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    • Broidy was Managing Director for Taco Bell’s Bell Enterprises 1982-1991, 1991 Broidy Capital Management CEO; ESI Holdings chairman, LA City Fire & Police Pension Fund-Commissioner & Chairman of the Alternative Investment Committee 2002-2009; CalPERS under Mayor Villaragosa; 2002 Markstone Capital Partners Israeli investment firm-NY State Pension Fund lead investor $250 million, Broidy pleaded guilty in 2009 felony bribery reduced to misdemeanor +$18 million restitution. 
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    2017 RNC Finance Committee:

    • Elliott Broidy-2017 RNC Finance Committee Chairman 2006-2008, Deputy Finance  Chairman 2017-April 2018; 2009 Bribery of NY State officials to conceal Israeli NSO GroupPegasus  spyware sold to Mexico and involved a feature film production bribe; Tried to get the DOJ to drop the case against Jho Low in the 1MDB Malaysian sovereign wealth fund theft and also to get Mar-a Lago member Guo Wengui extradited to China at Jho Low and a Chinese government official’s request. 9/11 politically motivated Broidy, who joined the Republican Jewish Coalition, George W. Bush “super Ranger” $300,000 2002-2004, in 2006, hosted a Bush $1 million fundraiser; DHS Secretary Michael Chertoff appointed Broidy to the Homeland Seurity Advisory Council, Terrorism Task Force, and New Technology Task Force. Wikipedia
        • Steve Wynn subpoenaed for evidence
        • July 28, 2020-Malaysia’s former prime minister Najib Razak sentenced “to 12 years in jail on one count of abuse of power, 10 years each for three counts of criminal breach of trust, and 10 years each for three counts of money laundering, as well as a fine of 210 million ringgit ($49.4 million). But he ordered the sentences to run concurrently, meaning that Najib will face only up to 12 years in jail.” AP
        • New report details extensive financial ties between Rick Gates and a top Republican fundraiser Business Insider July 24, 2018 “In addition to Broidy, the report also said that Colony NorthStar, a company headed by Trump’s close friend and billionaire investor Tom Barrack Jr., had paid [Rick] Gates $20,000 a month after Trump’s inauguration. The payments reportedly stopped after Gates was indicted in October. Broidy’s payments, meanwhile, began in March 2017 and went on until at least July, according to the report. Documents and emails reviewed by The Times indicated Gates also submitted at least one invoice to Broidy after he was indicted. Gates’ relevance in the Russia probe stems primarily from his activities while working with Manafort. The two men met nearly three decades ago while he was an intern at Black, Manafort, Stone, Kelly — one of the most powerful lobbying firms in DC. Manafort left the firm the same year Gates joined, but they reunited in 2006 at Manafort’s new consulting company, Davis Manafort…Gates’ Russia trips frequently included meetings with associates of Oleg Deripaska, a wealthy Russian-Ukrainian oligarch closely allied with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Gates joined the Trump campaign in early 2016, when Manafort became the campaign chairman, and worked under him as his deputy.”

