Russiagate Timeline July-Aug 2016


July 2016

July 2, 2016: Trump tweets that it “is impossible for the FBI not to recommend criminal charges against Hillary Clinton,” setting up an obvious conflict for when Comey goes public with an investigation announcement just a few days later. This theme continues throughout July, as the Republican National Convention is peppered with “Lock her up!” chants.  Trump Tweets “It is impossible for the FBI not to recommend criminal charges against Hillary Clinton. What she did was wrong! What Bill did was stupid!— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) July 2, 2016″  NPR

July 5, 2016: FBI Director James Comey holds a press conference announcing that the bureau has closed its yearlong investigation into Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server while she was secretary of state. Comey says Clinton had been “extremely careless” in handling “very sensitive, highly classified information,” but does not recommend prosecution. Typically, when the FBI recommends closing a case, the Justice Department agrees and no public statement follows. One possible reason for Comey’s unusual announcement in the Clinton case could be the contents of a document that the FBI knew Russians had stolen when they hacked the DNC. In it, a Democratic operative suggested that Attorney General Lynch would not let the Clinton email investigation go too far. Comey may have worried that if Lynch announced an end of the investigation, and Russia later leaked the document, voters would doubt the investigation’s independence. “[Added April 24, 2017] Bill Moyers  “The appearance at the FBI headquarters in Washington gives ammunition to the Trump campaign, and sets Comey up to serve as Trump’s latest political foil.” NPR

July 6, 2016: “Another batch of hacked DNC documents appears on the Guccifer 2.0 website. “[Added March 13, 2017] Bill Moyers

July 7, 2016: “In a lecture at the New Economic School in Moscow, Carter Page criticizes American foreign policy.He says that many of the mistakes spoiling relations between the US and Russia “originated in my own country.” Page says he had sought and received permission from the Trump campaign to make the trip. “[Revised March 20, 2017] Bill Moyers     “Carter Page, a national-security adviser for the Trump campaign..During the speech, Page criticized the U.S. and other Western powers for “[impeding] potential progress through their often hypocritical focus on ideas such as democratization, inequality, corruption and regime change.”  Politico  later reported that Corey Lewandowski, the Trump campaign manager at the time, signed off on the trip as long as Page didn’t make it as an official campaign representative.” The Atlantic  See also Bloomberg from that day.  “He parroted Kremlin talking points by chastising the West for prolonging ‘Cold War tendencies’…Ironically, Washington and other Western capitals have impeded potential progress through their often hypocritical focus on democratization, inequality, corruption and regime change,’ he said, adding that US foreign policy toward Russia was ‘condescending’ and ‘hostile.’” This speech renewed the FBI’s interest in Page. CNN       

CHRISTOPHER STEELE DOSSIER  “a Russian source close to Rosneft President, PUTIN close associate and US-sanctioned individual, Igor SECHIN”:

  • “TRUMP advisor Carter PAGE holds secret meetings in Moscow with SECHIN and senior Kremlin Internal Affairs official, DIVYEKIN.
  • SECHIN raises issues of future bilateral US-Russia energy co-operation and associated lifting of western sanctions against Russia over Ukraine. PAGE non-committal in response
  • DIVEYKIN discusses release of Russian dossier of ‘kompromat’ on TRUMP’s opponent, Hillary CLINTON, but also hints at Kremlin possession of such material on TRUMP”
  • CHRISTOPHER STEELE DOSSIER “Speaking separately, also in July 2016, an official close to Presidential Administration Head, S. IVANOV, confided in a compatriot that a senior colleague in the Internal Political Department of the PA, DIVYEKIN (nfd)also had met secretly with PAGE on his recent visit. Their agenda had included DIVEYKIN raising a dossier of ‘kompromat’ the Kremlin possessed on Democratic presidential rival, Hillary CLINTON, and its possible release to the Republican’s campaign team.However, the Kremlin official close to S. added that s/he believed DIVEYKIN also had hinted (or indicated more strongly) that the Russian leadership also had ‘kompromat’ on TRUMP which the latter should bear in mind in his dealings with them.” 19 July 2016

“Page said in September that he briefly met Russian Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich during that trip.” Washington Post

Russian TV broadcasts the US Diplomat attacked by Russian Soldier at Moscow embassy on June 6 (Video)

Manafort offered to give Russian billionaire ‘private briefings’ on 2016 campaign Then-Trump Campaign Chairman Paul Manafort talks to reporters at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland in July 2016. By Tom Hamburger Rosalind S. Helderman Carol D. Leonnig Adam Entous September 20, 2017

“Paul Manafort made the offer in an email to an overseas intermediary, asking that a message be sent to Oleg Deripaska, an aluminum magnate with whom Manafort had done business in the past, these people said.

