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The John Birch Society, founded 1958, Indianapolis, IN, by Robert W. Welch Jr., retired candy mogul, was the original “Patriot” movement, and reflects some in the current Libertarian Party. They are anti-communist, anti-government, for a Constitutional Convention, fear a One World Government, Water Fluoridation, and want to dismantle the Federal Reserve. Ayn Rand, Paul Ryan‘s hero, rejected the JBS as futile and conspiracy theorist. The paranoia factor is being used against people today to create distrust of our institutions, intelligence and law enforcement. Russia has capitalized upon it perhaps mostly on YouTube. Religiously and Racially inclusive, it doesn’t share the White Supremacist roots in Eugenics and Nazis that the Religious Right and CNP-related organizations have in common.  Past Presidents are Robert W. Welch Jr. (1958–1985), Larry McDonald (1983), a U.S. Representative who was killed by Soviets in the KAL-007 shootdown incident, Charles R. Armour (1985–1991), John F. McManus (1991–2004, 2005-16[72]), G. Vance Smith (1991–2005), Ray Clark (2016–)[72], G. Allen Bubolz (1988–1991), Arthur R. Thompson (2005–present).

The RELIGIOUS RIGHT page explains the ideological and political action origins of the Council for National Policy, with many members in common.

Origins: THE COUNCIL FOR NATIONAL POLICY: The British Eugenics Establishment  The British Race Scientists

In 1981, Woody Jenkins, the Council’s first executive director, told Newsweek quote: “One day before the end of this century, the Council will be so influential that no president, regardless of party or philosophy, will be able to ignore us or our concerns or shut us out of the highest levels of government.”HuffPost

We will not try to reform the existing institutions. We only intend to weaken them, and eventually destroy them. *** We will maintain a constant barrage of criticism against the Left. We will attack the very legitimacy of the Left. We will not give them a moment’s rest. * * * We will use guerrilla tactics to undermine the legitimacy of the dominant regime.

The Council for National Policy (to which Kellyanne, Bannon, the DeVos family, the Mercers, Pence, Ken Blackwell, and two men whose families funded the largest voting machine vendor in the U.S.) has set a deadline of 2020 for restoring “religion and economic freedom and Judeo-Christian values” under the Constitution. Dec 27, 2017 By Jennifer S. Cohn Citations updated July 20, 2018 December 27, 2017 Citations updated July 20, 2018 Thread by Jennifer S. Cohn Begins Below:

Center for Cultural Conservatism The Integration of Theory and practice: A Program for the New Traditionalist Movement

The CNP was founded by Paul Weyrich and Pastor Tim LaHay, T. Cullen Davis, Nelson Bunker Hunt, John Bircher William Cies  ABC News in 1981; 

Paul Weyrich,A Father of Modern Conservative Movement ,coined “Moral Majority”, Member of Kriegel Institute for Freedom and Democracy in Russia.    Paul Weyrich Profile on Right Web   Weyrich also founded:

