Bernie Sanders

Senator from Vermont, Presidential Candidate 2016 and 2020

  • Never released his taxes
  • Tad Devine worked for Paul Manafort, Devine hired 
    • Ali  Nikseresht
    • Josh Uretsky
    • Rania Batrice, Deputy Campaign Manager 2016, Rep. Tulsi Gabbard’s 2020 campaign manager for a weekend NBC News
  • Matthew Whitaker’s invention company, WPM board member is founder of Occupy Democrats, which backed Bernie


Bernie Sanders meets with 2016 campaign staffers who raised sexual harassment allegations January 16, 2019 “Sanders, who was present for a midday session of the meeting, told CNN the discussions were “private” when asked about them afterward on Capitol Hill. Sanders wife, Jane, also took part. The source said Sanders participated in the midday session with the former campaign workers and outside “facilitators” drafted in to lead a series of conversations and workshops. The letter, which was leaked to Politico late last year, described his presence at the proposed meeting as a “critically important” to the process of creating a “‘gold standard’ harassment policy” complete with “tangible next steps.” A former staffer for the Sanders campaign, who asked her name not be revealed so she could discuss the private meeting, told CNN Sanders was present for “about an hour” and described him as “conciliatory.” She said he opened his remarks with an “honest apology.”


NGP Van-Democrats’ data analytics firm, September 2016 Guccifer 2.0 hack; Guccifer 2.0 drops more DNC docs Politico By CORY BENNETT September 13, 2016
The file name included NGP VAN, a leading software firm used by Democrats, leading to speculation that the documents perhaps came from the data analytics firm. Guccifer 2.0 had previously claimed that he was able to hack into the DNC through NGP VAN. NGP VAN referred to a blog post from security firm ThreatConnect that concluded the DNC was not hacked through NGP VAN.”

VoteBuilderDemocratic data tool subjected to phishing attack

With an eye on Bernie Sanders, the Democratic National Committee adopts new restrictions for 2020 presidential candidates Yahoo News Hunter Walker June 8, 2018

Bernie Sanders’s Conservative Fanboys The Daily Beast No, Karl Rove’s super PAC and other conservative groups haven’t suddenly embraced a $15 minimum wage. But they’re running ads that help him in an effort to weaken Hillary Clinton. Jackie Kucinich February 23, 2016 “American Crossroads—founded by former Bush adviser Karl Rove-is one of several groups that has released ads that have been aimed at branding Sanders as the only true progressive in the race—a strategy the Vermont senator’s campaign also embraces.

“On Monday, Future 45, a super PAC reportedly backed by hedge fund billionaire Paul Singer, launched the latest in its own series of ads that seem to defend Sanders.But the ad, while critical of Sanders’s positions, is cast in a way that could appeal to Democrats.

Another group, Ending Spending Action Fund, backed by Ameritrade founder Joe Ricketts, has spent about $774,321 on ads opposing Sanders, according to an analysis by the Sunlight Foundation.”

International Business Times fails to disclose reporter’s ties to Bernie Sanders Washington Examiner by Eddie Scarry July 28, 2015 None of David Sirota’s stories included disclosures that Sirota served as Bernie Sanders’ press secretary when Sanders was a member of the House. “David Sirota, an aggressive politics reporter for the International Business Times, is a former aide to Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, but the Times is not disclosing that, even in stories that are critical of Sanders’ chief rival, Hillary Clinton. Since Clinton launched her campaign in mid-April, Sirota has written or co-written at least 11 stories for the Times that questioned the ethics of Clinton’s behavior as secretary of State or the dealings of her nonprofit Clinton Foundation. One of Sirota’s biggest stories was one from May that attempted to connect foreign donations to the Clinton Foundation to preferential treatment by then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who is now a Democratic presidential candidate. It said former President Bill Clinton was paid handsomely to deliver a speech in Washington, D.C., in 2011 and that some of the world leaders who attended had donated to the Clinton Foundation.”

