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    • Rep. Tomas Massie (R-KY-04, 2012)-The Freedom CaucusMaria Butina  Libertarian Voted Against Russian Sanctions Pushing the Spygate alternate narrative: “Unless WaPo & NYT articles are wrong, it seems that an informant (spy) for the Obama administration (paid tax payer dollars?!) kept tabs (spied) on the Trump campaign. Of all the disturbing revelations about the deep state in the last 2 years, I find this one most disturbing. @RepThomasMassie 9:58 AM · May 19, 2018Here’s how Thomas Massie became the most Kremlin-friendly member of the House He’s dined with Maria Butina and voted against Russian sanctions: the Kentucky Republican picks up where Dana Rohrabacher left off. ThinkProgress
    • Sen. Rand Paul“… Did (the Russians) hack into the DNC’s emails? Probably, and so we need to protect ourselves,” Paul said in a Jan. 9 radio interview,. He added that many countries engage in cyber-warfare, including the U.S., and also said he has a “healthy degree of skepticism” with regard to James Clapper, the current Director of National Intelligence. Paul accused Clapper of misleading Congress about the collection of meta data from Americans’ cell phones.” January 12, 2017