  • The Moral Majority (Rev. Tim LaHay, Weyrich and Rev. Jerry Falwell),
  • The Heritage Foundation
  • The Free Congress Foundation, and
  • ALEC
  • Dominionism founder of Christian Reconstructionism, Rev. Rousas John Rushdoony d. February 8, 2001, their think tank, the
    • Chalcedon Foundation in 1965 funded by the Ahmanson & Hunt Families (TX Oil)- “Herbert William Hunt– CNP Board of Governors (1982). Multimillionaire and brother to Nelson Bunker Hunt. In 1981, William Herbert and Nelson Bunker Hunt provided the start-up money for the Council for National Policy.
    • A subsidiary of the pro-Nazi German American National Congress [DANK], the council is headed by Karol Sitko…Sitko was also the organizer for the West German branch of the Western Goals Foundation, a far-right political organizing and research group which, until the death of its founder, Congressman Larry MacDonald, was essentially a front for the John Birch Society‘s private intelligence network. In Germany, Sitko organized rallies in Nuremberg and Hanover drawing 240,000 people. He was supported by billionaire H.L. Hunt and General John Singlaub. His activities were conducted in concert with the Anti-Bolshevik Block of Nations.
    • Renamed Conservative Alliance (CALL), this group was organized by the late Terry Dolan‘s National Conservative Political Action Committee (NCPAC is Laos in the Coalition for Peace Through Strength). CALL has received major funding through groups affiliated with Rev. Sun Myung Moon, according to the Wall Street Journal and other reports. CALL started the National Coalition for America’s Survival, which includes the newly-reincarnated America First Committee
    • One of the three groups in the Coalition headed by Lady Malcolm Douglas-Hamilton, who is also on the board of the American Security Council Foundation. Her deceased husband, part of the British aristocracy, was the brother of Rudolph Hess when, in 1940, Hess made his secret flight to England. Hess, a top aide to Hitler and Nazi Party official, sought to meet with the British aristocratic circles known as the Cliveden Set. Sympathetic to Hitler’s war aims, the Cliveden Set tried to get England out of the war it had declared against Germany in September 1939, after Germany invaded Poland. Hess was arrested and imprisoned. After Lord Douglas came to the U.S., he established an American branch of a racial eugenics group headquartered in Scotland.
    • [Cliveden Set]The oil billionaire Hunt brothers and Jesse Helms are members of this group. It was headed by Robert Gayre, who published the racialist Mankind Quarterly until Roger Pearson took it over in 1978. [Bellant, ON 45-6]
      • Mary Reilly Hunt – CNP Board of Governors (1996). Order of Malta, Education Committee; President, Mary Reilly Hunt and Associates, Inc., a development consulting organization; clients include National Right to Life Committee, NRL Political Action Committee, and the NRL Educational Trust Fund, also Birthright, the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children (Great Britain), and the Right to Life of Queensland (Australia); partner, [Mormon] Charles S. Carriker Associates; vice president/development, National Right to Life Committee; member, National Association of Female Executives; listed in Who’s Who of American Women, Who’s Who of the World, and Who’s Who of Women Executives; active in the Republican Party at the local, state, and national levels; delegate to state and national Republican conventions. South Bend, Indiana.
      • Nelson Bunker Hunt – CNP President Executive Committee (1983); CNP Senior Executive Committee (1983-84); CNP Executive Committee (1988). Heir of the Hunt Oil Company fortune. Financial backer of CNP, CBN, JBS & ?. In 1951, Nelson Bunker Hunt and Wallace Johnson, founder of Holiday Inns, worked with and funded Bill Bright’s Campus Crusade for Christ to the tune of $15.5 million. In 1967, formed Christian World Liberation Front (CWLF) as a covert front for Campus Crusade, which split off and became a leading ministry in the Jesus People movement. Bunker Hunt arranged a retreat for more than 500 millionaires who pledged $20 to Campus Crusade. Once organized a paramilitary force called “Americans Volunteer Group” which he intended to use as death squad against political opponents. [Hougan 55-56; Saloma 53; Diamond 51-56, 250]
        • In 1967, Nelson Bunker Hunt provided Cameron Townsend, founder of the Summer Institute of Linguistics (SIL) and the Wycliffe Bible Translators, property in Dallas for a new international translation center. Thy Will Be Done, by Colby and Dennett, documents the connections between Wycliffe Bible Translators, the Rockefeller family, and the CIA and who carried out the genocide of indigenous tribes in the Amazon basin. Also funded Ed McAteer, “the Colgate-Palmolive salesman who was the organizing force behind the politicized Fundamentalist movement… The sheer human energy amassed by wealthy SIL backers like North Carolina’s James A. Jones, one of the largest contractors for military bases in Vietnam, and oilman Nelson Bunker Hunt of Texas. ‘Bunker Hunt had helped me considerable,’ McAteer freely offered…Wycliffe Associates’ ‘500 Club’ was designed to offer the richer members a way out of service through cash; $500 or more each year was all it took to get a special certificate of membership. Some gave much more. Texas’s corporate leaders were prominent in helping Cam build SIL’s International Linguistics Center near Dallas; the Linguistics Center’s board meeting was one of those special occasions where a Rockefeller business partner like Trammel Crow could rub shoulders with an ultra rightist like Nelson Bunker Hunt. But they were the old core of supporters.” [Colby & Dennett 570, 805]
        • [Nelson Bunker Hunt] funded the “STEP Program and Foundation“… the result of a meeting of some 200 …wealthy and powerful evangelical, religious, political and business leaders held in Dallas, Texas April 21st and 22nd 1982, at the behest of multimillionaires Clint Murchison, Jr. and Nelson Bunker Hunt! STEP, an acronym for “Strategies to Eliminate Poverty” was …formed to alleviate poverty through private sector funding and volunteerism…! According to the Christian Inquirer, Nelson Bunker Hunt “kicked off” the STEP Program in November of 1981, with a $1 million contribution. It is most interesting to note that among those attending the April 1982 meeting in Dallas, besides the previously mentioned Dr. William R. Bright, Murchison, and Hunt, were: Dallas Cowboy Coach Tom Landry, Television evangelists Jim Baker, James Robison and Pat Robertson, Holly Coors, Dallas businesswoman Mary C. Crowley, and the Reverend E.V. Hill – keynote speaker at the meeting and president of STEP. [Miller 4]” CNP Database
  • Howard Ahmanson Jr.Rushdoony’s Chalcedon Foundation, Claremont Institute, Fieldstead #1 in Time’s 25 Most Influential Evangelicals in America
  • KochsFred Koch, had been a fundamentalist Christian co-founder of the John Birch Society which morphed into 1981 Christian theocratic-aristocratic Council for National Policy
  • Mike Pence
  • Mercers
  • Betsy DeVos, Rich DeVos CNP President 1986-88, 1990-93
  • Marvin Olasky



