WPA Intelligence

Chris Wilson, CEO

WPA Opinion Research Announces Name Change to WPA Intelligence Chris Wilson     Apr 10, 2017.  “

Successes reach back to Utah Senator Mike Lee’s 2010 unexpected victory over a long-time incumbent, 2012’s upset by attorney Ted Cruz over an establishment favorite, to our 2016 work on behalf of the Club for Growth to assist in Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson’s come-from-behind victory.

As Director of Research, Analytics and Digital Strategy for Ted Cruz’s presidential campaign, WPA Intelligence’s Founder Chris Wilson, along with WPAi Chief Research Officer Bryon Allen, helped build more than 1,800 models nationwide, propelling the campaign to a stunning win in Iowa’s primary (where they used 167 different modeled segments to target specific voter groups).

There were few instances as high profile of the failures of traditional polling as a stand alone predictor as that of the public surveys released in advance of the Iowa caucuses. While public data predicted a significantly different outcome, our internal Cruz models provided confidence and clarity in the final decisions made leading up to caucus night.

And just recently, WPA Intelligence’s data models demonstrated the much-maligned House Freedom Caucus in fact curbed a potential fatal error in legislative governance that would have yielded significant ramifications in the midterms by opposing the American Health Care Act.