Judicial Crisis Network

The Judicial Crisis Network creates campaign ads to place extremely conservative judges in the courts, campaign for SCOTUS decisions, and remove the Separation of Church and State. They hire lobbying firms and provide grants to non-profits. Neil (JCN Officer) & Ann Corkery control Wellspring, huge funders of JCN, hired CRC aka Creative Response Concepts to create publicity stunts to help Brett Kavanaugh.

PR firm helped Whelan stoke half-baked Kavanaugh alibi CRC Public Relations, a powerhouse conservative firm, guided Ed Whelan on a bad Twitter adventure. Politico By ELIANA JOHNSON 09/21/2018

“On Friday, hours after Whelan called his decision to name and post photographs of Kavanaugh’s high school classmate “an appalling and inexcusable mistake of judgment,” CRC helped organize a news conference featuring an array of women who dismissed Ford’s allegations.

Best known for its work with the Swift Boat Veterans in 2004, CRC bills itself as a full-service communications firm “specializing in media relations, social media and issues management,” according to its website. It has long been the go-to communications firm for conservative organizations in Washington and across the country. Its current clients include the Federalist Society and the Judicial Crisis Network, the chief outside groups working to help confirm Kavanaugh.

After unsuccessful attempts to persuade reporters to chase down a theory he put forward on Twitter — that the high school party described by Ford may have taken place at the home of a particular high school classmate of Kavanaugh’s, and that that classmate may have been the perpetrator of the alleged attack — Whelan worked with CRC’s Mueller to devise a strategy that would draw attention to his theory, according to two sources familiar with his plans. That involved teasing the idea that he would make a big reveal but remaining mysteriously tight-lipped about what he had uncovered.”

Republican spokesman for nomination of Brett Kavanaugh resigns after past harassment claims surface CNBC “29-year-old Garrett Ventry was fired in 2017 from his prior job for North Carolina House Majority Leader John Bell after just several months. According to the report, “parts of his resume were found to have been embellished, and because he faced an accusation of sexual harassment from a female employee” of the state general assembly’s staff. A spokeswoman for Senate Judiciary Committee GOP Chairman Chuck Grassley told NBC that while Ventry “strongly denies allegations of wrongdoing, he decided to resign to avoid causing any distraction from the work of the committee.” Ventry has also resigned from GOP firm CRC Public Relations, which became intertwined in the news surrounding Kavanaugh after Politico reported its connection to a theory pushed by a conservative activist that Ford may have mistaken Kavanaugh for one of his classmates.”

Judicial Crisis Network is funded by: Liberty 2.0 PAC ($75,000 November 2016)

Judicial Crisis Network Volume 2 Spicy Files September 24 2018 Originally Judicial CONFIRMATION Network founded on December 23, 2004 with Gary Marx, Neil Corkery and James Hirsen as Officers. The name was changed to Judicial Crisis Network on July 6, 2012.

IMPORTANT DARK MONEY STARTS Ann Corkery & Robin Arkley WellSpring and a complex web of countless dark money groups circa Q3 2008-present

“You know what other 501 (c)(4) Organizations that Neil or Ann Corkery founded in 2008, here are just a few I managed to locate:

National Organization for Marriage, Inc.(EIN: 26-0240498)
a 501(c)(4) formed January 2008
c/o Neil Corkery
9502 Nelson Ln
Manassas, VA 20110-4310

National Organization for Marriage Education Fund (EIN: 20-7472471)
a 501(c)(3) formed July 2008
c/o Neil Corkery
9502 Nelson Ln
Manassas, VA 20110-4310

National Organization for Marriage California PAC (EIN: 26-4205819)
a 501(c)(4) formed February 2009
c/o David Bauer
2150 River Plaza Dr Ste 150
Sacramento, CA 95833-4131

National Organization for Marriage PAC New York (EIN: 27-0394565)
a 501(c)(4) formed June 2009
c/o Brian S. Brown
20 Nassau Street Suite 242
Princeton, NJ 08542

FACT Foundation Accountability and Civic Trust:


3000 K ST NW STE 500

VA SCC ID: 06906903

“Notice the DC address listed in the VA SCC Filing for WellSpring Committee Inc, yet in WellSpring Committee’s 2011 VA SCC Filing, changing resigtered agent, they change the address back to the Manassas UPS store. In 2011 nearly 87% of ALL funding for Judicial Crisis Network came from none other than Ann Corkery’s WellSpring Committee. This is where things become triplicate complicated, from what I can discern the “dark” money flowing came from two primary sources: The Koch Brothers and the Mercer Family Foundation. The reason I opted to tip my hand and show you the various sub organizations step up by Neil and Ann Corkery, starting in late 2008 I noticed a SIGNIFICANT uptick in a 400% increase in dark (anonymous) money being infused into both JNC and WellSpring Committee both saw a massive infusion of cash, anonymous cash. Mr Neil Corkery = JCN, 2010 Filing Mrs Ann Corkery = WellSpring See WellSpring IRS990 2010 Filing, see page 20, denotes that WellSpring transfered $350,000 to JCN.”