Meet the tech-savvy activists trying to take over the Democratic Party The Verge How former Bernie staffers and The Young Turks are teaming up against the party’s establishment By Stephan Kozub

“The end of the audio clip where Vermont journalist @JaneLindholm asks Bernie Sanders about why he watched in silence while his supporters & others mocked Russian interference when Bernie knew it was true “ — ☇RiotWomenn☇ (@riotwomennn) December 17, 2018

Bernie Sanders’ campaign strategist Tad Devine turns up 16 times in evidence against Paul Manafort Rawstory

“Here’s a thing: Sanders is the only 2020 Dem so far w/ a dedicated outside group. Now, Our Revolution is mostly small donor-based (though not all – see from 2017). But it’s never made sense to me why Sanders started a 501c4 after crusading on campaign finance/”dark $” — Scott Bland (@PoliticoScott) February 19, 2019

“Here’s the @OurRevolution internal policy on disclosing donors. Because it is a nonprofit, there’s no legal mechanism forcing them to name donors as they promise.”  — Julie Bykowicz (@bykowicz) February 19, 2019

Mueller list of indictments against Manafort

“Uh-oh, @BernieSanders. You made an oopsie with Tad Devine. Why so quiet on him for so, so long? ” — Lincoln’s Bible (@LincolnsBible) July 19, 2018

Sanders calls for new NATO that includes Russia The Hill BY BEN KAMISAR 

BREAKING: @SenSanders like you’ve never seen him!! Bernie and Jane on their honeymoon in Russia singing “This land is Your Land” with their Russian comrades!!
Trigger Warning: Bernie is sitting at a table shirtless in his briefs. So are most of the rest of the men… — m. mendoza ferrer (@mgranville1) CCTV Archive

Footage Of Shirtless Bernie Sanders Drunkenly Singing With Soviets In ‘88 Surfaces Forward January 28, 2019 By Jenny Singer

Thread “Dennis Kucinich was on Fox News regularly supporting & spreading the nonsense about a “deep state” out to smear Trump & claimed the Russia investigation is a hoax. Bernie’s Our Revolution endorsed him to be Ohio’s governor. That’s weird. [February 20, 2018] Fox News paid $170k a year to Kucinich to be a contributor. He spent his time spreading right wing nutbag conspiracies while Bernie Sanders’ Our Revolution endorsed Kucinich for OH Governor.  Crazy talk about the deep state & Trump being smeared. Weird — ☇RiotWomenn☇ (@riotwomennn) December 17, 2018

Bernie watched his most visible surrogates go to Jill Stein, even West – the man Bernie appointed to the Democratic Platform Committee! Bernie said not a word even though he now admits he knew AT THE TIME that his campaign was being used by the Kremlin. — ☇RiotWomenn☇ (@riotwomennn) December 17, 2018

This email was an exhibit in the Manafort trial. Konstantin Kilimnik is a Russian-Ukrainian political consultant who paid Devine. He’s also a Mueller indicted Russian intelligence operative. Devine was Bernie’s chief strategist That’s weird — ☇RiotWomenn☇ (@riotwomennn) December 17, 2018

NYT: “The voter suppression effort was focused particularly on Sanders supporters & African-Americans, urging them to shun Clinton in the general election & either vote for Ms. Stein or stay home.” Bernie watched his most visible surrogates go to Stein — ☇RiotWomenn☇ (@riotwomennn) December 17, 2018

Jane Lindholm hosts the award-winning Vermont public radio program Vermont Edition. She is a native of Vermont.In this clip Jane does a nice job of demanding answers from Bernie Sanders about his failure to tell supporters that Russia was helping him— ☇RiotWomenn☇ (@riotwomennn) December 17, 2018

The end of the audio clip where Vermont journalist @JaneLindholm asks Bernie Sanders about why he watched in silence while his supporters & others mocked Russian interference when Bernie knew it was true — ☇RiotWomenn☇ (@riotwomennn) December 17, 2018

Even the lies about the Dem primaries Remember the very 1st Dem caucus in Iowa & the lie that Clinton cheated? Guess who started that? Russian operatives bought social media ads alleging fraud in Iowa’s first-in-the-nation caucuses. It was a lie.

