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Right-Wing Company Of Convicted Embezzler Turned Christian Linked To Huge Leaks Of US Voter Records. Forbes January 4, 2016 Thomas Brewster

Are Christian conservatives behind breach of 18 million voter records? Reveal News By / March 2, 2016 In December 2015, “Chris Vickery could hardly believe what he was looking at: millions upon millions of bits of personal information belonging to registered voters in the United States, ranging from their cellphone numbers to whether they own a gun. If he could see it online, he knew anyone else could, too. 

Vickery’s discovery of two breaches during the holiday season occurred just as presidential candidates such as Republican Texas Sen. Ted Cruz were beginning to make their own heavy investments in massive voter databases and doubling down like never before on microtargeting to gain an edge. The initial breach exposed 191 million registered voters across the country and included whether individuals had voted in past elections, their names, party affiliations, dates of birth and home addresses.

Vickery also quickly uncovered a second, potentially more sinister online breach affecting about 18 million people. That data included dozens of additional details, from hunting interests and religious views to income levels and even whether the person is a fan of NASCAR. Other categories included cellphone numbers, occupations and religious identities, as well as notations for whether individuals made campaign contributions, gave to religious organizations, had a “Bible lifestyle” or owned a gun.”

Thread by @visionsurreal December 28, 2018 RECAP: Tamas Cser, tech guy behind United in Purpose, has/had access to: – 191+ million US voter records – “Anonymous” confessions of women, including military wives – 30k psych profiles of “key employees” of European companies – Sister in Budapest and her colleague in Moscow. The chain from Tamas Cser -> Alexandra Cser (Tamas’ sister) -> Nadin Bondarenko (Alexandra’s Russian colleague) -> an RU oligarch could be 100% digital via already-existing relationships, which therefore might seem innocuous at first glance. As a reminder, in Dec 2015, discovered Pioneer Solutions appears to have been behind the breach of 191 million voter records in 2015, 18 million of which were enriched profiles. Tamas responded when Pioneer was contacted about the breach.

Part I: We can see that through UiP/Bill Dallas/David Barton/Barna Group, there was potential for the voter data maintained by UiP/Tamas Cser to have passed through to various Cruz data firms, including Cambridge Analytica, and even to the RNC.

@visionsurreal December 9, 2018 “The Christian Right had their own “Cambridge Analytica” in the 2016 election, aided by 20,000 pastors. The tech guy behind this has ties to Hungary, a known hub for RU intel activity. Do parishioners know they were, and still are, targets of big data campaigns? My investigation was prompted by this Mar 2017 video feauturing Canadian Pastor Craig Buroker revealing he learned Trump won b/c 20,000 pastors in 11 American swing states gave their databases of 15 million to a “big data firm” for a POLITICAL campaign.