“If he needs private briefings we can accommodate,” Manafort wrote in the July 7, 2016, email, portions of which were read to The Washington Post along with other Manafort correspondence from that time.” Washington Post

July 14, 2016: Another batch of hacked DNC documents appear on the Guccifer 2.0 website.[Added March 13, 2017] Bill Moyers


Carter “Page meets with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio.” NBC   

“Papadopoulos emailed the Russian MFA Connection and proposed “a meeting for August or September in the UK (London) with me and my national chairman, and maybe one other foreign policy adviser and you, members of President Putin’s office and the MFA to hold a day of consultations and to meet one another. It has been approved from our side.” USA Today

Diana Denman, a Republican delegate who supported arming U.S. allies in Ukraine, has told people that Trump aide J.D. Gordon said at the Republican Convention in 2016 that Trump directed him to support weakening that position in the official platform.” NPR

July 15, 2016 “Papadopoulos sent a private Facebook message to the Facebook account identified with Russian MFA Connection, stating: “We can chat on this, this weekend if you can’t tonight.” Russian MFA Connection messaged back a Facebook “thumbs up.”USA Today

July 18, 2016: “On the first day of the Republican National Convention, the Heritage Foundation hosted a panel conversation addressing European relations that was attended by a number of ambassadors. “Much of the discussion focused on Russia’s incursions into Ukraine and Georgia,” moderator Victor Ashe later wrote, adding that “[s]everal ambassadors asked for names of people who might impact foreign policy under Trump.”This appears to be the event after which Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak approached [Jeff] Sessionsas part of a small group of foreign dignitaries. Sessions, The Post reports, ‘then spoke individually to some of the ambassadors, including Kislyak.’”  Washington Post Sessions’ Timeline     Washington Post

At the same event, Kislyak also separately meets and speaks with Page and J.D. Gordon[Trump Campaign Director of National Security]. Gordon told USA Today it was an “informal conversation,” while Page said he had “no substantive discussions” with the ambassador. The Atlantic     CNN         Mother Jones      USA Today       MSNBC

Michael Flynn leads “Lock Her Up”chant at the RNC   CNN The Washington Post reports that the Trump campaign worked with members of the Republican Party platform committee in advance of the Republican National Convention to soften the platform’s position related to Russia’s annexation of Crimea from Ukraine.The platform reportedly included a provision that promised to provide arms to Ukraine in its fight against Russia, but Trump campaign staffers encouraged the committee to jettison this language.”Mother Jones     The Hill “The Washington Post reports that the Trump campaign worked behind the scenes ahead of the Republican Convention on a plank of the 2016 Party Platform that gutted the GOP’s longstanding support for Ukrainians’ popular resistance to Russia’s 2014 intervention.” Bill MoyersJuly 20, 2016: “New Yorker reporter Ryan Lizza asks Sam Clovis, Trump’s top policy adviser, about allegations that the Trump team worked with the Republican party to soften the party platform’s position on Russia in advance of the RNC. Clovis responds with “I can’t talk about” and walks away.”Mother JonesJuly 21, 2016: “Papadopoulos sent another private Facebook message to Russian MFA Connection. “How are things [Russian MFA Connection]? Keep an eye on the speech tonight. Should be good,” he said.

Trump gives Republican nomination acceptance speech at the RNC in Cleveland, Ohio.” USA Today

July 22, 2016: “WikiLeaks publishes nearly 20,000 hacked DNC emails, in advance of the Democratic National Convention. Some of the emails indicate that DNC officials favored Clinton over Sen. Bernie Sanders.”Mother Jones    Washington PostCHRISTOPHER STEELE DOSSIER  “A Russian emigre figure close to the Republican US presidential candidate Donald TRUMP campaign team…the emigre confirmed that an intelligence exchange had been running between them for at least 8 years. Within this context priority requirement had been for intelligence on the activities, business and otherwise, in the US of leading Russian oligarchs and their families. TRUMP and his associates duly had obtained and supplied the Kremlin with this information.””Papadopoulos messaged Russian MFA Connection on Facebook to ask whether Russian MFA Connection knew a particular individual with extensive ties to Russian-based businesses and persons. Papadopoulos asked Russian MFA Connection “[i]f you know any background on him that is noteworthy before I see him, kindly send my way.” In the following weeks, Papadopoulos continued further communications regarding a potential “off the record” meeting with Russian officials.” USA Today