Russians claimed fraud in Iowa caucuses, Mueller indictment alleges Des Moines Register , February 16, 2018 “That’s one of the allegations in a blockbuster indictment made public today by Special Counsel Robert Mueller,”Russian support for Bernie Sanders and Trump started w the primaries Both campaigns knew but watched in silence, even mocking Americans who were concerned about the Russian active measures campaign  Both had campaign operatives who had done the same work for Putin in Ukraine — ☇RiotWomenn☇ (@riotwomennn) December 17, 2018

In 2014 Tad Devine signed on with Bernie Sanders. But in 2014 Devine was also emailing with Paul Manafort’s right hand man, Rick Gates who has pleaded guilty. 2014 Tad Devine email tells Rick Gates that Devine’s rate will be $10,000 a day Weird, huh? — ☇RiotWomenn☇ (@riotwomennn) December 17, 2018

 Gazprom/Firtash Lawsuit: Trump Aide Funneled Mob-Linked Ukrainian Oligarch’s Fortune into U.S. Real Estate Suit dismissed in 2014 highlighted financial activities of former Yanukovych adviser Paul Manafort Washington Free Beacon BY: March 31, 2016 “The lawsuit, brought by former Ukrainian Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko, accused U.S. political consultant Paul Manafort of complicity in a complex scheme of retaliation against Tymoshenko and her political allies for impeding the business interests of Ukrainian gas tycoon Dmitry Firtash.” h/t @khanoiseur.


“When the pro-Russian clique in Ukraine yelled, “LOCK HER UP” in 2010, after Manafort helped Yanukovych win election, that’s exactly what Ukraine’s new government did. Yanukovych put Yulia Tymoshenko — his 2010 presidential opponent and a former prime minister — in prison. And she spent three years imprisoned, until Yanukovych fled Ukraine and launched the country into a civil war that continues to cripple and divide the one-time Soviet republic to this very day. Most ironic of all, Tymoshenko’s ostensible crime was for making a natural gas deal as prime minister (under duress) with Russia that Yanukovych, a sycophant of Vladimir Putin, decreed too unfavorable to Ukraine. Even the European Court of Human Rights ruled that Tymoshenko’s jailing was politically motivated.”- In jail for 3 years

The chief strategist for Bernie Sanders lied about his continued $10K per day work for a now indicted Russian operative. Devine met in Kiev & supplied talking points to Russian operatives in June, 2014 but told the he quit in 2012.

Emails show Devine was continuing to work just months prior to the public announcement of him joining Bernie. The NYT’s article says campaign strategist for Bernie, Tad Devine “quit in 2012, after Mr. Yanukovych jailed a former rival for the presidency.”— ☇RiotWomenn☇ (@riotwomennn) December 17, 2018

Thread by Karol Cummins. on Threadreader with media  “Except Sanders and Trump—we (IRA) support them.” OSC Indictment: U.S. v. Internet Research Agency, Feb, ‘18 — Karol 🌿 (@karolcummins) February 19, 2019

AOC = DSA + JusticeDEMs + OccupyDEMs = influence opinions & actions towards Kremlin objectives. Fun fact: the founder of OccupyDEMs (who in the beginning backed BERNIE) Omar Rivero sits on the board of Fmr Acting AG Matthew Whitaker’s scam company WPM.#HorseShoeIllustrated — Karol 🌿 (@karolcummins) February 19, 2019

Occupy the Party Dissent If Sanders does not triumph in 2016, how can those who thrilled at the prospect of a socialist president keep their movement going? One way would be to turn the Sanders platform into the agenda for a new, anti-corporate organization—a Tea Party of the left. Spring 2016

AOC = DSA + JusticeDEMs + OccupyDEMs = influence opinions & actions towards Kremlin objectives. Fun fact: the founder of OccupyDEMs (who in the beginning backed BERNIE) Omar Rivero sits on the board of Fmr Acting AG Matthew Whitakers scam company WPM. #HorseShoeIllustrated — Karol 🌿 (@karolcummins) February 19, 2019

WPM > Desa Industries > OccupyDems > Bernie Sanders (Manafort>Devine) > DSA + (YoungTurks) JusticeDems #HorseshoeIllustrated— Karol (@karolcummins) February 19, 2019

“Bernie Sanders is the Facebook candidate,” Rivero says. The rise of Occupy Democrats essentially mirrored the rise of Sanders’s primary run. FB- Data Scrape -Cambridge Analytica  -Microtargeting FB users Memes/Articles + RU Internet Research Agency.