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  • Pro-Israel LobbyBroidy is active in the Los Angeles Jewish community and featured in Haim Saban’s Brookings Institute report; laundered money from UAE contracts via Broidy’s Canadian firm to pay for Anti-Qatar conferences at the Hudson Institute & the pro-Netanyahu think tank Foundation for Defense of Democracies
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    • Foundation for Defense of Democracies- pro-Netanyahuthink tank on the Iran deal, Sanctions, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict  The Little Think Tank That Could Inside the small, pro-Israel outfit leading the attack on Obama’s Iran deal. Slate August 18, 2015 By
      “FDD’s executive director, Mark Dubowitz, is credited with helping design the sanctions regime that was put in place in 2010 and with helping Sens. Mark Kirk and Robert Menendez craft a bill that they introduced in December 2013 that would have set conditions on a final agreement that Iran would have been sure to reject...FDD’s chief funders have been drawn almost entirely from American Jews who have a long history of funding pro-Israel organizations. They include Bernard Marcus, the co-founder of Home Depot, whiskey heirs Samuel and Edgar Bronfman, gambling mogul Sheldon Adelson, heiress Lynn Schusterman, Wall Street speculators Michael Steinhardt and Paul Singer, and Leonard Abramson, founder of U.S. Healthcare. As Eli Clifton has documented, from 2008 to 2011, the largest contributors were Abramson, Marcus, Adelson, and Singer, and businessman Newton Becker. Some of FDD’s donors, particularly in the organization’s early years, gave to a wide range of groups that back Israel, but some of them, including Marcus, Adelson, Becker, and their foundations, have also contributed to groups like the Zionist Organization of America and Christians United for Israel that are aligned with Israeli right-wing nationalists who favor a “greater Israel” that includes East Jerusalem and the West Bank settlements. (When I asked May whether he agreed with Adelson’s stands on Iran and Palestinian statehood, he said that Adelson hadn’t contributed to FDD for “some time” and that he was not “up-to-date” on Adelson’s views. Nevertheless, in a July 2012 article in National Review objecting to a New York Times editorial critical of Adelson, May defended the gambling mogul’s rejection of a Palestinian state.)”
  • Trump Donors- Elliott Broidy was a major fundraiser

Bernie Marcus on Obama White House: ‘Amateurs Surrounded by Amateurs’ Wall Street Journal By Jonathan Weisman September 30, 2011 “In an interview at the Georgia Public Policy Foundation meeting here…” Fan of Newt Gingrich, gave maximum donation to Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign

    • Sheldon AdelsonLas Vegas Sands CEO Casino mogulTrump Donors  Gave $1,510,059 to Foundation for Defense of Democracies in the early 2010s, Bibi Netanyahu is a close friend, US Ambassador to rent Herzliya residence from Adelson Globes September 7, 2020 Tal Schneider. “The US Embassy may have moved to Jerusalem and Sheldon Adelson is buying the Herzliya home for NIS 300 million but David Friedman will continue living there.  Last week “Globes” exclusively revealed that US billionaire Sheldon Adelson is buying the US Ambassador’s residence in Herzliya for NIS 300 million, making it the highest price ever paid for a house in Israel. But “Globes” can now reveal that although the US Embassy and US Ambassador David Friedman‘s office moved to Jerusalem in May 2018, Friedman and his family continue to live in Herzliya.”
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  • Rick Gersen – Jared Kushner‘s friend became RDIF/Dmitriev’s backchannel “Though Gersen had no formal role in the Trump campaign or the transition, the report states, he ultimately delivered Dmitriev’s reconciliation plan to Kushner for consideration.”  Prince, Bannon Clash on Seychelles Meeting US News Erik Prince and Steve Bannon have different takes on Russian efforts to gain access to Trump administration. By Lauren Camera.
  • Trump Inaugural Committee 2017– Investigations into Illegal Foreign Contributions & around $80 million missing per Winston-Wolkford
  • Elliott Broidy was Vice-Chair Who Is Stephanie Winston Wolkoff? New York Times September 2, 2020; Broidy offered tickets to Congolese Denis Sassou-Nguesso (who steals from his people); convicted in May 2019, Romanian Parliamentarian Liviu Dragnea attended a party and posed with Trump.
  • We Build The Wall– SDNY Audrey Strauss: Steve Bannon (arrested)Elliott Broidy, Brian Kolfage, Andrew Badolato, and Tim Shea were criminally accused of stealing more than $25 million from the fake fundraiser.  DOJ
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    • VTB Bank-Putin’s  bank  backed  around  $2billion  in  Deutsche  Bank  loans  to  Trump
  • Trump Organization-NY AG Leticia James’ 68-Page Memo
    • Allen Weisselberg Trump Organization CFO, Prepared Taxes for Decades Testified & granted immunity in Michael Cohen payoff to Stormy Daniels & Karen McDougal to protect the Trump Campaign
    • Alan Garten, Executive Vice President & Chief Legal Office
  • Trump Family
    • Jared Kushner,  Donald Trump Jr.,   Steve Bannon,    Sam Clovis,    Erik PrinceCriminal referrals for prosecution by the Senate Intelligence Committee to the DC US Attorneys Office under Jessie Liu, who was fired and replaced by Trump AG Bill Barr‘s associate Tim Shea (charged in the “We Build The Wall” scam), who then reduced  Roger Stones sentence & dropped the case  against Mike  Flynn on May 7, 2020, who already pleaded guilty twice.  Fmr. DC US Atty.Glenn Kirschner Explains ItNY AG Leticia James v.DONALD TRUMP, DONALD TRUMP, IVANKA TRUMP, ERIC TRUMP, THE DONALD J. TRUMP FOUNDATION founded in 1987 November 7, 2019; Ordered to pay $2 million “(1) breach of fiduciary duty and waste under New York’s Not-for- Profit Corporation Law (“N-PCL”) against the Individual Respondents; (2) failure properly to administer Foundation assets and waste under New York’s Estates, Powers and Trusts Law (“EPTL”) against the Individual Respondents; (3) wrongful related party transactions against Mr. Trump as defined in the N-PCL and EPTL; (4) dissolution of the Foundation under the N-PCL §§ 112 and 1101; (5) dissolution of the Foundation under the N-PCL §§ 112 and 1102; and (6) an injunction pending resolution of this proceeding.” Des Moines, Iowa on January 28, 2016 Donald Trump for Vets.com video Mike Huckabee: Fundraiser for military veterans was actually a campaign organized and planned event. The campaign contributed $2.8 million to the Trump Foundation. The following day, named donors C-Span
    • Jared Kushner Middle East Peace Plan: Qatari Blockade: “In return for pushing anti-Qatar policies at the highest levels of America’s government, Broidy and Nader expected huge consulting contracts from Saudi Arabia and the UAE, according to an Associated Press investigation based on interviews with more than two dozen people and hundreds of pages of leaked emails between the two men.” New York Magazine
      • The troubling overlap between Jared Kushner’s business interests and US foreign policy The Guardian The Kushner family’s financial troubles began after it purchased an office tower at 666 Fifth Avenue for a record $1.8bn in 2007, at the height of a real estate market that crashed a year later. Since 2016, Kushner Companies had negotiated with investors from China and Qatar to bail out the property, which was facing $1.4bn in loan payments due in February 2019. But those deals fell through because the investors, who had connections to the Chinese and Qatari governments, worried about the public scrutiny created by Kushner’s job in the White House. Kushner insists he has played no role in negotiations over the Fifth Avenue tower. After he joined the Trump administration as a senior adviser in January 2017, Kushner resigned as the chief executive of his family’s company. He sold his stake in the Fifth Avenue building and some other assets to a family trust. But Kushner kept a substantial stake in his family’s firm, and he and his wife, Ivanka Trump, own real estate and other holdings worth more than $800m, according to disclosure forms. The Kushner family focused on Qatar as a potential savior for its investment even before Trump’s election. In 2015 and 2016, according to the Intercept, Jared Kushner and his father Charles negotiated with the Qatari billionaire and investor Sheikh Hamad bin Jassim al-Thani, who had served as Qatar’s prime minister. The businessman offered a deal worth about $500m, but it was contingent on Kushner Companies securing investments from other creditors. The deal fell through when the Kushners were unable to secure other funding. Then, in April 2017, the Intercept reports, Charles Kushner and other officials in the family real estate firm met with the Qatari finance minister, seeking an investment from Qatar’s sovereign wealth fund to bail out the troubled Fifth Avenue property. The Qataris declined. That meeting in late April 2017, just weeks before the crisis erupted between Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Qatar, is pivotal because it was the first time that the Kushners had directly approached a representative of the Qatari government. Democratic congressional staffers zeroed in on that meeting and subsequent events in their questioning of Tillerson. And while the former top diplomat demurred in answering directly, the line of questioning revealed that House investigators are exploring the sequence of events involving Kushner’s family company and the blockade of Qatar.”