Jill Stein Promoted Tweet – July 22, 2016 10K Retweets / 11K Likes Also note: this is a PAID AD through which Jill Stein is driving users TO WIKILEAKS Campaign dollars pushing traffic to what our Sec of State calls a “hostile intelligence service”@emlas

July 24, 2016:”Paul Manafort, Trump’s campaign chairman, appears on ABC’s This Week, where he is asked whether there are connections between the Trump campaign and the Putin regime. Manafort says, “No, there are not. And you know, there’s no basis to it.”Mother Jones         Transcript Courtesy Bill Moyers and ABC

July 25, 2016:“Trump tweets about the hacked DNC emails:”Mother JonesThe new joke in town is that Russia leaked the disastrous DNC e-mails, which should never have been written (stupid), because Putin likes me— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) July 25, 2016

Senate Intelligence Report Vol 5 Page 513-“Although Campaign staff told the Committee, with the benefit of hindsight, that they had ongoing concerns about Papadopoulos, they were inconsistent in their contemporaneous written evaluations. On July 25, 2016, Clovis sent an email message to Paul Manafort, copying [Rick] Dearborn, Kushner, Trump supporter Elliott Broidy, and Donald Trump Jr., in which he included a policy document.3345 Under the “Energy” section of the document, Clovis wrote, “I have made contact with a  number of energy folks, but we already have two energy experts on together. Carter Page and George Papadoupolos [sic] are great assets.”3346 When asked whether Clovis agreed with his July 25, 2016 assessment that Page and Papadopoulos were great assets to the Campaign, Clovis told the Committee, “No, not at all …. I don’t know how I ever would have -said that, but I guess I did.”  East Med Pipeline-Papadopulous’s project since college graduation; Turkey sent 40 tanks from Syria to the Greek border September 6, 2020. Voice of America under recent Trump appointee Michael Pack‘s editorial control, blamed it on stemming the flow of immigrants. Voice Of America Journalists Protest Trump Appointee’s Actions NPR 

July 26, 2016: “US intelligence agencies tell the White House they now have “high confidence” that the Russian government was behind the DNC hack. This is reported by media outlets but not publicly confirmed by intelligence agencies. In an interview with NBC News, Obama says hacks are being investigated by the FBI, but that “experts have attributed this to the Russians.” He notes, “What we do know is that the Russians hack our systems. Not just government systems, but private systems. But you know, what the motives were in terms of the leaks, all that—I can’t say directly. What I do know is that Donald Trump has repeatedly expressed admiration for Vladimir Putin.” Mother Jones“If he needs private briefings we can accommodate,” [Paul] Manafort wrote in the July 7, 2016, email” to Oleg Deripaska  Washington PostCHRISTOPHER STEELE DOSSIER Source B is an ethnic Russian close associate of Republican US presidential candidate Donald TRUMP “Speaking in confidence to a compatriot in late July 2016, Source B, admitted that there was a well-developed conspiracy of co-operation between them and the Russian leadership. This was managed on the TRUMP side by the Republican candidate’s campaign manager, Paul MANAFORT, who was using foreign policy advisor, Carter PAGE, and others as intermediaries. The two sides had a mutual interest in defeating Democratic presidential candidate Hillary CLINTON, whom President PUTIN apparently both hated and feared….Speaking in confidence to a trusted associate in late July 2016, a Russian emigre figure close to the Republican US presidential candidate Donald campaign team commented on the fallout from publicity surrounding the Democratic National Committee (DNC) e-mail hacking scandal. The emigre said there was a high level of anxiety within the TRUMP team as a result of various accusations levelled against them and indications from the Kremlin that President PUTIN and others in the leadership thought things had gone too far now and risked spiralling out of control.Continuing on this theme, the emigre associate of TRUMP opined that the Kremlin wanted the situation to calm but for ‘plausible deniability’ to be maintained concerning its (extensive) and operations. S/he therefore judged that it was unlikely these would be ratcheted up, at least for the time being.However, in terms of established operational liaison between the TRUMP team and the Kremlin, the emigre confirmed that an intelligence exchange had been running between them for at least 8 years. Within this context priority requirement had been for intelligence on the activities, business and otherwise, in the US of leading Russian oligarchs and their families. TRUMP and his associates duly had obtained and supplied the Kremlin with this information.4. Finally, the emigre said s/he understood the Kremlin had more intelligence on CLINTON and her campaign but he did not know the details or when or if it would be released. As far as ‘kompromat’ (compromising information) on TRUMP wereconcerned, although there was plenty of this, he understood the Kremlin had given its word that it would not be deployed against the Republican presidential candidate given how helpful and co-operative his team had been over several years, and particularly of late.”

