Alex Acosta, Labor

Alex Acosta, Secretary of Labor

“Trump’s first pick for Labor Secretary was “Andrew Puzder, the burger magnate who dropped out of consideration for the post amid allegations of spousal abuse. Unlike Puzder, Acosta has never publicly thundered against raising the minimum wage; nor does he run a fast-food chain with disaffected former workers willing to complain to Congress.” Trump’s Last Labor Secretary Nominee Went Down in Flames. Here’s How His New One Stacks Up. Mother Jones

“The Bush administration veteran, who served on the National Labor Relations Board and the Justice Department, is a conservative choice who would give the Trump cabinet its first Hispanic member.” The Atlantic

Wilbur Ross as the Secretary of Commerce and Alex Acosta as Secretary of Labor now preside over the Apprenticeships program, provided by Executive Order on June 15, 2017. He will have up to 20 unpaid staff who interface with corporations to determine apprenticeship opportunities for future employment needs.