Judicial Crisis Network Volume 3 Spicy Files September 30 2018 “Such as it appears, 2008 was a pivotal year for Neil and Ann Corkery. As widely reported and confirmed by VA SCC filings, in 2008 Mrs. Corkery was handed the keys to WellSpring. Based on cross referencing of both JCN & WellSpring, the intersection and big money started rolling in late 2008.

Judicial Crisis Network lobbying 2017:

Based on the United States House of Representatives LDA (Lobbying Disclosure Act) database, JCN hired the following two lobbying/law firms to lobby Congress on their behalf. The “purpose” of JCN lobbying are demoted as; Strengthening liberty and justice in America & Support the confirmation of Neil Gorsuch to the U.S. Supreme Court. 

Capitol Counsel, LLC $120,000+

LDA Registration, February 2017 on behalf of their client Judicial Crisis Network, from what I can tell, this firm was simultaneously lobbying (perhaps in concern with) Covington Burling, the disparity in “contract” revenue it’s as great as it appears. JNC hired both firms but it appears Capital Counsel had four separate LDA disclosures of an aggregated amount of $60,000.

Q1 2017 LDA Report shows Judicial Crisis Network paid Capitol Counsel $60,000 and the lobbying efforts were secular to the United States Senate. Support confirmation of Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court. Similarly Capitol Counsel’s Q2 2017 LDA Report is largely duplicative of their Q1 Report, same lobbying issue and identical dollar amount. What I did find interesting is Capitol Counsel submitted a second registration statement filed on November 3, 2017 and the only deviation I found in their November 2017 filing is John Kyl magically dropped off. Consequently Capitol Counsel’s LDA Q4 filing had two deviations, from their previous LDA reports, this Q4 2017 Filing had the following notation: Issues related to confirmation process.

Covington & Burling LLP $215,000

Registration February 2017, on behalf of their client, Judicial Crisis Network: Q1 2017 Report, indicates JCN paid the aforementioned law firm $100,000.00 to lobby Congress on behalf of JCN: Support the confirmation of Neil Gorsuch to the U.S. Supreme Court. 

Q2 2017  Report, JCN paid the aforementioned law firm $115, 000.00 to lobby Congress on behalf of JCN. Notwithstanding Covington & Burling concurrently filed their lobbying activity but also their “termination” with JCN. Support the confirmation of Neil Gorsuch to the U.S. Supreme Court, prepare for possible additional Supreme Court vacancy. (emphasis added) To summarize, the Judicial Crisis Network, hired two separate lobbying/law firms to lobby the Senate for both Neal Gorsuch and “potential Supreme Court vacancy”. This “Social Welfare Organization” spent >$335,000.00 in lobbying for not one but TWO Supreme Court seats.

WellSpring + Judicial Crisis Network and Corkerys

As previously detailed in the following twitter thread, I cross referenced WellSpring’s IRS990 with Judicial Crisis Network’s IRS990. What I found vexing is it is clear as day that Mr & Mrs Corkery (and presumably their daughter [Kathleen]) are functionally and fiduciarly responsible for WellSpring and Judicial Crisis Network…along with a few dozen separate 501(c)(4)

 [Wellspring Grants 2014: Judicial Crisis Network $6,655,000; Wedgwood Circle Institute $5,000; American Dream Initiative $350,000; Adam Smith Foundation $25,000; Annual Fund $49,000; Arizona Public Integrity Alliance $15,000; Federalist Society $235,000; 1st Amendment Alliance Ed $250,000;North Carolina Chamber of Commerce $25,000; Rule of Law Project $30,000; The Catholic Association $650,000.] See the $5,000.00 donation/grant to the  Wedgewood Cricle Institute? Yes you guessed it, Neil Corkery is listed as the CFO, see VA-SCC 2011 Annual Filing. At some point after the 2012 filing, Wedgewood Circle Institute terminated its VA SCC Filing.

Judicial Crisis Network’s 2014 IRS-990

This is where I noticed that it appears that nearly 90% of all funds received came from WellSpring but I noticed that JCN then donated the following amounts to the following organizations. Notice that Neil Corkery is listed & Signed Judcial Crisis Network’s 2014 IRS-990 Filing? 501(c) non-profit organizations are required to disclose their contributions to other organizations…

[2014 Judicial Crisis Network Grants: Republican AG Association $950,000; State Government Leadership $400,000; Arizona Public Integrity Alliance $134,500; Rule of Law Defense Fund $435,000; American Tort Reform Association $5,000; Independent Women’s Voices $150,000; Federalist Society $21,000; WMC Issue Mobilization Council $825,000; Tennessee Forum $25,000; Tennessee Business Partnership $50,000; Republican State Leadership Co. $150,000; Conservative Leadership Project $150,000; Michigan State Republican Party $700,000; Michigan Advocacy Trust $200,000; US Health Freedom Coalition $100,000; Citizens for Community Values Action $25,000; Rule of Law Project $250,000 = $4,570,500 total, $2,084,500 less than Wellspring’s donation to Judicial Crisis Network the same year.]