Jill Stein Promoted Tweet – July 26, 2016 3K Retweets / 4.9K Likes Note: this ad is one of the rare occasions where Stein includes a link to her website (and a proper call-to-action)” @emlas

July 27, 2016: “Trump encourages Russia to hack Clinton’s emails, saying during a news conference, “Russia, if you’re listening, I hope you’re able to find the 30,000 emails that are missing. I think you’ll probably be rewarded mightily by our press.” At the same event, he declares, “I never met Putin. I don’t know who Putin is.”  Mother Jones       New York Times Video

July 27, 2016: Roger Stone tweeted “Of course the Russians hacked @hillaryClinton’s e-mail- Putin doesn’t want the WAR  with Russia Neo-con Hilary’s donors have paid for”

July 28, 2016: Trump Promoted Tweet tracking code changes from “donaldjtrump. com/I/I/-will-work-for-you” used from April 23, 2016-7/28/16, to secure…/July-eom?utm_campaign=djt728231705_0&utm….you see the much increased level of complexity after the Mercer money and Cambridge Analytica joined the campaign. h/t Twitter

July 31, 2016:“On ABC’s This Week, Trump again denies knowing Putin, saying, “I have no relationship with him.” Trump also denies that his campaign played any role in getting the Republican Party to soften its platform on arming Ukraine.   On Meet the Press, Manafort denies that he or anyone within the Trump campaign worked to change the platform.    Sen. Jeff Sessions defends Trump’s efforts to cultivate a friendship with Russia during an appearance on CNN: “Donald Trump is right. We need to figure out a way to end this cycle of hostility that’s putting this country at risk, costing us billions of dollars in defense, and creating hostilities.” Mother Jones                              “That afternoon, Boris Epshteyn, Trump’s Russian-born adviser, spouts the Kremlin’s party line telling CNN: “Russia did not seize Crimea. We can talk about the conflict that  happened between Ukraine and the Crimea… But there was no seizure by Russia. That’s an incorrect statement, characterization, of what happened.” Bill Moyers

July 31, 2016 CROSSFIRE HURRICANE NY Times May 16, 2018  THE FBI OPENS ITS INVESTIGATION “FBI Director James Comey later confirms the investigation in a March 2017 hearing before the House intelligence committee.” Mother Jones        NY Times


August 2016

Maria Butina entered the US on an F-1 student visa to attend American University in Washington DC.

August 1, 2016 “The webpage the “Bernie Supporters” were sent to on DJT dot com is dead but lucky for us it was archived on August 1, 2016.” @emlas

August 2, 2016, Alexander Downer interviewed by the FBI   NY Times May 16, 2018

August 4, 2016 Communications begin TT-Alfa-Spectrum

August 5 2016: Peak period in Trump-Alfa-Spectrum server comms commences Also Trump team implements interesting changes [TARGETING] in their Twitter ads. Ads changed again (for good) – Monday, September 26 2016 was deleted Friday 9/23 & now details: — em (@emlas) December 28, 2018.  Thread continues

@emlas“Please note for Jill Stein Twitter ads, the changes to her ads on August 5, 2016 are not about her tracking links. Jill rarely used a link in her ads, so no URL forensics employed here. Simple Twitter sleuthing In most examples I include replies to prove it’s a Paid Ad. But like Trump (& synched up timing-wise), I believe the change in Jill Stein’s Twitter ads on 8/5/16 was a change in targeting. My research into Jill Stein’s ads began as supplement to ‘s analysis of Stein’s organic messages @Lululemew Thread. “First Jill Stein Promoted Tweets pre-August 5th for comparison. With these, note the key engagement metrics (likes & retweets)  July 12, 2016” @emlas. “Jill Stein Promoted Tweet – July 22, 2016 10K Retweets / 11K Likes Also note: this is a PAID AD through which Jill Stein is driving users TO WIKILEAKS Campaign dollars pushing traffic to what our Sec of State calls a “hostile intelligence service”@emlas. “And about those campaign dollars driving to Wikileaks… From 8/23: the only Presidential candidate using public funds. Our tax dollars at work (for Wikileaks)! @emlas “”This year, the Green Party’s Jill Stein is the only presidential candidate, on most ballots, who is benefiting from the matching funds.” Washington Post.  “Jill Stein Promoted Tweet – July 26, 2016 3K Retweets / 4.9K Likes Note: this ad is one of the rare occasions where Stein includes a link to her website (and a proper call-to-action)” @emlas Now look at the batch of Promoted Tweets Jill Stein launched on August 5th 2016. 282 RT’s / 641 Likes —- hmmm.. that’s a drop (All screenshots taken in July of this year so consider those counts final for the period these were promoted) @emlas. “Another Jill Stein Promoted Tweet from 8/5/16: 77 RT’s / 184 Likes — no love?! Did she suddenly stop spending money on her Twitter ads?” @emlas “Something else happened to Jill Stein’s feed on 8/5/16 as she launched a new batch of ads that got way less RTs/Likes than ads run just the week prior.. COMPLAINING Suddenly 8/5 users start complaining re:Stein ads Where were they before when she was racking up big numbers?” @emlas  “Then there’s my (not)favorite Jill Stein Promoted Tweet from 8/5/16- Check it out: Stein: “Donald Trump says despicable things, but Hillary Clinton has a terrifying track record”  282 RTs / 641 Likes”

