Council for National Policy Goals & the Trump Administration

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The Council for National Policy (to which Kellyanne, Bannon, the DeVos family, the Mercers, Pence, Ken Blackwell, and two men whose families funded the largest voting machine vendor in the U.S.) has set a deadline of 2020 for restoring “religion and economic freedom and Judeo-Christian values” under the Constitution. Dec 27, 2017 By Jennifer S. Cohn December 27, 2017 Citations updated July 20, 2018.

CNP Thread by Jennifer Cohn Continued:

“The CNP also wants to defund public education in favor of Christian schools. Influential conservative group: Trump, DeVos should dismantle Education Department and bring God into classrooms. Washington Post By Emma Brown February 15, 2017 “The five-page document produced by the Council for National Policy calls for a “restoration of education in America” that would minimize the federal role, promote religious schools and home schooling and enshrine “historic Judeo-Christian principles” as a basis for instruction.” “Education Reform Report” CNP SITE : “This report is based on four assumptions and one pledge:

  1. All knowledge and facts have a source, a Creator; they are not self-existent.
  2. Religious neutrality is a myth perpetrated by secularists who destroy their own claim the moment they attempt to enforce it.
  3. Parents and guardians bear final responsibility for their children’s education, with the inherent right to teach, or to choose teachers and schools, whether institutional or not.
  4. No civil government possesses the right to overrule the educational choices of parents and guardians.

The CNP Education Committee pledges itself to work toward achievable goals based on uncompromised principles, so that their very success will provoke a popular return to the Judeo-Christian principles of America’s Founders who, along with America’s pioneers, believed that God belonged in the classroom.

Phase I– Federal Level

1-Immediate elimination of Common Core and all other DOE social engineering 
programs. End all data collection on students.

2-  Dismantle the Federal Department of Education as soon as possible during Trump administration, and gradually return all responsibilities for public school administration to individual states. Develop position paper on purpose of education in America.

3-  Argue that a Federal D.O.E. is unconstitutional, illegal and contrary to America’s education practice for 300 years from early 17th century to Colonial times.

4-  Engage College Board for accountability of accuracy/thoroughness in higher education with regards to America’s founding and historical education practices.

5-  Push for school choice in all states (over voucher schemes).

  1. So Trump’s proposed budget slashed the Department of Education by $9.2 billion & increased money for school choice (Christian schools). President Trump’s Budget Proposal Calls for Deep Cuts to Education NPR (Often-referenced source removed
  1. The CNP is virulently anti-choice. CNP Conferences and Political Plans Wikipedia
  2. So Trump has been consistently anti-choice in his policy making.

Trump privately signs anti-Planned Parenthood law President Donald Trump privately signed a bill on Thursday that allows states to withhold federal money from organizations that provide abortion CNN  April 13, 2017

Trump to Expand Funding Ban Tied to Abortion Overseas A patient with malaria at a medical center in Tanzania in 2014. The United States’ expanded anti-abortion policy could disrupt hundreds of clinics in Africa and around the world that fight malaria, AIDS and other diseases. The New York Times By Gardiner Harris and Somini Sengupta. May 15, 2017


117. Weyrich’s ALEC organization-to which Kochs belong — remains central to the current push for a Constitutional Convention. Inside the Conservative Push for States to Amend the Constitution NY Times A clause in Article 5 of the Constitution allows for states to sidestep Congress and draft amendments. .  By Michael Wines  August 22, 2016″/ END Jennifer Cohn Thread. READ MORE, 203 ENTRIESThe genesis of America’s corrupted computerized election system, October 2017