Bradley Foundation

Mega GOP Donor

Based in Milwaukee, WI, the Bradley Foundation’s CEO was Michael Greve from 2002-2016, while he was campaign chairman for Scott Walker and after being general counsel to the RNC 1996-2000.

In October 2016, internal documents from the Bradley Foundation were leaked by one of the alleged hackers related to the DNC [published May 2017 Center for Media and Democracy] The Bradley Foundation has given Rick Berman labor union-busting groups at least $6.5m [2016], and “had $835 m in assets in June 2016, larger than the Koch family foundations combined.” It’s expanding its Wisconsin model nationwide.

“Weaponized Philanthropy” at the Bradley Foundation NonProfit Quarterly by   |

Harry Bradley was a founding member of the John Birch Society with Fred Koch. Bradley also supported the top conservative radio talk show host of the 1950s & 60s, the dean of Notre Dame Law School’s, “Manion Forum”. Clarence Manion fantasized that social spending was a Russian plot to bankrupt the U.S. Jane Mayer, “Dark Money”

How Conservative Media Learned to Play Politics In 1956, a cadre of frustrated conservative media activists formed a PAC and bankrolled a populist candidate. Then they made Goldwater famous. Call it the Steve Bannon playbook. Politico By NICOLE HEMMER August 30, 2016