“Trump spokeswoman Hope Hicks, asked by the Washington Post about Carter Page’s July speech in Moscow, downplays his role as a foreign policy adviser to the Trump campaign, saying he “does not speak for Mr. Trump or the campaign.”- Longtime Trump adviser Roger Stone writes an article for Breitbart in which he denies that Russia was behind the DNC hack. He argues that Guccifer 2.0 has no ties to Russia.” Mother JonesWashington Times
“Roger Stone published an article on Breitbart News about the hacking and claimed censorship when Twitter cancelled his account. “(Carter) Page says Igor Sechin, chairman of the giant Russian gas company Rosneft, “has done more to advance U.S.-Russia relations than any individual in or out of government from either side of the Atlantic over the past decade.” Sechin is identified by Russian media as an ally and deputy to Vladimir Putin. Rosneft is largely held by the Russian government” NBC
Wikileaks embedded 8:54PM August 5, tweet: “Julian Assange to speak at Jill Stein nomination tomorrow (Saturday) [WikilLeaks is not endorsing any candidate]@emlas . “One last thing about August 5th 2016 when the Trump-Alfa-Spectrum server comms spiked… Breitbart publishes this little piece by Roger StoneDear Hillary: DNC Hack Solved, So Now Stop Blaming Russia Brietbart August 5, 2016” @emlas. “Roger Stone’s position on the DNC hacking on August 5th was a quick change... ” [“Hillary lies about Russian Involvement in DNC hack-Julian Assange is a hero.”-Roger Stone, August 5, 2016 7:18 PM” “From Stone’s take re: that same DNC hacking just a week earlier July 27, 2016: Roger Stone tweeted “Of course the Russians hacked @hillaryClinton’s e-mail- Putin doesn’t want the WAR  with Russia Neo-con Hilary’s donors have paid for”  And he stuck to that new script. AUGUST 5th 2016 — Digital Blitzkreig?”

August 6, 2016:NPR confirms the Trump campaign’s involvement in encouraging the Republican Party to soften its platform’s pro-Ukraine position on Russia’s annexation of Crimea.” Mother Jones

“And guess what happened the next day, August 6th? Jill Stein had Assange as the keynote speaker at the Green Party Convention. Yup.” @emlas 

August 8, 2016: “[watch]Roger Stone addresses a Broward County, Florida Republican Party group. An audience member asks (near the 46-minute mark of the video) about his predictions for an “October surprise” based on materials in the possession of WikiLeaks’ founder Julian Assange. In response, Stone says, “I actually have communicated with Assange.” [Updated May 8, 2017] Bill Moyers

August 10, 2016:“Donald Trump on Wednesday again slammed Hillary Clinton and her campaign for allowing the father of Orlando shooter Omar Mateen to sit in the stands behind her at a recent rally. But sitting behind Trump was ex-congressman Mark Foley, who resigned in disgrace in 2006 after sending sexually explicit messages to underage teenage boys.” CNN

August 5-12,2016: TARGETING info like “Evangelicals”  and “MaleHighIncome” were added to the tracking clinks on Trump campaign Twitter ads across the week and remained for 2 months. @emlas. But during this same time period, Trump’s Facebook ad tracking links looked very different vs links in his Promoted Tweets Facebook links were more complex. Both RNC & Sprinklr platforms called out Twitter looked like work of a different person/team (L) Facebook/ (R) Twitter @emlas Target names: Bernie Supporters Male High Income Evangelicals Regional Pro-Trump keywords Anti-HRC keywords GOP account followers”