Jesse Helms – [33º Freemason; (quasi-Masonic, United Nations NGO) Rotary Club] CNP Board of Governors (1982); CNP Membership Directory (1984-84, 1988, 1996, 1998, 1999). With oil billionaires Herbert William and Nelson Bunker Hunt, Helms is a member of the American branch of a racial eugenics group headquartered in Scotland and headed by Robert Gayre, who published the racialist Mankind Quarterly until Roger Pearson took it over in 1978. [Bellant ON 46] CNP Database

Hon. Trent Lott – 33º Freemason, U.S. Senate. CNP Membership Directory (1996, 1998). In May of 1998, HR 2431 was passed in the House of Representatives and introduced to the Senate as S772 by Senator Arlen Specter (a Mason). There it was stalled in committee until the Republican leadership led by Trent Lott maneuvered a compromise version of the bill through (33º Mason) Jesse Helms‘ Foreign Services Committee. On October 9, the U.S. Senate passed the International Religious Freedom Act (S-1868) sponsored by Senators Don Nickles, Joseph Lieberman and others by a vote of 98-0. S-1868 was referred immediately back to the House of Representatives where it was passed into law the next day.” CNP Database


Thomas Hess – CNP Board of Governors (1996). Director of Jerusalem House of Prayer for All Nations.  At Israel’s Jubilee Celebration, sponsored by the Christian Alliance for Israel, Hess shares platforms with heretical and ecumenical leaders such as of Benny Hinn, Jay Sekulow (CNP), Mike Bickle; George Otis, Sid Roth and Stephan Strang. Author of many books soliciting Christian to support the Judeo-Masonic agenda for Israel.  Hess disparages America as “Babylon” but doesn’t mention that the Jewish-owned entertainment media is responsible in large part for its present decadence. Nor is there any mention of the Zionists in the U.S. government who are executing America’s planned destruction. Promos for his books, such as the following, appear on Zionist websites.” CNP Database


“Donald P. Hodel – CNP Executive Committee (1996). Co-director with Randy Tate for the National Christian Coalition. Formerly on Focus on the Family Executive Board [until early 1998]. Reagan Administration Under Secretary of the Interior from 1981-1982, and Cabinet level service as Secretary of Energy from 1982-1985 and Secretary of the Interior from 1985-1989.”CNP Database

Donald R. Howard, Ph.D.– CNP Membership Directory (1984-85, 1988). Founder/President, Accelerated Christian Education (A.C.E.) [Homewood Christian Academy, IL, ACE school embezzlement scandal]; Pastor, Grace Fundamental Church; President, International Institute: has assisted more than 5,500 pastors in opening schools in their church facilities in 58 countries and held 4,000 public rallies around the world to promote the Christian school movement; inspires pastors to become involved in the legal and political arenas.”CNP Database