Inside Facebook’s (Totally Insane, Unintentionally Gigantic, Hyperpartisan) Political-Media Machine NY Times How a strange new class of media outlet has arisen to take over our news feeds. By John Herrman August 24, 2016

ORIGIN: Occupy Wall Street’s organizers took their cue from protests in the Arab world, Europe & NYC. A Spanish contingent camped out in Madrid’s Puerta del Sol, purposefully adopting the tactics Egyptian revolutionaries employed to such success Feb 2011. Older organizers of OWS were protest veterans, members of far-left parties, anarchists or unaffiliated supporters of Far R anti-Globalist movement who have spent the decade since 9/11 marching against banks and both Democrats and Republicans. @KarolCummins

Reawakening The Radical Imagination: The Origins Of Occupy Wall Street Huff Post 

The Green Party, was an early Occupy Wall Street endorser. “The Green New Deal,” a plank in the Green Party Jill Stein loves Putin and believes our military budget must be dramatically slashed. US. Note the connections to Democratic Socialists. — Karol 🌿 (@karolcummins) February 20, 2019

Jill Stein & her Green New Deal supporters {DSA & Justice DEMs) loves WikiLeaks – the Russian intel front & believe Snowden is a hero & they hate The Pentagon/Military, NSA, ICE = Putin’s wet dream/Kremlin objectives Jill Stein: In praise of WikiLeaks.

The WWP infiltrated/joined OWS protests The Workers World Party is a revolutionary Marxist–Leninist political party in the United States founded in 1959 by a group led by Sam Marcy of the Socialist Workers Party. — Karol 🌿 (@karolcummins) February 20, 2019

But after returning from a trip to Nicaragua in 1985 when he himself protested the possibility of the US going to war against Daniel Ortega – Sanders FIRED his Asst City Treasurer for protesting the GE plant in Burlington manufacturing guns being used against innocents there. — m. mendoza ferrer (@mgranville1) February 11, 2019

Why did he fire her for going out and protesting, you ask? Because Bernie Sanders supported GE. He didn’t care that they were manufacturing guns that he would be used in the wars being fought in Central America. He wanted the union works in Burlington to keep their jobs.  — m. mendoza ferrer (@mgranville1) February 11, 2019

So he allowed protestors, including Swennerfelt, to be arrested. When she was sentenced to 8 days in jail for her activities and didn’t have enough vacation days to cover it, Bernie asked her to resign because her time in jail for protesting was going to interfere with her JOB. He tried to argue that Protest by workers was ok according to Sanders, so long as it doesn’t “cut into time they are expected to be on the job.” “I cannot defend a situation where the citizens and the Boardnof Alderman are not getting the work they are paying for” argued – sounding more GE Capitalist than socialist.

Of course, when Bernie is asked about this on camera, and asked whether or not Swennerfelt was competent at her job, he just walked away. — m. mendoza ferrer (@mgranville1) February 11, 2019

People were angry at Bernie for forcing her to resign in light of her acting as a private citizen in protesting GE because he didn’t agree with her. — m. mendoza ferrer (@mgranville1) February 11, 2019

Swennerfelt herself wrote an op-Ed protesting what had happened: — m. mendoza ferrer (@mgranville1) February 11, 2019

Swennerfelt had moved to Burlington, VT because she wanted to work specifically for Sanders because she believed in his cause. But as a woman of conscience protesting against GE she was fired because Bernie didn’t agree with her right to dissent when it went against him.  So when you here Bernie calling for the Revolution – remember it’s a revolution on HIS terms. Should be noted, too, Swennerfelt was the ONLY woman in his cabinet – rest were all white men. She had also implemented a loan program for small businesses in Burlington. So when you here Bernie calling for the Revolution – remember it’s a revolution on HIS terms. Should be noted, too, Swennerfelt was the ONLY woman in his cabinet – rest were all white men. She had also implemented a loan program for small businesses in Burlington. — m. mendoza ferrer (@mgranville1) February 11, 2019

Maybe before Bernie calls out for tens of millions of people to stand up & fight for “what’s right” he should be asked by the media why it was that he didn’t stand up for the 1 woman who did exactly that in his administration when he was Mayor of Burlington, VT. #VettingBernie — m. mendoza ferrer (@mgranville1) February 11, 2019 /end Thread

The public announcement of Tad Devine joining Bernie was made in Nov of 2014. Common sense tells me that behind the scenes they had been discussing it for several months before a formal announcement. 1st witness at the Paul Manafort trial was Tad Devine, former Bernie Sanders adviser & Manafort’s partner in Ukraine. June of 2014, Devine was meeting with a now indicted Russian operative in Kiev. Devine publicly announced as Bernie’s campaign Nov 2014 — ☇RiotWomenn☇ (@riotwomennn) December 17, 2018

July 10, 1985:

July 24, 1985:

August 8, 1985 Nicaragua Interview