Jamal Khashoggi

Saudi Arabia – Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman (MBS) directed the dismemberment of Jamal Khashoggi on October 2, 2018, and hosted “Davos in the Desert” 2 1/2 weeks later. While many attendees withdrew in protest, Trump’s Secretary of the Treasury, Steven Mnuchin, had a private meeting with MBS. President Biden insisted on speaking with King Salman before the release of this damning report.

U.S. Office of the Director of National Intelligence –

Assessing the Saudi Government’s Role in the Killing of Jamal Khashoggi (on October 2, 2018)

February 11, 2021

RAPID INTERVENTION FORCE (a.k.a. FIRQAT EL-NEMR; a.k.a. SAUDI RAPID INTERVENTION GROUP; a.k.a. “TIGER SQUAD“) added to the Magnitsky Act sanctions list on February 26, 2021. “seven members of Muhammad bin Salman‘s elite personal protective detail, known as the Rapid Intervention Force (RIF). The RIF-a subset of the Saudi Royal Guard-exists to defend the Crown Prince, answers only to him”

To start, the U.S. Department of State has taken action pursuant to the Khashoggi Ban to impose visa restrictions on 76 Saudi individuals believed to have been engaged in threatening dissidents overseas, including but not limited to the Khashoggi killing.  When identifying individuals for purposes of the Khashoggi Ban, we will also review them for designation under Section 7031(c) of the Department of State, Foreign Operations, and Related Programs Appropriations Act of 2020, as carried forward by the CA Act of 2021, which authorizes the denial of visas to them and their immediate family members as well as their public identification. I also have directed that the State Department fully report on any such extraterritorial activities by any government in our annual Country Reports on Human Rights Practices.  The United States will continue to shine a light on any government that targets individuals, either domestically or extraterritorially, merely for exercising their human rights and fundamental freedoms.”

Treasury Sanctions the Saudi Rapid Intervention Force and Former Deputy Head of Saudi Arabia’s General Intelligence Presidency for Roles in the Murder of Journalist Jamal Khashoggi

Treasury Sanctions 17 Individuals for Their Roles in the Killing of Jamal Khashoggi Saud Al-Qahtani is a senior official of the Government of Saudi Arabia who was part of the planning and execution of the operation that led to the killing of Mr. Khashoggi in the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul, Turkey on October 2, 2018.  This operation was coordinated and executed by his subordinate Maher Mutreb, and involved participation of at least 14 other Saudi government officials:  Salah Tubaigy; Meshal Albostani; Naif Alarifi; Mohammed Alzahrani; Mansour Abahussain; Khalid Alotaibi; Abdulaziz Alhawsawi; Waleed Alsehri; Thaar Alharbi; Fahad Albalawi; Badr Alotaibi; Mustafa Almadani; Saif Alqahtani; and Turki Alsehri.  The Saudi consulate in Istanbul, where Mr. Khashoggi was killed, was overseen by Consul General Mohammed Alotaibi.  All of these individuals are designated for being responsible for, or complicit in, or having directly or indirectly engaged in serious human rights abuse. As a result of these designations, any property or interests in property of the individuals designated today within or transiting U.S. jurisdiction is blocked.  Additionally, U.S. persons are generally prohibited from engaging in transactions with blocked persons, including entities 50 percent or more owned by designated persons.”

Adnan Khashoggi– Jamal’s uncle, global leader of arms trafficking. Robert Maxwell bought Adnan’s yacht and named it after his daughter, Ghislaine Maxwell, who inherited her father’s kompromat factory and worked as a madam with Jeffrey Epstein, who was operationalized by Les Wexner, Victoria’s Secret and L Brands magnate.

Jamal Khashoggi’s last words were, “I can’t breathe”