“Max Hugel – CNP Membership Roster (1984-85; 1988). Chairman, PCC Corporation; Chairman, Rockingham Ventures, Inc.; Chairman U.S. Switch; President, Max Hugel Enterprises, Inc.; President, International Syndications, Inc., President, MH Industries and Defense & Security Systems Management, Inc,; former Special Assistant, CIA Deputy Director for Administration and Deputy Director for Operations; chairman, Project ’88; former member, President Reagan’s campaign staff. City of Hope’s 1982 Man of the Year. After Reagan’s victory Hugel was appointed Director of Operations of the CIA but was later forced to resign after the Washington Post revealed that he had been engaged in illegal stock market dealings. Hugel was also a staunch supporter of the contras. Shortly after the death of William Casey (CFR), Hugel worked with Casey’s wife, Sofia, in organizing a fund raising dinner in which 50 percent of the monies went to cancer research, and the other 50 percent, to the “Freedom Fighters Fund” set up by Casey’s widow to continue “private” support to counterrevolutionary groups around the world.

RIGHT WING MEDIA & REV. MOON  “In a 1990 article in the Washington Post, exposed dealings between Max Hugel and Jonathan Park, the son of Bo Hi Pak who is President of Moon-owned The Washington Times Foundation and who as a colonel was an attaché to the Korean embassy. Max Hugel and Col. Bo Hi Pak’s son using Unification money were pursuing forming a conglomerate of all the independent broadcasting facilities in the whole Washington D.C. region. As of 1990, closing on a deal to purchase a majority stake in Potomac Television communications, the largest independent broadcast news service in Washington, the company’s operations were combined with two video news firms already owned by Park and Hugel. Park and Hugel then controlled all but one independent broadcasting facility, including the satellite and the independent broadcasting facility in the National Press Building, and supplying as many as 200 television stations around the nation, including CNN, with raw footage or finished film reports on newsworthy events or interviews with prominent officials in Washington.CNP Database. .  Moonies accused of involvement in drugs Irish Times  October 14, 2004 & Money Laundering

“Reed Irvine – CNP Board of Governors (1982). Chairman of Accuracy in Media (AIM), Editor of the AIM Report, and a member of University Professors for Academic Order (UPAO). It is most interesting to note that other members of the UPAO include such other prominent figures as: Dr. George C. Roche III, Dr. Howard Hurwitz of the UPAO Board, and Carl W. Salser – all of the National Council on Educational Research, governing body of NIE; Russell Kirk; Donald Senese – Assistant Secretary of Education; Dr. Robert L. Schuettinger, co-author of Scholars, Dollars and Public Policy; New Frontiers in Corporate Giving, along with Ernest W. Lefever and Raymond English of the Lefever run Ethics and Public Policy Center; and, lastly, United States Senator John East. [Miller 6]

“Then there are ‘media watchdog’ organizations such as Accuracy in Media (AIM). Many persons assume such groups are watching out for the public’s interests. Not according to writer Michael Collins Piper, who in 1990 made public that AIM founder Reed Irvine was paid $37,000 a year as an ‘advisor for the division of international finance’ of the Federal Reserve System. Noting that many Fed members also belong to the secret societies, Piper wrote, ‘To this day, Irvine and AIM never touch on any subject which is sensitive to the interests of the international Establishment: whether it be the Bilderberger group, the Trilateral Commission, the Council on Foreign Relations or the truth about the privately owned Federal Reserve.” [Marrs 106]

Several of AIM’s board members have intelligence backgrounds. During WWII Reed Irvine worked in Marine Intelligence; John McLean was employed by the CIA; and

