FBI’s Russian-influence probe includes a look at Breitbart, InfoWars news sites By Peter Stone and Greg Gordon McClatchy Washington Bureau March 20, 2017

What’s the Deal With Breitbart News and Yandex? Israel? Nothing? Patrick on Medium September 9, 2017 “The Yandex meta tag was added to the Breitbart News website between March 30th and March 31st, 2016, at the height of Republican nomination campaigns. Though it is unclear why it was added at this time, Daily Mail added the Yandex verification code to their DNS record no later than August, 2014. Though it is unclear why it was added at this time, Daily Mail added the Yandex verification code to their DNS record no later than August, 2014. Still curious, I wondered what other connection Breitbart and Daily Mail might have that were uncommon for major western media websites and it didn’t take long to find one: Taboola, an Israeli advertising company based in New York and R&D in Tel Aviv.

Missing from Taboola’s featured list of partners is Breitbart News, which is striking considering Breitbart’s role in its billion dollar valuation. Taboola was founded by Adam Singolda, a seven year IDF veteran officer in the Israeli National Security Agency. In August of 2016, Taboola acquired ConvertMedia for $100M and with it its co-founder and now Taboola’s VP of video, Yoav Naveh — a six year veteran captain in the technological unit of the Israeli Intelligence Corp, the military intelligence division of the Israeli Defense Force. Taboola’s VP of Finance, Hagai Gold, is a former finance manager for the RSA Security division of EMC. Controversy surrounding RSA Security exploded in 2013 from the revelation that the NSA paid $10 million to install a backdoor in RSA encryption.

Adam Singolda has defended doing business with Breitbart News publically, but would not comment specifically on Breitbart’s content. Incidentally similar to Breitbart News, the Daily Mail and its privately held ownership also have a checkered history, from supporting fascism during World War II to now supporting far right political activism.”

Thread by @ninandtito “How Breitbart’s Last War Began OsborneInk  

The most important bits. Linking Andrew Breitbart to an army of trolls. Who connect to the Anthony Weiner takedown-the first one.  Russia has been stoking this division all along, haven’t they. The horseshoe.”

Project Veritas–  Chris Faraone: The Trials of Nadia Naffe Breitbart Unmasked February 27, 2013 “That one evening in O’Keefe’s barn kicked off a chain reaction in the tightly knit — and tightly wound — conservative blogosphere. When we think of America’s ideological battle between left and right, we often imagine a deadlocked Congress — or Fox News versus MSNBC. But Naffe’s story shines a spotlight on an even uglier crossfire: the one between the slanderous sewer of right-wing smear culture and its doppelganger, a reactionary band of left-wingers that’s equally willing to kick below the belt. Located just beneath the surface of our polarized political system, this unceasing, underhanded war — encompassing dozens of lawsuits and hundreds of petty feuds, fought by hackers and journalists, wingnuts and activists, lawmen and billionaires, attorneys and ex-cons — serves as a proxy, simultaneously feeding on and fueling the circus that passes for our civic life. Even for mature web pedestrians who are acquainted with the barbaric buffoonery of online discourse, the depravity that’s been on display during Naffe’s ordeal is enough to turn an iron stomach. In the belly of this beast, the traditional lines of right and left are grossly distorted, as are the boundaries between right and wrong.

Nadia Naffe could have been a part of the Republican party’s future, symbolizing the appeal of conservative values to new constituencies. Instead, at every turn, she was insulted, abused, abandoned, and ridiculed. This is her story….The videos O’Keefe released  were later found to be heavily — and deceptively — edited. One target of O’Keefe’s video sting would even win a settlement from Giles in a civil suit. But the ramifications were still devastating. Several ACORN employees were fired as a direct result. Fundraising slowed to a virtual halt. Already under scrutiny, the group was dealt a death blow in September 2009, when Congress severed all federal subsidies. That led to walking papers for three-quarters of their national staff. ACORN went bankrupt a year later.

The video might have been less ruinous if it hadn’t found a powerful bullhorn in the form of Andrew Breitbart, who offered O’Keefe and Giles $120,000, to be paid in monthly installments, in exchange for exclusive rights to release the clips on his website, Ultimately, it was the combined strength of Breitbart’s countless minions — who blanketed the Internet with ACORN links — that did the bulk of the damage.

In fact, the ACORN blitz was also a demonstration of how powerful Breitbart had become. Years earlier, he’d had key roles in starting the Drudge Report and the Huffington Post. But with, he had become both a leader and a figurehead for hard-right warriors everywhere.

In the pursuit of Breitbart’s approval, there’s no allegation his network wouldn’t broadcast, no individual they wouldn’t attack. His defenders were especially protective of O’Keefe, whom Breitbart would later describe in the introduction of his 2011 best seller, Righteous Indignation, as an “incredibly courageous” and an “investigative journalist-cum-Borat of the right.”

Business boomed for O’Keefe in the wake of his ACORN stunt. He was suddenly in high demand on the Obama-bashing lecture circuit. All this came in addition to the funding he received from patrons: Even before Breitbart’s media conglomerate retained rights to the ACORN clips, O’Keefe had already been underwritten by Peter Thiel, an early Facebook investor and California hedge-fund manager who’d bankrolled O’Keefe to the tune of $30,000 earlier that year. Giles, his sidekick, was also a hot ticket, being feted at fundraisers like the one in Ybor City where she met Naffe.

The timing proved to be perfect. Naffe had invested part of her settlement with the GOP in a mall kiosk business on the Tampa waterfront. Following a few years of mediocre sales, she had recently sold the enterprise and set her sights on a graduate degree. And she had eight months of downtime before heading to Cambridge, where she was registered to study management at Harvard Extension School in the fall. So when O’Keefe asked if she wanted to “act” in his “movies,” Naffe didn’t need much convincing. On New Year’s Day 2010, she accepted her first mission. There was no time to waste. O’Keefe arranged for her to fly into Los Angeles that week.”

So Andrew Breitbart was the king of the trolls it seems. Oh hi Peter Thiel, you evil Randian-obsessed traitortwat.