National Black Robe Regiment-NBRR

The National Black Robe Regiment (NBRR) was founded by Glenn Beck & David Barton, who ran Ted Cruz’sKeep The Promise PAC” and has a far-right “Wall Builders” radio show. the NBRR has a jail-or-death pledge to the evangelical Christian faith which 10-17,000 pastors have taken since its inception in June 2015. The NBRR sent “undecided” voters a Clinton vs. Trump issue comparison guide for the election and received enriched profile data from their congregations.  Barton is Director of felon Bill Dallas United in Purpose, founded by DOD surveillance developer John Murphy, which joined Wall Builders and the NBRR in UiP’s “Champion The Vote” political campaign. It is militant AGAINST the SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE and its demand for an exclusively Christian United States. Bill Dallas is also the founder of Pioneer Solutions, which in December 2015, had a 191 million voter data breach including 18 million enriched profiles.

Another data breach of the Smartech server with Republican Party e-mails happened between October 26, 2015 and December 2015, with information on the Council for National Policy page &  Thread. Bill Dallas also arranged a June 2016 meeting in a New York hotel with 1,000 evangelicals who grilled candidate Trump in private.

Keep the Promise I: $11 million from Robert MercerKeep the Promise II: $10 million from Tony Neugebauer; comparatively little activity; * Keep the Promise III: $15 million from the Wilks family; evangelical ties Sunlight Foundation.  Open Secrets