        JARED KUSHNER’S REAL-ESTATE FIRM SOUGHT MONEY DIRECTLY FROM QATAR GOVERNMENT WEEKS BEFORE BLOCKADE The Intercept Jared Kushner’s firm made a direct pitch to Qatar’s minister of finance in April 2017 in an attempt to secure investment in a critically distressed asset by , March 2 2018 “At the previously unreported meeting, Jared Kushner’s father Charles, who runs Kushner Companies, and Qatari Finance Minister Ali Sharif Al Emadi discussed financing for the Kushners’ signature 666 Fifth Avenue property in New York City. The 30-minute meeting, according to two sources in the financial industry who asked not to be named because of the sensitivity of the potential transaction, included aides to both parties, and was held at a suite at the St. Regis Hotel in New York. A real estate firm tied to Jared Kushner made a direct pitch to Qatar’s minister of finance in April 2017 in an attempt to secure investment for 666 Fifth Avenue. A follow-up meeting was held the next day in a glass-walled conference room at the Kushner property itself, though Al Emadi did not attend the second gathering in person.  The failure to broker the deal would be followed only a month later by a Middle Eastern diplomatic row in which Jared Kushner provided critical support to Qatar’s neighbors. Led by Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, a group of Middle Eastern countries, with Kushner’s backing, led a diplomatic assault that culminated in a blockade of Qatar. Kushner, according to reports at the time, subsequently undermined efforts by Secretary of State Rex Tillerson to bring an end to the standoff.”

        How 2 Gulf Monarchies Sought to Influence the White House The New York Times March 21, 2018 by David D. KIRKPATRICK and Mark MAZZETTIMARCH “Early in the Trump administration, the two men also noted with approval a successful effort to block a top Pentagon position for Anne Patterson, a former ambassador to Cairo whom the Emiratis and Saudis have long criticized as too sympathetic to the deposed Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi of the Muslim Brotherhood during his one year in office. In one message to Mr. Nader in March 2017, Mr. Broidy referred to Secure America Now, an advocacy organization that he suggested had campaigned against Ms. Patterson, as “one of the groups I am working with.” …On March 25, Mr. Broidy emailed Mr. Nader a spreadsheet outlining a proposed Washington lobbying and public relations campaign against both Qatar and the Muslim Brotherhood. The proposed campaign’s total cost was $12.7 million. The two people close to Mr. Broidy said the plan was drafted by a third party for circulation to like-minded American donors, and that only some of its provisions were carried out. Mr. Nader , however, provide a $2.7 million payment to Mr. Broidy for “consulting, marketing and other advisory services rendered,” apparently to help pay for the cost of conferences at two Washington think tanks, the Hudson Institute and the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, that featured heavy criticism of Qatar and the Muslim Brotherhood. Hudson Institute policies prohibit donations from foreign governments that are not democracies, and the Foundation for Defense of Democracies bars donations from all foreign governments, so Mr. Nader’s role as an adviser to the U.A.E. may have raised concerns had he donated directly. The foundation said in a statement that it was approached by Mr. Broidy in 2017 seeking to fund a conference on Qatar and the Muslim Brotherhood. “As is our funding policy, we asked if his funding was connected to any foreign governments or if he had business contracts in the Gulf. He assured us that he did not,” the statement said. Documents show Mr. Nader’s payment was made by an Emirati-based company he controlled, GS Investments, to an obscure firm based in Vancouver, British Columbia, controlled by Mr. Broidy, Xieman International. A person close to Mr. Broidy said the money was passed through the Canadian company at Mr. Nader’s request, and the reason for its circuitous path could not be determined. Documents also appear to show that lawyers for Mr. Broidy discussed with him a possible agreement to share with Mr. Nader a portion of the profits from the first round of business his company did with the Saudis and Emiratis — an apparent reflection of his integral role in helping the company, Circinus, negotiate for the lucrative security contracts.”

