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EXCLUSIVE Jill Stein op-ed: In praise of WikiLeaks The Hill  


Twitter Ads

@emlas“Please note for Jill Stein Twitter ads, the changes to her ads on August 5, 2016 are not about her tracking links. Jill rarely used a link in her ads, so no URL forensics employed here. Simple Twitter sleuthing In most examples I include replies to prove it’s a Paid Ad. But like Trump (& synched up timing-wise), I believe the change in Jill Stein’s Twitter ads on 8/5/16 was a change in targeting. My research into Jill Stein’s ads began as supplement to ‘s analysis of Stein’s organic messages @Lululemew Thread. “First Jill Stein Promoted Tweets pre-August 5th for comparison. With these, note the key engagement metrics (likes & retweets)  July 12, 2016” @emlas. “Jill Stein Promoted Tweet – July 22, 2016 10K Retweets / 11K Likes Also note: this is a PAID AD through which Jill Stein is driving users TO WIKILEAKS Campaign dollars pushing traffic to what our Sec of State calls a “hostile intelligence service”@emlas. “And about those campaign dollars driving to Wikileaks… From 8/23: the only Presidential candidate using public funds. Our tax dollars at work (for Wikileaks)! @emlas “”This year, the Green Party’s Jill Stein is the only presidential candidate, on most ballots, who is benefiting from the matching funds.” Washington Post.  “Jill Stein Promoted Tweet – July 26, 2016 3K Retweets / 4.9K Likes Note: this ad is one of the rare occasions where Stein includes a link to her website (and a proper call-to-action)” @emlas Now look at the batch of Promoted Tweets Jill Stein launched on August 5th 2016. 282 RT’s / 641 Likes —- hmmm.. that’s a drop (All screenshots taken in July of this year so consider those counts final for the period these were promoted) @emlas. “Another Jill Stein Promoted Tweet from 8/5/16: 77 RT’s / 184 Likes — no love?! Did she suddenly stop spending money on her Twitter ads?” @emlas “Something else happened to Jill Stein’s feed on 8/5/16 as she launched a new batch of ads that got way less RTs/Likes than ads run just the week prior.. COMPLAINING Suddenly 8/5 users start complaining re:Stein ads Where were they before when she was racking up big numbers?” @emlas  “Then there’s my (not)favorite Jill Stein Promoted Tweet from 8/5/16- Check it out: Stein: “Donald Trump says despicable things, but Hillary Clinton has a terrifying track record”  282 RTs / 641 Likes”