Jeffrey Epstein

Jeffrey Epstein was a billionaire, pleaded guilty to procuring an underage girl for prostitution in 2008, and is a friend to many important people including Donald Trump and Alan Dershowitz.

Ghislaine Maxwell has been Epstein’s procurer and fellow abuser of teenage girls for years. Her father, Robert Maxwell, was a British media mogul who died aboard the yacht named after his daughter in the Canary Islands, 13 days after Robert Maxwell filed a defamation suit against the tell-all author, Seymour Hersh. Hersh alleged an arms-brokerage between Iran and Maxwell’s employee.

Jeffrey Epstein dead after apparent suicide in New York jaiWashington Post By Matt Zapotosky, Devlin Barrett Renae Merle Carol D. Leonnig August 10, 2019 “Epstein, 66, was found unresponsive in his cell in the special housing unit of the Metropolitan Correctional Center in New York about 6:30 a.m., the Bureau of Prisons said. Two law enforcement officials said he was found hanging in his cell…Attorney General William P. Barr said in a statement that he was “appalled” to learn of Epstein’s death in federal custody, which he said “raises serious questions that must be answered.” He said that in addition to the FBI’s investigation, he had consulted with the Justice Department’s inspector general, whose office also would look into the incident….Epstein’s death comes less than 24 hours after a court unsealed a massive cache of records, laying out disturbing details about Epstein’s alleged activities and the people in his orbit who might have observed them.”

Trump selects Giuliani’s law partner for top prosecutor job in New York replacing Preet Bharara Business Insider January 3, 2018 “Geoffrey Berman, a former law partner of New York City’s mayor, Rudolph Giuliani, to become the Southern District of New York’s top prosecutor.

  • Berman will replace former US attorney Preet Bharara, who was fired by Trump in March.
  • Berman previously served as an Assistant US Attorney in the district from 1990-1994 and was also involved in the successful prosecution of a former CIA employee during the Iran-Contra scandal.”
Exclusive: Some charities to refuse money from U.S. financier accused in sex case Reuters February 2, 2015. David Ingram. “For the third foundation, named the J. Epstein Virgin Islands Foundation Inc but also doing business as Enhanced Education, the most recent tax return Reuters could locate was from 2002. Epstein’s primary residence is a private island off St. Thomas in the U.S. Virgin Islands….Epstein flew Clinton to Africa in 2002 to talk about anti-poverty and anti-AIDS programs. And according to flight records obtained by the website Gawker, the former U.S. president traveled on Epstein’s jet at least 10 other times between 2002 and 2003. Reuters was unable to independently confirm the flights. Clinton could not be reached for comment…Epstein pledged $30 million in 2003, according to news reports at the time. By 2006, when charges against Epstein were made public in Florida, he had fulfilled at least $6.5 million of that pledge…In 2006, Eliot Spitzer, a Democrat then running to become governor of New York, returned about $50,000 in campaign contributions…In 2006, one of Epstein’s three foundations gave $25,000 to Bill Clinton’s foundation, according to tax records…Little is known publicly about how Epstein made his money. He has said that, after working at investment bank Bear Stearns beginning in the 1970s, he managed assets for billionaires such as,Leslie Wexner  founder of Victoria’s Secret parent L Brands Inc…The latest allegations against Epstein emerged on Dec. 30 [2014] when lawyers said in a Florida federal court filing that Epstein trafficked a teenager for sexual purposes to prominent businessmen and public figures.”

A Lawsuit in 2007 was brought against Epstein by Transgender model Maximilia Cordero.  “THIS IS STRAIGHT-UP VICTIM-SHAMING” @ninandtito “This one from 2007 is delicious. Because the byline is your husband, [Dareh Gregorian] @darehgregorian, [Maggie Haberman] @maggienyt! And he quoted Howard Rubenstein, your mom’s boss! And it’s about Epstein! #ItsAllConnectrdAllOfIt — K. Louise Neufeld #TheHuntressDianaOfTercel🦉⚖️🇺🇸 (@ninaandtito) September 14, 2018

Howard Rubenstein is a political PR guru. Ivanka Trump attended when he won the Caritas Medal on June, 16, 2009. NY Post h/t @ninaandtito

GENDER-BEND SHOCKER By Dareh Gregorian  October 23, 2007 “The stunning model wannabe who says she was pressured into a hush- hush affair with billionaire Jeffrey Epstein when she was only 16 has an even bigger secret – she’s a man”

BILLIONAIRE GAVE TEEN A ‘LICKING’: SUIT  By Dareh Gregorian October 25, 2007

“On one occasion in 2000, the vulgarly written suit says, the teenaged Cordero told Epstein “I’m Old Yella” and “began barking like a dog. She got on all fours in her lingerie and continued barking. She told defendant Epstein to be careful or she would ‘bite him.’ ”

The bizarre claims were added in an amended version of Cordero’s suit charging that she was pressured into a sexual relationship with Epstein when she was only 16.

The new suit says a pal warned Epstein that Cordero had a history of being abused and having severe mental problems when they were introduced, and he replied, “I love a crazy chick. I bet you are lots of fun.”

Epstein’s spokesman, Howard Rubenstein, said, “It’s all baloney.”

Epstein donates under The J Epstein Foundation and The C.O.U.Q. Foundation, Inc., and has donated to many organizations and individuals, including Harvard’s “The Good Project”, which published “The Ups And Downs of Social Media” about teenage emotions. Twitter Thread by @ninaandtito Note: The Good Project’s About Us page on its site has translations in Latvian and Russian. One of the Good Project’s professors, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, founded the Quality of Life Research Center at Claremont Graduate University. Professor Jeanne Nakamura is Co-Director of the QLRC.  CGU is different than the Claremont Institute (For the Study of Statesmanship & Political Philosophy), a right-wing politically active organization affiliated with the Federalist Society and Leonard Leo, who chooses judicial nominations for the GOP and “effectively controls the Judicial Crisis Network“.