Big Data Dolphins

Aaron Banks co-founded the Leave.Eu Campaign in July 2015 with Richard Tice. Big Data Dolphins is Banks’ company.

Why Brexit bankroller Arron Banks launched a data firm in Oxford, Mississippi – Magnolia State Live Alex McDaniel April 19, 2018 “Brexit bankroller Arron Banks’ ties to the University of Mississippi were called into question this week regarding whether university data scientists worked with Banks’ firm, Big Data Dolphins, to access personal data from the United Kingdom.” “Brittany Kaiser testified before British Parliament this week regarding consulting firm Cambridge Analytica’s involvement with Leave.EU, a Brexit campaigning organization Banks co-founded in 2015. Kaiser said she worked with Banks and his associate Andy Wigmore developing parallel proposals for Leave.EU, the U.K. Independence Party and Banks’ insurance firm, Eldon Insurance.” The University leased space in its research lab to Eldon Insurance…”Citing an example when she observed staffers at Leave.EU’s call center using Eldon Insurance data, Kaiser accused the organization of potentially misusing personal data for political gain.”  ” Banks and Andy Wigmore have told multiple individuals that they took my proposal and copied it and they created their own Cambridge Analytica, which they called Big Data Dolphins in partnership with the data science department at the University of Mississippi,” Kaiser said. “If the Mississippi team has held or processed U.K. citizens’ data in the U.S., I believe that is likely to be a criminal offense; although it is for the empowered authorities to pursue any such question and secure the associated evidence.”