    • Donald Trump
      • Donald Trump Jr.Referred for criminal prosecution by the Senate Intelligence Committee to the DC US Attorney‘s Office
      • Jared Kushner– Referred for criminal prosecution by the Senate Intelligence Committee to the DC US Attorney‘s Office
      • Eric Trump – NY AG Leticia James v. THE TRUMP ORGANIZATION, INC.; DJT HOLDINGS LLC; DJT HOLDINGS MANAGING MEMBER LLC; SEVEN SPRINGS LLC; ERIC TRUMP; CHARLES MARTABANO; MORGAN, LEWIS & BOCKIUS, LLP; and SHERI DILLON 68-Page Memo to Force Compliance with Remitting Taxes & Corp. Documents August 24, 2020
      •  Ivanka Trump – Under FBI Counterintelligence Investigation for Trump for the brand-licensed Trump International Hotel and Tower in Vancouver that opened a Ivanka Trump™ Spa in February 2017 & developed by Malaysian billionaire Joo Kim Tiah’s Holborn Group for $360 million after Tiah befriended Donald Trump Jr.. in 2013 & pitched Ivanka on October 21, 2015 at a “Trump Luxe” VIP condo service launch  in the YVR London Aviation Centre . Holburn is backed by Tony Tiah Thee Kian, chairman of TA Enterprise, who has securities laws violations and  made “false statements to the Kuala Lumpur stock exchange”CNN.  Trump International Hotel Vancouver operator files for bankruptcy Daily Hive Urbanized Kenneth Chan. August 28, 2020 “Records obtained by Daily Hive Urbanized from the Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy Canada show TA Hotel Management has total liabilities of $4.8 million and total assets of $1.1 million.”
        Trump International Hotel & Tower Baku, Azerbaijan-Never opened (2008 conception), 2009-10 US Embassy cables exposed by WikiLeaks; May 2012 developer contracts with former maintenance engineer turned parliamentarian Elton Mammadov & Baghlan Group‘s Baku XXI Century ($2.5m), 2014 hotel announcement with architect Pierre Baillargeon & Mace of London, Backers: “notoriously corrupt” Ziya Mammadov, Azerbaijani Transportation Minister & an oligarch, supposedly using son Anar’s company and a Trump license, the family shell zqan. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act of 1977 (F.C.P.A.)-(Trump’s SEC Chair, Jay Clayton, wrote a 2011 paper against it. In 2000, 3 cases, in 2016, 54): US Companies cannot reward a foreign government officials in exchange for material or immaterial, preferential benefit. even unknowingly by avoiding discovery of a partner’s corruption (closing the “head in the sand” loophole; see Frederic Bourke of Dooney & Bourke sentenced 1 year in prison for Azerbaijani deal, 2009 ; Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRG) When TIH&T Baku was conceived (2008), Ziya gave the 2008-incorporated construction company Azarpassillo millions in contracts for the Baku-Iranian Astara highway & more, chaired by Keyumars Darvishi who was head of the construction company, Raman, owned by the IRG‘s main financial arm, the Islamic Revolution Mostazafan Foundation. Keyumars has been the acting director of brother Habil’s Tehran Metro Co. & was a Sardar/Sr. Official of the IRG, and brother Kamal runs the IRG-controlled & 2007 US-sanctioned for Iran nuclear missile development co., Nasr that makes ballistic missile guidance systems. The Trump Org. knew by 2015.  The US considers the 150,000 independent theocratic military IRG a terrorist organization involved in Drug Trafficking & Money Laundering, and supports Hezbollah New Yorker