  • Abraham Kalish taught communications at the Defense Intelligence School.
  • Bernard Yoh also has a history of intelligence and military work. He is/was a professor of psychological warfare at the Air Force University in Montgomery, Alabama. He was a hitman for the Shanghai police during the Sino-Japanese war and organized the South Vietnamese counterinsurgency forces during the Vietnam War. In the 1964 Brazilian coup, Yoh advised the Brazilian generals.(2,6)… Bernard Yoh contributes regularly to the Unification Church publication Rising Tide and is a strong supporter of the Rev. Sun Myung Moon and the South Korean government.(11)
    Elbridge Dubrow was a former ambassador to Vietnam.
  • David Lichtenstein was a senior attorney with the Federal Communications Commission.(2,7)
  • Adm. Thomas H. Moorer was the former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff under president Richard Nixon. In that position he had Naval Intelligence agents tap Henry Kissingers phone and remove documents from Nixon’s desk.(20) He was also on the national advisory board of the now-defunct Western Goals Foundation, a private domestic intelligence agency founded by former Congressman Larry MacDonald in 1979.(20) Moorer is the vice president of the American Security Council.(22)
    Clare Booth Luce was a former ambassador to Switzerland and former member of Congress.(2,7) She was also a member of Ronald Reagan’s Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board.(23)…Clare Booth Luce is a Dame of the Knights of Malta.(15) She was a director of the Nicaraguan Freedom Fund, a fundraising group set up in 1985 by the Washington Times, a paper owned by Rev. Sun Myung Moon’s Unification Church, to provide funds to the contras.(12,15,17,18) Luce was on the Board of the Washington Times. [Henry R. Luce was initiated into the Order of Skull & Bones in 1920. (Sutton)]
  • William Simon (CFR) is on the advisory committee of AmeriCares and was on the national council of the Friends of the Democratic Center in Central America (PRODEMCA). Simon was also the chair of the Nicaraguan Freedom Fund and is a member of the Knights of Malta.(12,15,18)
  • Dr. Edward Teller (CFR) was a member of the Committee on the Present Danger as of 1983. The Committee is an anticommunist organization which has advocated strict containment policies towards the Soviet Union.(21) Teller also created the H-Bomb.(20) Teller was also on the advisory board of the Western Goals Foundation and served with the CPTS.(20) [Interhemispheric Resource Center:AIM]”CNP Database


Reverend E.V. Hill– CNP Board of Governors (1982). Pastor of Mount Zion Missionary Baptist Church in the Watts area of Los Angeles, a founder of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference Foundation, long-time associate of Martin Luther King, and also a member of the Religious Roundtable Council of 56. [Miller 5]” CNP Database

The CNP backed the State Electronic Voting Machines.H.R.3295 – Help America Vote Act of 2002 and bought Election Systems & Software, acquiring Diebold’s Premier Election Solutions in 2009, just before the Citizens United decision which allowed dark money in campaigns and the 2010 elections, 2 years into Obama’s term and the REPUBLICANS TOOK BOTH THE CONGRESS AND SENATE. 

107th Congress (2001-2002) Rep. Ney, Robert W. [R-OH-18] (Introduced 11/14/2001) Committees: House – House Administration; Judiciary; Science; Government Reform; Armed Services | Senate – Rules and Administration. November 14, 2001-10/29/2002 became law.      

The Council for National Policy (to which Kellyanne, Bannon, the DeVos family, the Mercers, Pence, Ken Blackwell, and two men whose families funded the largest voting machine vendor in the U.S.) has set a deadline of 2020 for restoring “religion and economic freedom and Judeo-Christian values” under the Constitution. . Dec 27, 2017 By Jennifer S. Cohn December 27, 2017 Citations updated July 20, 2018

2. “The Council for National Policy (CNP), is an umbrella organization and networking group for social [anti-abortion, anti-gay] conservative activists in the United States. … Nation magazine has called it a secretive organization that ‘networks wealthy right-wing donors together with top conservative operatives to plan long-term movement strategy.’” Washington Times 

3. The New York Times has called the CNP “a little known club of a few hundred of the most powerful conservatives in the country…”


Center for Cultural Conservatism The Integration of Theory and practice: A Program for the New Traditionalist Movement

“Our movement will be entirely destructive, and entirely constructive. We will not try to reform the existing institutions. We only intend to weaken them, and eventually destroy them. We will endeavor to knock our opponents off-balance and unsettle them at every opportunity. All of our constructive energies will be dedicated to the creation of our own institutions.

We will maintain a constant barrage of criticism against the Left. We will attack the very legitimacy of the Left. We will not give them a moment’s rest. We will endeavor to prove that the Left does not deserve to hold sway over the heart and mind of a single American. We will offer constant reminders that there is an alternative, there is a better way. When people have had enough of the sickness and decay of today’s American culture, they will be embraced by and welcomed into the New Traditionalist movement. The rejection of the existing society by the people will thus be accomplished by pushing them and pulling them simultaneously.