August 12, 2016: “A batch of hacked Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) documents appear on the Guccifer 2.0 website. “[Added March 13, 2017] Bill Moyers     “Stone tells Alex Jones that he was “in communication with Julian Assange.” Later, Stone continues, “I am not at liberty to discuss what I have.” [Added on April 24, 2017] Bill MoyersOn a #MAGA podcast (around the 7-minute mark), Stone says, “I believe Julian Assange — who I think is a hero fighting the police state — has all of the emails that Huma [Abedin] and Cheryl Mills, the two Clinton aides, thought they had erased…. I think Assange has them. I know he has them. And I believe he will expose the American people to this information, you know, in the next 90 days.” [Added April 24, 2017] Bill Moyers
August 13, 2016: After receiving complaints about the publication of private information, Twitter and (host for the Guccifer 2.0 website) suspends the Guccifer 2.0 accounts[Added March 13, 2017] Bill Moyers
August 14, 2016: “The New York Times reports that Ukraine’s anti-corruption bureau has discovered Manafort’s name on a list of “black accounts” compiled by ousted Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych, a Putin ally. The tallies show undisclosed payments designated for Manafort totaling $12.7 million between 2007 and 2012, the years that Manafort worked for Yanukovych as a political consultant. (Manafort denies receiving any illicit payments.)” Mother Jones     

Secret Ledger in Ukraine Lists Cash for Donald Trump’s Campaign Chief

The New York Times reports that Ukraine anti-corruption investigators were seeking to identify and recover assets that it claims former President Viktor Yanukovych had stolen from the Ukrainian people. Investigators had discovered the Black Ledger from Yanukovych’s pro-Russia Party of Regions. Later, Manafort questions the authenticity of the Black Ledger, claims it had been falsified and asserts that no public evidence exists that he or others received the payments listed on the ledger. “[Added April 17, 2017] Bill Moyers“Roger Stone tweets, “[N]ow Guccifer 2.0 — why are those exposing the truth banned?” Without explanation, Twitter reinstates the Guccifer 2.0 account. In a private message to Guccifer 2.0, Roger Stone writes, “Delighted you are reinstated. Fuck the State and their MSM lackeys.” [Added March 13, 2017] Bill Moyers

August 15, 2016:Trump Organization’s mysterious server is looked up twice from the Netherlands, otherwise it’s all Alfa Bank and Betsy DeVos’s husband’s company Spectrum Health. CNN“Continuing their private exchange, Guccifer 2.0 responds to Stone:“wow thank u for writing back and thank you for an article about me!!! do u find anything interesting in the docs I posted?  Guccifer 2.0 releases hacked DCCC documents on primaries in Florida. “[Added March 13, 2017] Bill MoyersShadow Brokers‘ Leak Raises Alarming Question: Was the N.S.A. Hacked?“Raising the question of whether America’s own elite operatives have been hacked and their methods revealed. Most of the code was designed to break through network firewalls and get inside the computer systems of competitors like Russia, China and Iran. That, in turn, allows the N.S.A. to place “implants” in the system, which can lurk unseen for years and be used to monitor network traffic or enable a debilitating computer attack. According to these experts, the coding resembled a series of “products” developed inside the N.S.A.’s highly classified Tailored Access Operations unit, some of which were described in general terms in documents stolen three years ago by Edward J. Snowden, the former N.S.A. contractor now living in Russia.”  NY Times“The New York Times in August revealed that the FBI and Ukrainian investigators were looking into a recently unearthed ledger detailing alleged off-the-books payments to Manafortby Yanukovych’s party totaling $12.7 million.Manafort was forced to resign from the campaign less than a week after the story.” PolitcoCHRISTOPHER STEELE DOSSIER page 20 reported “Speaking in late August 2016, in the immediate aftermath of Paul MANAFORT’s resignation as campaign manager for US Republican presidential candidate Donald TRUMP, a well-placed Russian figure reported on a recent meeting between President PUTIN and ex-President YANUKOVYCH of Ukraine. This had been held in secret on 15 August near Volgograd, Russia and the western media revelations about MANAFORT and Ukraine had featured prominently on the agenda. YANUKOVYCH had confided in PUTIN that he did authorise and order substantial kick-back payments to MANAFORT as alleged but sought to reassure him that there was no documentary trail left behind which could provide clear evidence of this.”Donald Trump gave a new policy speech on immigration and terrorism Monday in Youngstown, Ohio.  Read and see it on Time.David “Pepper release a new book, “The People’s House“, about the Russians hacking the election feat oligarchs and all. This “political thriller”, released 4 months prior to the election, is available on Amazon at:” Twitter    He was on the American Committee for East-West Accord Board members include Stephen Cohen and wife Vanden Heuvel, maybe Kremlin propagandist.”Following several weeks of communications regarding a potential “off the record” meeting with Russian officials, the Campaign Supervisor told Papadopoulosthat “I would encourage you” and another foreign policy adviser to the campaign to “make the trip, if it is feasible.” The trip proposed by Papadopoulos did not take place.”USA Today

