Sam Nunberg

Mueller’s Subpoena 

Political Advisor to Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign

July 13, 2016 “Trump sues former campaign aide”. CNN Lee, M. J.; Diamond, Jeremy

March 5, 2018. Former Trump aide says he’s refusing Mueller subpoena: ‘Screw that’ CNN.  “Nunberg said he was refusing to cooperate with the subpoena because he believes investigators are trying to get him to impugn controversial Trump ally Roger Stone, who Nunberg called his mentor.

“They want me to testify against Roger,” Nunberg said. “They want me to say that Roger was going around telling people he was colluding with Julian Assange.”
Stone denied wrongdoing in a statement provided to CNN.
“I was briefly part of the Trump campaign and has [sic] been the President’s friend and adviser for decades; and would expect that Mueller’s team would at some point ask for any documents or emails sent or written by me. But let me reiterate, I have no knowledge or involvement in Russian Collusion [sic] or any other inappropriate act,” Stone’s statement read.
The Washington Post said Nunberg provided the paper with an apparent copy of a subpoena seeking documents related to Trump and nine others, and that Nunberg said he was asked to appear before the grand jury in Washington on Friday.”

March 6, 2018: Former Trump campaign aide backtracks on Mueller: ‘I’m going to cooperate’ CNN Jeremy Diamond

“While working as a volunteer for the Mitt Romney 2008 presidential campaign, Nunberg met and was hired by attorney Jay Sekulow to work at the American Center for Law & Justice in an attempt to stop the construction of the Park51 mosque.[6] While working there he met political operative Roger Stone, whom he has described as his mentor and “surrogate father”.[7][8][9]

Nunberg began working for Trump, as a consultant, in 2011,[10], after Trump decided not to run for president in 2012.[1] Nunberg assisted in the writing of Trump’s 2011 speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference.[11] His other work during the period included being the director of the Middle East Forum‘s Legal Project from January 2012 to November 2014.[4][12]

After being hired by Trump, Nunberg told friends that the more that Trump considered a presidential run, the more consulting work for Stone and him.[10] In February 2014 Nunberg was fired by Trump after he arranged a BuzzFeed interview that ended up being highly critical of Trump; the headline was “36 Hours on The Fake Campaign Trail with Donald Trump.”[4][13] In February 2015 he was rehired by Trump, as a communications adviser for the Trump campaign,[14] but was let go, shortly thereafter, by then-campaign manager Corey Lewandowski.[1]

Nunberg was rehired by the campaign in April 2015[1]; between then and the beginning of July he was paid $15,139 by the campaign.[15] Nunberg, along with Stone, helped prepare Trump for the first Republican debate, on August 6, 2015.[16] Nunberg was fired at the end of July[13] after old Facebook posts which contained racist comments were published.[15] In March 2016 Nunberg endorsed Senator Ted Cruz for president, saying that Trump “does not have a coherent political ideology.”[4]

In July 2016 Trump sued Nunberg for $10 million, accusing Nunberg of violating a confidentiality agreement by leaking information to the New York Post.[17] In a legal response, Nunberg said that Trump might have illegally funneled corporate money into the campaign.[18] Trump and Nunberg settled their legal dispute in August 2016.[18][19]” Wikipedia