1MDB Investigation: GOP fundraiser Broidy under investigation for alleged effort to sell government influence, people familiar with probe say Washington Post Elliott Broidy, pictured at a 2012 Beverly Hills fundraiser with his wife, Robin Rosenzweig, served as a top fundraiser for President Trump’s campaign. By Carol D. LeonnigDevlin BarrettEllen Nakashima and Josh Dawsey August 17, 2018 “As part of the investigation, prosecutors are scrutinizing a plan that Broidy allegedly developed to try to persuade the Trump government to extradite a Chinese dissident back to his home country, a move sought by Chinese President Xi Jinping, according to two of the people. They also are investigating claims that Broidy sought $75 million from a Malaysian business official if the Justice Department ended its investigation of a development fund run by the Malaysian government. The Malaysian probe has examined the role of the former prime minister in the embezzlement of billions of dollars from the fund. Christopher Clark, an attorney for Broidy, said in a statement: “Elliott Broidy has never agreed to work for, been retained by nor been compensated by any foreign government for any interaction with the United States Government, ever. Any implication to the contrary is a lie.””

Timeline on Jared Kushner, Qatar, 666 Fifth Avenue, and White House Policy Just Security March 11, 2020

NSO GroupPegasus” spyware, remote cellphone Surveillance2010 by Israeli former military intelligence of Unit 8200;  Niv Carmi, Omri Lavie, and Shalev Hulio;  Jamal Khashoggi; Jeff Bezos hack, attacks on journalists, the Whats App hack & more; 2012 Mexico deal for $20 million; 2015 Panama deal. 

  • Elliott Broidy brokered the first NSO deal, bribing NY State officials with $1 million to receive a $250 million investment into Broidy’s private equity firm, Markstone Capital Partners, sold NSO software to Mexico. Calcalist’s Udi Oren sued his lifelong friend Eran Reshef and his business partner Matan Caspy  in August 2015 in a Tel Aviv court as Oren was owed $872,000 for his part in the Pegasus deal. Witnesses: NSO co-founder and CEO Shalev Hulio and Eric Banoun, Israeli vice president of sales and business development of the cyber and intelligence business NICE Systems Ltd.; 2011 partnered in Circles Technologies and sold NSO’s technology. “According to the released documents, it was Reshef and Caspy who recruited Broidy to assist in the deal. Each of them owns 20% of Rayzone Group Ltd., a global seller and distributor of intelligence and cyber technologies. In his testimony, Caspy said he spent a few years in California, among other things selling technological products in South America. That was when he had first met and worked with Broidy, whom he described as a wealthy businessman with ample business activity and connections in South and Central America. For a while, he had also been employed at one of Broidy’s companies, Broidy Capital Management, as vice president of business development.” CalCalistech

The Dodgy Framework and the Middlemen: how NSO Sold its First Pegasus License CalCalistech Tomer Ganon and Hagar Ravet. February 24, 2020 A legal dispute regarding brokerage fees sheds light on the way the malware was first sold to a foreign country. American businessman Elliott Broidy, currently under investigation by the U.S. Department of Justice for possible violations of lobbying laws, was originally tapped as one of the architects of the deal despite admitting to illegal gifts worth $1 million shortly before. 

Shera Bechard: Michael Cohen brokered a PAYOFF to Bechard for $1.6 million for an ABORTION & Physical ABUSE by David Dennison (Trump’s alter-ego in Stormy Daniels), but whom Bechard initially claimed was Elliott Broidy, who could be covering for Trump….in which case, Bechard’s testimony that Broidy called Trump an “idiot,” could be her opinion and not his.  Read more:

Hey, Look: More Evidence That Broidy May Have Been Covering for Trump in That Playmate Affair New York Magazine Saturday, December 2, 2017, was a big day for David Dennison. Dennison — as Donald Trump was called in his hush-money agreement with Stormy Daniels was taking a break from the golfing trips that had dominated his weekends for that entire fall. Today there was no time for golf: He was traveling from the White House to New York City, where he would spend all day on Wall Street, fundraising for his 2020 reelection campaign, and for the Republican National Committee.

