for Prosperity & merged with 1993 Empower America founded by Bill Bennett who became the  Senior Fellow of School Choice in renamed FreedomWorks with President Matt Kibbe (wrote Hostile Takeover, leaving on bad terms), Fmr. Sec. of HUD Jack KempC. Boyden Gray, & Dick Armey (forced to resign from job at DLA Piper lobbying firm August 14, 2009 from FreedomWorks conflicts with healthcare legislation, then left FreedomWorks November 30, 2012), as co-chairmen, Steve Forbes joined board December 2006.  February 14, 2013 Tea-Party Interns Starred in Video of Hillary Clinton Having Sex With Panda New York Magazine by Joe Coscarelli- An embarrassment, it was supposed to be shown at a Glenn Beck rally. 

 Beck Closely Examines Tea Party Movement. The New American by Raven Clabough August 1, 2010

Self-identified with the Neoliberal Austrian School of Economics (social phenomena derives from individual actions), and Public Choice Theory (economics dealing with sociopolitical problems). Influencers: Ayn Rand, Frédéric Bastiat, and Saul Alinsky  and David Weigel Conservatives Find Town Hall Strategy in Leftist Text The Washington Independent. August 11, 2009

FreedomWorks promoted the April 15, 2010 Tea Party manifesto Contract from America which fought Obama’s health care reform and climate change legislation such as cap and trade. Tea Party Activists Unveil ‘Contract from America’ Democratic Party spokesman says contract amounts to ‘slogans not a plan’ ABC News By TEDDY DAVIS April 14, 2010

August 14, 2013, Joshua Withrow of FreedomWorks suggests attaching to the Tea Party’s letter by bills by Sen. Ted Cruz R-TX  and Rep. Tom Graves (R-GA) to the continuing budget resolution set to expire September 30 to avoid a government shutdown.

September 2013 Opposed Authorization for the Use of Military Force Against the Government of Syria to Respond to Use of Chemical Weapons. FreedomWorks prefers to focus on US economy rather than foreign wars. FreedomWorks to fight resolution Politico By BURGESS EVERETT  September 5, 2013

February 14, 2013 Coalition Letter: Congress Must Honor Sequester Savings and Defund ObamaCare Before It Is Too Late by Matt Kibbe, President of FreedomWorks. Signed by

Edwin Meese III, Former Attorney General, President Ronald Reagan
Chris Chocola, President Club for Growth
Jenny Beth Martin, Co-Founder Tea Party Patriots
Penny Nance President Concerned Women for America
The Honorable J. Kenneth Blackwell President Constitutional Congress, Inc.

 Stuart Epperson President Council for National Policy 

Bob Reccord Executive Director Council for National Policy 

David Bossie President Citizens United

William Wilson President Americans for Limited Government
Duane Parde President National Taxpayers Union
Susan Carleson President American Civil Rights Union
 Andrea Lafferty President Traditional Values Coalition
Alfred S. Regnery President The Paul Revere Project

Lewis Uhler President National Tax Limitation Committee
Brent Bozell President ForAmerica
Matt Kibbe President FreedomWorks
Marjorie Dannenfelser President Susan B. Anthony List
David Williams President Taxpayers Protection Alliance
The Honorable David McIntosh  Former U.S. Rep-IN
David Bozell Executive Director ForAmerica
Colin Hanna President Let Freedom Ring

Heather Higgins President Independent Women’s Forum
Cindy Chafian President The Mommy Lobby
Gary Bauer President American Values
Mike Needham CEO Heritage Action for America

Mathew D. Staver Chairman Liberty Counsel Action
James Martin Chairman 60 Plus Association
Erick Erickson Editor
T. Kenneth Cribb Former Domestic Advisor President Ronald Reagan
Becky Norton Dunlop Former White House Advisor President Ronald Reagan
Grace-Marie Turner President The Galen Institutue
Myron Ebell President Freedom Action
Craig Shirley Reagan Campaign Biographer

Rev. Lou Sheldon Chairman Traditional Values Coalition
Richard Rahn President Inst. for Global Economic Growth
Lee Beaman Businessman Nashville, TN

Angelo M. Codevilla Professor Emeritus Boston University
Tom Donelson Chairman America’s PAC
Brian Baker President Ending Spending
Kay R. Daly President Coalition for a Fair Judiciary
Don Devine Senior Scholar The Fund for American Studies
Gary Aldrich President Patrick Henry Center for Individual Liberty
Ralph Benko President Center for Civic Virtue
Andresen Blom Senior Strategist Center for Civic Virtue
Joe Gregory CEO Gregory Management Co.
Rebecca Hagelin