The Mueller Report

Robert Mueller, former FBI director who came to the agency a week before the September 11, 2001 attacks, was appointed Special Counsel for the Justice Department on May 17, 2017, by deputy attorney general Rod J. Rosenstein. Beforehand, Rosenstein, was a US District Court attorney in Maryland. Order of Appointment Rosenstein wrote a memo arguing for FBI director Comey’s dismissal May 9, 2017. Rosenstein Comey Memo

Full transcript: Mueller testimony before House Judiciary, Intelligence committees July 24, 2019 NBC News 

Robert Mueller testimony on Trump and Russia: Devastating facts that point to impeachment USA Today Who could have imagined working with a foreign foe to attack an election? Halting delivery aside, Mueller nailed Trump’s intolerable misconduct. BARBARA MCQUADE | OPINION COLUMNIST

Unredacted Grand Jury Materials in the Mueller Report October 20, 2019. Item 4: Don McGahn and Donald Trump, Jr. did not testify before the grand jury