August 16, 2016: “Stone publishes an article in The Hill and asks Guccifer 2.0 to retweet it, “PLZ RT: How the election can be rigged against Donald Trump —…” Guccifer 2.0 responds: “done” and “I read u’d been hacked” [Added March 13, 2017]Bill Moyers      “With “TRUMP 2000” posters in the background from what appears to be Stone’s home office, he again tells radio host Alex Jones (around the 6 1/2-minute mark of the interview) that he has had “back-channel communications” with WikiLeaks and Julian Assange who have “political dynamite” on the Clintons. [Added April 24, 2017]Bill Moyers     In an interview on The Blaze, Stone says he has “communicated” with Julian Assange through a “mutual acquaintance.” He continues, “I think that Assange is going to be very influential in this election….” [Added April 24, 2017]Bill Moyers

August 17, 2016:“Trump receives his first classified intelligence briefing as the GOP nominee for president. He brings Michael Flynn with him to the meeting, which includes discussion of the intelligence community’s assessment that Russia was interfering in the US election.”Mother Jones

Guccifer 2.0 sends another private message to Stone: “I’m pleased to say that u r great man and I think I gonna read ur books” “please tell me if I can help u anyhow it would be a great pleasure to me.” [Added March 13, 2017]Bill Moyers

The Associated Press reports that in 2012 Paul Manafort had secretly routed more than $2 million from Ukraine President Yanukovych’s governing pro-Russia governing party to two US lobbying firms working to influence American policy toward Ukraine. [Added April 17, 2017] Bill Moyers

August 18, 2016:In a C-SPAN interview, Stone says (around the 48-minute mark of the broadcast) that he’s never met Julian Assange, but he has been in touch with him “through an intermediary — somebody who is a mutual friend.” He continues, “I expect you’re going to see more from Mr. Assange.” [Added April 24, 2017]Bill Moyers

August 19, 2016:“Manafort is fired from the campaign and replaced by Kellyanne Conway” NBC    “As reports of Manafort’s financial connections to Ukraine intensified, he resigns from the Trump campaign.”Bill Moyers

“On the day he resigns from the Trump campaign, Manafort records documents creating Summerbreeze LLC, a shell company that he controls. Shortly thereafter, Summerbreeze receives a $3.5 million loan from Spruce Capital, a small New York investment firm. Spruce’s co-founder is a developer of Trump hotel projects, including Trump International Hotel and Tower in Waikiki. One of Spruce’s financial backers, Alexander Rovt, is a billionaire who made his fortune in the privatization of the fertilizer industry in post-Soviet Ukraine. On Feb. 1, 2016, Rovt had shared a Manor College stage forum about Ukraine with Andrii Artemenko, a pro-Putin member of the Ukraine Parliament. In January 2017, Artemenko would resurface at the Manhattan Loews Regency hotel on Park Avenue with long-time Trump business associate Felix Sater and Trump’s personal lawyer Michael D. Cohen. During their meeting, Sater gives Cohen a sealed envelope containing Artemenko’s Ukranian-Russian peace plan and asks him to deliver it to Trump national security adviser Michael Flynn. The plan would have leased Crimea to Russia for 50 or 100 years, essentially ceding to Putin the territory he had annexed illegally.” [Added April 17, 2017]Bill Moyers

August 21, 2016: Trump surrogate Roger Stone tweets, “Trust me, it will soon the Podesta’s time in the barrel. #CrookedHillary” [Added March 13, 2017]Bill Moyers

Guccifer 2.0 posts hacked DCCC documents on Pennsylvania’s congressional primaries. [Added March 13, 2017]Bill Moyers

On a local Maryland radio program, [Roger] Stone denies (around the 6-minute mark of the broadcast) that Guccifer 2.0 is connected to the Russians: “The DNC leaks that nailed Deborah Wasserman Schultz in the heist against Bernie Sanders was not leaked by the Russians, it was leaked by Cruccifer [sic] 2, I should say hacked and leaked first by Cruccifer 2, well known hacker who is not in the employment of the Russians, and then WikiLeaks. So that whole claim is a canard.” [Added April 24, 2017]Bill Moyers

CHRISTOPHER STEELE DOSSIER Page 20 “Speaking separately, also in late August 2016, an American political figure associated with Donald TRUMP and his campaign outlined the reasons behind MANAFORT’s recent demise. /he said it was true that the Ukraine corruption revelations had played a part in this but also, several senior players close to TRUMP had wanted MANAFORT out, primarily to loosen his control on strategy and policy formulation. Of particular importance in this regard was predecessor as campaign manager, Corey LEWANDOWSKI, who hated MANAFORT personally and remained close to TRUMP with whom he discussed the presidential campaign on a regular basis.”