Judicial Crisis Network’s 2015 – IRS-990

This is when the money started pouring into the JCN coffers, what I found interesting are the cases that JCN identified the following SCOTUS cases and later intervened:

Fisher v Texas; the University of Texas’ use of race as a consideration in the admissions process violate the Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment. Link found here.

Friedrich v CA Teachers: 1) Do public-sector agency shop arrangements violate the First Amendment’s protections for freedom of speech and assembly? 2)Does the First Amendment prohibit the practice of requiring public employees to affirmatively opt-out of subsidizing nonchargeable speech rather than to affirmatively consent?. Link found here.

USA v Texas; 1) Do states that provide subsidies to persons who are granted deferred action have standing to sue because the new guidelines will lead to more persons being eligible for deferred action? 2)Is the Deferred Action for Parents of Americans and Lawful Permanent Residents (DAPA) program arbitrary and capricious? 3)Did DAPA violate the Administrative Procedure Act by failing to go through the notice-and-comment procedure? 4) Does DAPA violate the Take Care Clause of the Constitution? Link to SCOTUS summary found here.

Whole Woman’s Health v. Hellerstadt (shocker Brett Kavanaugh issued a dissenting opinion for the DC CCOAS): Should a court’s “substantial burden” analysis take into account the extent to which laws that restrict access to abortion services actually serve the government’s stated interest in promoting health? Link to SCOTUS case summary found here.

What I found interesting is Neil Corkery stepped away from the Judicial Crisis Network and in their 2015 IRS-990 donations/grants to various entities controlled by Mr or Mrs Corkery (The Catholic Association Foundation, et al) are no longer listed. Whereas establishment GOP organizations are, such as the RAGA, RSLC..as itemized on pages 13-18, filing found here

WellSpring Committee 2016 IRS-990

Based on this filing, it appears Ann Corkery stepped down and her husband Neil stepped in as the -New- WellSpring Committee President. In 2016 WellSpring received some $32,227,010.00 in “dark” and anonymous money. I’ve pulled out and highlighted the most interesting parts of their 2016 filing.

On page 8, of WellSpring’s 2016 IRS-900, they itemized two Contractors. For many this may not makes sense, but for me it truly make sense: BH Group $750,000.00 for “Public Relations”; CRC aka Creative Response Concepts $600,000.00 is certainly of particular interest given the fubar that is Brett Kavanaugh.

On page 13 of WellSpring’s 2016 IRS-990 Filing, they itemized the following donations/grants to these organizations: Judicial Crisis Network $23.454,997.00Federalist Society $200,000.00; The Catholic Association Foundation: $755,000.00; [American Future Fund $2,000,000; Annual Fund $45,000; Illinois Policy Action $2,500,000; Missouri Retailers Association $35,000; The Adam Smith Foundation $40,000; United In Purpose Education $75,000; Veterans Against the Deal $120,000]

In 2016 by far this was the most well funded “dark money” and shadowy funding I’ve detailed. Suffice to say it was a banner year for JCN, netting some $25,614,252.00 in anonymous donations. But it is once again the various SCOTUS cases that truly peaked my interest:

SCOTUS cases:

NLRB v. SW General, Inc: Do the limitations on nominees to vacant positions serving in an acting capacity under the Federal Vacancies Reform Act apply equally to first assistants who take on the position and to those who are selected by the President from within the same agency or from another agency…case summary found here.

Metal v Tam: Is the Disparagement Clause invalid under the First Amendment, case summary found here.

Murr v Wisconsin:  In a regulatory taking case, should two legally distinct but commonly owned contiguous parcels be combined for takings analysis purpose…case summary found here.

Trinity Lutheran Church of Columbia, Inc v Comer: Does the exclusion of churches from an otherwise neutral and secular aid program violate the First Amendment’s guarantee of free exercise of religion and the Fourteenth Amendment’s Equal Protection Clause, case summary found here.

Given the horribly botched Kavanaugh nomination process, it should come as zero suprised the the Judicial Crisis Network, CRC Public Relations and EPPC (Ed Whalen) essentially conspired to implicate Brett Kavanaugh’s friend, I’ll refer to him at Alt-Brett as to who attacked and attempted to rape Dr Ford…at the time I was so appalled that Ed Whalen would actually implicate another person that I took the time to Archive the entire twitter thread, please see below:


And  then like a mythical Phoenix  rising from the ashes, Dr Ford came forward. Even though she was terrified, Dr Ford felt it was her civic duty to publicly speak her truth about the night that forever changed the course of her life. At the time I was so engrossed in her testimony, I had to rewind a certain exchange between Dr Ford and Prosecutor Mitchell…it was stunning. Dr Ford explained who Alt-Brett was and that she was aware of Ed Whalen trying to implicate Alt-Brett. It was stunning. Like many I could not escape the Judicial Crisis Network ads. They saturated the DMV [DC-MD-N VA]  area since July.