We will use guerrilla tactics to undermine the legitimacy of the dominant regime. We will take advantage of every available opportunity to spread the idea that there is something fundamentally wrong with the existing state of affairs. For example, we could have every member of the movement put a bumper sticker on his car that says something to the effect of “Public Education is Rotten; Homeschool Your Kids.” This will change nobody’s mind immediately; no one will choose to stop sending his children to public schools immediately after seeing such a bumper sticker; but it will raise awareness and consciousness that there is a problem. Most of all, it will contribute to a vague sense of uneasiness and dissatisfaction with existing society. We need this if we hope to start picking people off and bringing them over to our side. We need to break down before we can build up. We must first clear away the flotsam of a decayed culture.”

[“Ahmanson … was a member of the Council for National Policy in 1984–85, 1988….”  StateMaster— Citation added 7/20/18]

Ahmanson is a board member of the John M. Perkins Foundation and (along with his wife) the Claremont Institute. He was a member of the Council for National Policy in 1984-85, 1988 and sat on its Board of Governors in 1996 and 1998. He has written articles appearing in The Los Angeles Times, Philanthropy, Religion and Liberty, and other publications.

TIME Magazine named the Ahmanson first in their 2005 list of the 25 Most Influential Evangelicals in America, classifying them as “the financiers.”,_Jr. [“Ahmanson … was a member of the Council for National Policy in 1984–85, 1988 and sat on its Board of Governors in 1996 and 1998…” — Citation added 7/20/18]

 Jack Abramoff – CNP Membership Roster (1984-85. The International Freedom Foundation (IFF), an organization founded by “conservative” activist, Jack Abramhoff, was recently exposed by senior South African military personnel as a cut-out of the South African military and Special Branch. IFF functioned as a propaganda arm for South African STRATCOM (strategic communications) counter-insurgency operations directed against the African National Congress and the trade union confederation.” Watch Unto Prayer [A Small Circle of Friends] “/ End

“Continuing Jennifer Cohn thread….108. Each of these poll-defying Republican victories has furthered the goals of the CNP.

109. If you still think those goals are unrealistic, think again.

110. The CNP is virulently anti-LGBT, & 150 members signed a letter early this year urging Trump to sign an anti-LGBTQ executive order.

Conservatives Call on Trump to Protect Religious Liberty Todd Starnes March 1, 2017

Secretive Council for National Policy Pushing Trump to Sign ‘Religious Liberty’ Order Alternet  Legal experts said the executive order was of “sweeping” and “staggering” scope.

111. Several months later, the Trump administration argued that federal law doesn’t protect gay employees.

Trump Administration Argues Federal Civil Rights Law Does Not Protect Gay Employees Slate On Wednesday, the Department of Justice filed an amicus brief in the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals,

112. And in July 2017, Trump tweeted that transgender people are no longer welcome in the military.”/Jenny Cohn

Thread Continues on the CNP GOALS & TRUMP ADMINISTRATION Page

  • Jack Abramoff , convicted lobbyist, brought Christian Coalition’s Ralph Reed, Rep. Ney, House Maj. Tom DeLay, Rev. Louis P. Sheldon (Traditional Values Coalition), Grover Norquist and more into his corrupt schemes of conspiracy and money laundering to sway legislation, and who, with Paul Weyrich, (Founder of CNP, Moral Majority, Free Congress Foundation, ALEC, and the
  • Heritage Foundation took the Republicans and
  • Religious Right to Russia; and
  • Dominionism, the extreme, intolerant and elitist version of Christianity backed by financier Howard Ahmanson Jr.’s
  • ES&S & Diebold Electronic Voting with its history of throwing elections and
  • Voting Machine Issues to elect Republicans and use
  • Lobbyists funded by
  • GOP Donors  like the
  • Koch Brothers and
  • Mercers (who dominate the Executive Branch and Cabinet) to pass favorable legislation including the
  • Constitutional Convention of States which would remove the separation of church and state and install a Christian government. The
  • Judicial Branch has been a focus, and many judges have been appointed by Leonard Leo of the
  • Federalist Society, associated with the
  • Claremont Institute