The Mercenaries

Erik Prince-Academi/Blackwater/Frontier Services Group/Xe Hong Kong-based.

Black Cube-Israeli ex-Mossad hired by Harvey Weinstein to befriend and watch Rose McGowan and by Alexander Nix of SCL/Cambridge Analytica, Hired to get dirt on Obama

The Wagner GroupPMC Wagner, ChVK Wagner, or CHVK Vagner-Russian Military Defense 

The Night Wolves–  Alexander Torshin     Russian motorcycle gang military special ops. “Bikers for Trump”  Moscow In Miami

The mercenaries and private intelligence firms use all tactics to serve their clients, including the “dark arts”: blackmail and “reputation management”, disinformation and psychological operations-“Psychops”-to influence elections and more.

Psy-Group– Joel Zamel-Big Data hybrid Psychops Israeli military-level tech.  

George Nader Pitched Psy-Group’s services to the Trump Campaign and met with Jared Kushner and Erik Prince August 3, 2016

Fake News and Propaganda

Right Wing Media

Project Veritas-Disinformation operatives using false identities entrap journalists using supplied lies, etc.