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The Epoch TimesChinese Falun Gong cult, banned from China, one of the biggest social media followings, largest buyer of Facebook ads, The Epoch Times is sometimes the most-viewed news creator on all of Facebook, Youtube and Twitter. In April, it outranked ANY other news outlet in video views. It’s run by people who “believe that Trump was sent by heaven to destroy the Communist Party” @oneunderscore_

Sinclair Broadcasting-“Must Runs” directed by the White House

America One

The Washington Times-Rev. Moon, “The Moonies”– Pres. George H W Bush normalized the cult leader who created conspiratorial journalism and in controlled the Washington DC news feeds to the country.

Trump Magazine was advertised on Gary Forbes’ “The Forbes Group” (TFG) Wix blog (garyforbes.wix.com/blog) at http://goo.gl/cTEFYR, , who met Trump in Moscow at the Miss Universe pageant 2013 is the Top Follower and is social media buddies with Putin’s Chief Patriotic Propagandist Forbes – Klyushin – Rykov. Forbes’ assistant Gina Sentura aka Gladys Allemani-Mike Cernovich, White Supremacist & Alt-Right connections. Israeli Avishai Abrahami, Co-founder and CEO of Wix, [Thread@janiceKharper] Ex. Article at 2016 Republican Convention: Gary Forbes to GOP Delegates: Switch Your Vote” Then Risk Having Your Life Ruined: “Any Republican Delegate who defies the American people by voting for a candidate other than who we sent them to vote for, can expect an extremely vicious response from 4.9 million enraged and unpredictable TFG members.” Forbes warned. Forbes suspended on Twitter. Website builder Wix acquires art community DeviantArt for $36M TechCrunch  Ingrid Lunden February 23, 2017 “As part of this acquisition, Angelo Sotira, co-founder and CEO of DeviantArt, will join the Wix management team, along with the rest of DeviantArt’s employees. The operation will continue to be based out of LA. DeviantArt, an online community for artists, designers and art/design enthusiasts with some 325 million individual pieces of original art and more than 40 million registered members, for $36 million in cash, including $3 million of assumed liabilities.” h/t@Stephaniefishm4