SCL Elections

SCL Elections is the parent company, SCL Group (formerly Strategic Communication Laboratories July 20, 2005-August 19, 2015) founded by Nigel Oakes, CEO, in 1993, officially closed August 13, 208, wound up April 17, 2019.

Officers ListJulian Wheatland CEO & Director, November 10, 2005-January 12, 2007; David F. Christie, Director January 12, 20007-December 20, 2007; Roger M. Gabb, Director November 10, 2005-March 28, 2018 25-50% ownership & control; Alexander Nix, Director July 20, 2005-December 7, 2012 & January 28, 2016-April 30, 2018; Alexander Oakes, Director July 20, 2005-January 28, 2016; Nigel Oakes, Director October 3, 2005-June 5, 2018; Geoffrey Pattie, Director November 10, 2005- December 1, 2008; John Bottomley, Secretary July 20, 2005-March 31, 2014. 

  • Cambridge Analytica (Closed) Cambridge Analytica Holdings was funded by the Mercers & not in bankruptcy.  Rebranded itself August 11, 2017, as
  • Emerdata Officers List  with SCL Chairman Julian Wheatland as Director and 25–50% owner, and Cambridge Analytica Chief Data Officer, Alexander Tayler 25–50% owner, later adding Cambridge Analytica CEO Alexander Nix until ceding significant control on January 23, 2018 and naming the following Directors:
    • Ahmad Ashraf Hosny Al Khatib (Seychelles citizen, Prince met MBZ, Dmitriev, Nader, etc.),
    • Johnson Ko Chun Shun (Erik Prince‘s Chinese business partner. DVN bought Blackwater/Xe/Academi and rename it Frontier Services Group, Hong Kong. Prince is Chairman of Ko’s DVN and state-owned Citic Group, 28.4% owner of FSG ) 
    • Ms. Cheng Peng, and
    • Rebekah Mercer, Jennifer Mercer, added March 16, 2018, Daughters of Robert Mercer, investor in Cambridge Analytica
    • all with shared SCL and Cambridge Analytica addresses. 
  • Firecrest Technologies Limited, incorporated on March 7, 2018, Alexander Nix is director, Emerdata is ‘person with significant control.’ h/t patrickLSimpson
  • Data Propria-Trump Campaign 2020– Matt Oczkowski, CEO, Cambridge Analytica’s head of product & Cambridge Analytica’s former chief data scientist David Wilkinson.

Mapped: The breathtaking global reach of Cambridge Analytica’s parent company Quartz Devjyot Ghoshal 

Cambridge Analytica executives created a company with the Executive Director & Deputy Chairman of Erik Prince’s Frontier Services Group  Wendy Siegelman March 18,2018