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    • Broidy violated Israeli-military developed NSO GroupPegasusspyware rules by brokering its first sale to the country of Mexico using Markston Capital Group; remote cellphone Surveillance2010 by Israeli former military intelligence of Unit 8200;  Niv Carmi, Omri Lavie, and Shalev Hulio;  Jamal Khashoggi; Jeff Bezos hack, attacks on journalists, the Whats App hack & more; 2012 Mexico deal for $20 million; 2015 Panama deal. Elliott Broidy brokered the first NSO deal, bribing NY State officials with $1 million to receive a $250 million investment into Broidy’s private equity firm, Markstone Capital Partnerswho sold NSO software to Mexico. Calcalist’s Udi Oren sued his lifelong friend Eran Reshef and his business partner Matan Caspy  in August 2015 in a Tel Aviv court as Oren was owed $872,000 for his part in the Pegasus deal. Witnesses: NSO co-founder and CEO Shalev Hulio and Eric BanounIsraeli vice president of sales and business development of the cyber and intelligence business NICE Systems Ltd.; 2011 partnered in Circles Technologies and sold NSO’s technology. “According to the released documents, it was Reshef and Caspy who recruited Broidy to assist in the deal. Each of them owns 20% of Rayzone Group Ltd., a global seller and distributor of intelligence and cyber technologies. In his testimony, Caspy said he spent a few years in California, among other things selling technological products in South America. That was when he had first met and worked with Broidy, whom he described as a wealthy businessman with ample business activity and connections in South and Central America. For a while, he had also been employed at one of Broidy’s companies, Broidy Capital Managementas vice president of business development.” CalCalistech
    • Palantir- Peter Thiel, Facebook VC Investor & Board
    • Clearview AI Facial Recognition: Mr. Ton-That & Scalzo, aide to Rudy Giuliani; Backed by Peter Thiel
  • The Mercenaries-The line between intelligence and security gets really blurry.
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  • Dennis Hastert, Former GOP Speaker of the House, Pedophile wrestling coach-Fmr. G. W. Bush CIA Dir. Porter Goss wrote a letter to the Court on his behalf
  • Karl Rove-George W. Bush power house

Kroll Inc.-1972 James Kroll consultant to corporate purchasing departments and uncovered fraud and financial crimes.  Expanded into full service security.

Ray Den Hollander1999-2000 “Managed and upgraded Kroll’s delivery of intelligence and security in the former Soviet Union” Resume, When Putin took control on January 31, 1999, and doled out Russia’s riches to the oligarchs, he was there.