Trump would not get back to the White House until 4:45 p.m., but he still found time in his busy schedule that day for one more meeting. That get-together was with a wealthy Republican fundraiser and lobbyist, Elliott Broidy. Broidy, who had been convicted in 2009 of bribing public officials, had spent all of 2017 investing enormous amounts of time and money to acquire what his business partner George Nader termed “this priceless asset” — a private meeting with the president of the United States.

In fact this asset could be given a quite precise price. A remarkable investigative report from the Associated Press describes what appeared to be a particularly brazen quid pro quo:

After a year spent carefully cultivating two princes from the Arabian Peninsula, Elliott Broidy, a top fundraiser for President Donald Trump, thought he was finally close to nailing more than $1 billion in business.

He had ingratiated himself with crown princes from Saudi Arabia [MBS] and the United Arab Emirates [MBZ], who were seeking to alter U.S. foreign policy and punish Qatar, an archrival in the Gulf that he dubbed “the snake.”

To do that, the California businessman had helped spearhead a secret campaign to influence the White House and Congress, flooding Washington with political donations. Broidy and his business partner, Lebanese-American George Nader, pitched themselves to the crown princes as a backchannel to the White House, passing the princes’ praise — and messaging — straight to the president’s ears.

Now, in December 2017, Broidy was ready to be rewarded for all his hard work. It was time to cash in.

In return for pushing anti-Qatar policies at the highest levels of America’s government, Broidy and Nader expected huge consulting contracts from Saudi Arabia and the UAE, according to an Associated Press investigation based on interviews with more than two dozen people and hundreds of pages of leaked emails between the two men.

Those consulting contracts, according to Broidy’s own correspondence, were what the December 2 meeting was about. And, a few days later, Broidy got his payoff: The U.A.E. awarded his company a deal worth up to $600 million over the next five years.

Here is some additional context that now seems especially noteworthy: Just two days before that meeting, on November 30, Broidy wired $200,000 from his Bank of America account to Real Estate Attorneys’ Group, a California firm. On December 5, REAG transferred that money to attorney Keith Davidson. Davidson was at the time supposedly representing the legal interests of Shera Bechard, a Playboy model with whom Broidy now claims to have had an affair. (Bechard fired Davidson shortly afterward, when she became convinced that Davidson was actually working in concert with Michael Cohen, Donald Trump’s personal attorney, to protect Cohen’s client’s interests rather than hers.) That $200,000 was supposed to be the first of eight quarterly payments that “David Dennison” agreed to make to Bechard, in order to buy her silence about an affair and a subsequent abortion. All this was laid out in an NDA recovered from Michael Cohen’s office when it was raided last month.

Four days after after the raid on Cohen’s office, on April 13, The Wall Street Journal published a story claiming that this David Dennison, in the NDA signed by Shera Bechard, was none other than Elliott Broidy — despite its being precisely the same pseudonym Trump had used in the Stormy Daniels NDA.

The paper’s basis for its scoop was this: Whoever leaked the existence of the Bechard NDA to the Journal also asserted that the agreement was between Bechard and Broidy. The Journal’s reporters confronted Broidy, and Broidy immediately confessed to having had a long-running affair with Bechard, and subsequently agreeing to pay her $1.6 million to buy her silence about it. The first payment of the agreement was supposed to be due on December 1, 2017. That is the story Broidy told the Journal, and that story has, remarkably enough, become accepted as simple fact. Indeed, the AP concludes its bombshell exposé of Broidy’s machinations by observing that Broidy had gotten Shera Bechard pregnant, and had “agreed to pay her $1.6 million to help her out, as long as she never spoke about it.