August 22, 2016:“Trump makes news at a rally in Akron, Ohio, for saying a special prosecutor is needed for the Justice Department to “investigate Hillary Clinton’s crimes.”

“The Justice Department is required to appoint an independent special prosecutor because it has proven itself to be really, sadly, a political arm of the White House,” Trump says.  Ken Gormley, president of Duquesne University and author of two books on special prosecutors, spoke to NPR’s Carrie Johnson at the time. “If you look at the chronology, pretty much the political party that does not control the White House tends to want special prosecutors and independent counsel laws,” he said. “As soon as the party is in the White House, they don’t want it anymore.” The message would become relevant again, as Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and the rest of the Democrats began calling for a special prosecutor to investigate Russia’s meddling in the U.S. election after news broke that Comey had been fired by Trump.”

“The campaign’s recently released Federal Election Commission report for August shows it spent just $100,000 with Cambridge [Analytica] last month, while Giles Parscale itself received around $8.4 million from the campaign in July. TThe Trump camp still has its data division director, Witold Chrabaszcz, on payroll. He earned $12,000 last month from the campaign, FEC data shows.” Adage

August 26, 2016: In an interview with Breitbart Radio, Stone says (near the 10-minute mark of the interview), “I’m almost confident Mr. Assange has virtually every one of the emails that the Clinton henchwomen, Huma Abedin and Cheryl Mills, thought that they had deleted, and I suspect that he’s going to drop them at strategic times in the run up to the rest of this race.” [Added April 24, 2017]Bill Moyers

Julian Assange has kryptonite on Hillary,” [Randy] Credico wrote to Stone on Aug. 27, 2016.

August 29, 2016: Stone tells a local Florida radio interviewer (around the 7-minute mark of the interview), “We’re going to, I think, see from WikiLeaks and other leakers see the nexus between the Clinton Foundation and the State Department.” About Assange, he says, “Perhaps he has the smoking gun that makes this handcuff time.” [Added April 24, 2017]Bill Moyers

“Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) pens a letter to the FBI, asking the bureau to investigate the possibility of election-tampering by Russia in the upcoming presidential election. “I have recently become concerned that the threat of the Russian government tampering in our presidential election is more extensive than widely known,” Reid writes. “The prospect of a hostile government actively seeking to undermine our free and fair elections represents one of the gravest threats to our democracy since the Cold War and it is critical for the Federal Bureau of Investigation to use every resource available to investigate this matter thoroughly.”Mother Jones

Yahoo News reports that the FBI has found evidence that the state voter systems in Arizona and Illinois were breached by hackers possibly linked to the Russian government.” Mother Jones

August 30, 2016: “House Democrats send a letter to FBI Director James Comey calling on the bureau to investigate ties between the Trump campaign and Russian officials and any impact these ties may have had on the hacking of the DNC and Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.” Mother Jones

August 31, 2016: Guccifer 2.0 posts documents hacked from House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi’s personal computer. [Added March 13, 2017]Bill Moyers

August 2016: FBI obtains a FISA  Warrant on Carter Page and the application “laid out investigators’ basis for believing that Page was an agent of the Russian government and knowingly engaged in clandestine intelligence activities on behalf of Moscow, officials said. In addition, the application said Page had other contacts with Russian operatives that have not been publicly disclosed, officials said…The campaign adviser said Page participated in three dinners held for the campaign’s volunteer foreign policy advisers in the spring and summer of 2016, coming from New York to Washington to meet with the group. Although Trump did not attend, Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.), a top Trump confidant who became his attorney general, attended one meeting of the group with Page in late summer, the campaign adviser said.” Washington PostHow hard is it to get a wiretap?  Washington Post       “after the FBI believes Page was no longer part of the Trump campaign, it obtains a Federal Intelligence Surveillance Act (“FISA”) warrant to monitor his communications. The initial 90-day warrant is renewed more than once. [Added April 17, 2017]”Bill Moyers  

August/Sep 2016 WikiLeaks published hacked John Podesta emails, Stone admitted to communicating with Assange through someone. NY Times

Roger Stone admitted the Guccifer 2.0 messages on The Smoking Gun website, while he said he wasn’t recalling them.   Friday February,  Roger Stone “released screen grabs from his Twitter account to publications, including The Washington Times” NY Times

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