Accusations by ex-mistress of GOP mega donor Elliott Broidy go public CNN By Sara Sidner, September 08, 2018

“Although Mr. Broidy said that Mr. Trump was ‘an idiot,’ who ‘could not even pronounce the names of countries correctly,’ ” the newly unsealed court documents filed by Bechard say, “Mr. Broidy admired Mr. Trump’s uncanny ability to sexually abuse woman and get away with it. Mr. Broidy began to hurt Ms. Bechard physically during their sexual activities — touching her in ways to which she did not consent.”

Bechard alleges that Broidy, a Republican mega donor, impregnated her and then pressured her to have an abortion. “Initially, he supported her keeping the baby,” she says in the court documents. “But he quickly changed his tune and began demanding that she gets an abortion, insisting that ‘Nobody can know.’ ”

When the allegations became public last spring, Bechard sued Broidy after learning in a newspaper article that she may not receive the rest of the payment. The two parties ended up in court fighting over how the confidentiality breach occurred, as well as over Bechard’s allegation that she has not received a portion of the money owed.

Broidy’s attorneys have fought to keep the court documents sealed. The complaint says Bechard wanted to have the baby but “was scared of Mr. Broidy.” She also accused Broidy of refusing to wear condoms while failing to inform her that he had herpes, according to her complaint.”

Bechard blamed Michael Avenatti for the leak and felt there was an uncomfortable relationship between Cohen and Davidson.  Avenatti was the attorney for Keith Davidson’s other clients, Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal.

Justice Department zeroing in on longtime GOP fundraiser Elliott Broidy Washington Post September 1, 2020 By Matt ZapotoskyCarol D. Leonnig and Rosalind S. Helderman

Federal Authorities Raided Trump Fundraiser’s Office in Money Laundering Probe ProPublica by Robert Faturechi and Justin Elliott A sealed search warrant obtained by ProPublica shows federal agents scoured Elliott Broidy’s office for documents related to China, Saudi Arabia and a Miami Beach club promoter. “Agents were authorized to use the megadonor’s hands and face to unlock any phones that required fingerprint or facial scans.

GOP fundraisers once mocked by Trump now rallying to support his bid Washington Post By Matea Gold May 24, 2016 Donald Trump is getting fundraising assistance from some of the Republican party’s top financiers

Trump Victory fund: Trump Campaign joined the RNC and 11 state parties

  • New York Jets owner Woody Johnson (Johnson & Johnson heir) vice chair of the Trump Victory fund; finance chair for Fmr. Florida governor Jeb Bush‘s presidential campaign; 2017 Trump US Ambassador to Great Britain and Northern Ireland; State Dept. Inspector General investigation into racist remarks July 2020, Johnson asked the State Dept. auditors to remove the racist claims from their report New York Times August 12, 2020; ay 2008 NYC
  • Wisconsin billionaire Diane Hendricks vice chair of the Trump Victory fund

Senate Select Committee on Intelligence Russian Interference in the 2016 Election, VOLUME 5: COUNTERINTELLIGENCE THREATS AND VULNERABILITIES

Page 513-“Although Campaign staff told the Committee, with the benefit of hindsight, that they had ongoing concerns about Papadopoulos, they were inconsistent in their contemporaneous written evaluations. On July 25, 2016, Clovis sent an email message to Paul Manafort, copying [Rick] Dearborn, Kushner, Trump supporter Elliott Broidy, and Donald Trump Jr., in which he included a policy document.3345 Under the “Energy” section of the document, Clovis wrote, “I have made contact with a  number of energy folks, but we already have two energy experts on together. Carter Page and George Papadoupolos [sic] are great assets.”3346 When asked whether Clovis agreed with his July 25, 2016 assessment that Page and Papadopoulos were great assets to the Campaign, Clovis told the Committee, “No, not at all …. I don’t know how I ever would have -said that, but I guess I did.”  East Med Pipeline-Papadopulous’s project since college graduation; Turkey sent 40 tanks from Syria to the Greek border September 6, 2020. Voice of America under recent Trump appointee Michael Pack‘s editorial control, blamed it on stemming the flow of immigrants. Voice Of America Journalists Protest Trump Appointee’s Actions NPR