The 1990s


The 1990s


Steve Bannon started media investment bank, Bannon & Co and brokered a deal for Seinfeld.


1991: “Trump Taj Mahal Hotel & Casino…property’s ownership entity, Trump Entertainment Resorts, filed for bankruptcy four times between 1991 and 2009.” The Real Deal
In 1991, a federal judge, Charles E. Stewart Jr., ruled that Trump had engaged in a conspiracy to violate a fiduciary duty, or duty of loyalty, to the workers and their union and that the “breach involved fraud and the Trump defendants knowingly participated in his breach.” The judge did not find Trump’s testimony to be sufficiently credible and set damages at $325,000. The case was later settled by negotiation, and the agreement was sealed.” Politico
“In 1991, Barrett published a biography called “Trump: The Deals and the Downfall.” That same year, Barrett crashed Trump’s birthday party and was escorted out in handcuffs.” Wayne Barrett Obituary, CNN
1991: In the opening episode of The Apprentice on Jan. 8, 2004, Trump says, “About 13 years ago, I was seriously in trouble. I was billions of dollars in debt.” [Added July 17, 2017] Bill Moyers



“By 1993, [Felix Sater] was out and working a pump-and-dump stock scheme in Brooklyn. The investigative economist James S. Henry has put together the most extensive record of Mr. Trump’s Russian connections. Writing in the American Interest, he called the Brooklyn scheme “an innovative joint venture among four New York crime families and the Russian mob aimed at bringing state-of-the-art financial fraud to Wall Street.” Judicial Watch
1993: Ukraine-NY Russian mobster Sam Kislin fundraiser for Rudy Giuliani’s NYC Mayoral campaign, mob-connected Bernie Kerik
Mitt Romney‘s Bain Capital was one of the first American investment firms in Moscow-1993



1995: Trump buys 40 Wall Street from “Kinson Properties, an arm of a Hong Kong-based footwear and real estate company”  Cheap rent and many convicts for tenantsBloomberg
“Trump’s partner in Sunny Isles is [Gil] Dezer Development, which began buying up property in 1995 and now owns twenty-seven acres of oceanfront.” The Nation 
1995: Tax return shows a $916 million loss NY Times
MAY 1995 “In May 1995, the FBI together with Russian, German, and Italian offices, produced [a] devastating report on organized crime, naming Mogilevich as leader of an organization with some 250 members.” Poke The Bear@JennyCohn1


The 1996 Presidential Campaign Bob Dole v. Bill Clinton- Manafort, Stone, Tony Fabrizio, Firtash

1996: “In 1996, he applies for his trademark in [Russia].” Bill Moyers
1996: Mayor Giuliani appoints Sam Kislin to New York City Economic Development Corporation
“By 1996, according to a Miami Herald story that year, some 300 former Soviet citizens had bought properties in South Florida.” The Nation
UNPAID DOLE ADVISER RESIGNS: September 12, 1996 CHICAGO TRIBUNE  “An unpaid consultant to Republican presidential candidate Bob Dole was forced to resign Thursday after two supermarket tabloids reported he and his wife had advertised for group sex. Consultant Roger Stone was a member of Dole’s “Clinton accountability team,” whose job was to point out inconsistencies in the president’s record…The National Enquirer and the Star said Stone used the Internet and a “swingers’ magazine” called Swing Fever to find couples or single men to join him and his wife for group sex. Clinton’s top political strategist, Dick Morris, resigned from the president’s campaign two weeks ago when the Star reported he had a year-long liaison with a prostitute with whom he had shared confidential White House information.”
November 5, 1996: “Media reports note that Trump is trying to partner with US tobacco company Brooke Group to build a hotel in Moscow. ” Mother Jones


January 23, 1997: “Trump meets with Alexander Lebed, a retired Soviet general then running to be president of Russia, at Trump Tower. Trump says they discussed his plans to build “something major” in Moscow. Lebed reportedly expressed his support, joking that his only objection would be that “the highest skyscraper in the world cannot be built next to the Kremlin. We cannot allow anyone spitting from the roof of the skyscraper on the Kremlin.” Mother Jones
“Everything changed in 1997, when real estate developers and other business groups succeeded in passing a referendum to incorporate Sunny Isles as a town.”The Nation


1998: “Rex Tillerson’s involvement in Russia dates back to 1998, when he was appointed head of Exxon Neftegas Limited, which was in charge of the Sakhalin-1 oil and gas project off the coast of Siberia. The huge project put Tillerson in line to become the corporation’s vice president, president and eventually chairman and chief executive officer. It also led to deep relationships with Russian leaders and a growing profile for Tillerson in the Russian press.” Washington Post
“In 1998, Mr. Sater was arrested in the $40 million swindle. Eighteen other U.S. and Russian mob-connected traders participated in the scheme, Mr. Henry reports. Mr. Sater pleaded guilty to racketeering and became an FBI informant, sending many of his co-conspirators to jail. Court documents and other records suggest that Mr. Sater was an active FBI informant from 1998 to 2001.” Judicial Watch
August 1998:Russia defaults on its debt ($40 billion) and its stock market collapses. As the value of the ruble plummets, Russian millionaires scramble to get money out of their country and into New York City, where real estate provides a safe haven for overseas investors. [Added March 20, 2017] Bill Moyers       “Two months before Trump broke ground in October 1998, Millionaires scrambled to get their money out and into New York. Trump World Tower. ” Bloomberg “Demolition of a vacant office building near the United Nations headquarters is making way for Trump World Tower. Donald Trump begins selling units in the skyscraper, which is scheduled to open in 2001 and becomes a prominent depository of Russian money. By 2004, one-third of the units sold on the 76ththrough 83rd floors of Trump World Tower involve people or limited liability companies connected to Russia or neighboring states. Assisting Trump’s sales effort is Ukrainian immigrant Semyon “Sam” Kislin, who issues mortgages to buyers of multimillion-dollar Trump World Tower apartments. In the late 1970s, Kislin had co-owned an appliance store with Georgian immigrant Tamir Sapir, and they had sold 200 television sets to Donald Trump on credit. Meanwhile, Sapir makes a fortune as a New York City real estate developer. [Added March 20, 2017]  Bill Moyers    Bloomberg  “Sam Kislin, a Ukrainian’s highly unusual for individuals to issue formal mortgages for U.S. luxury real estate, and the tower loans are the only ones Kislin ever made in New York, public records show” Bloomberg
“[Trump] was renegotiating $1.8 billion in junk bonds for his Atlantic City resorts, and the tower was built on a mountain of debt owed to German banks. “ Bloomberg
Steve Bannon became a partner in The Firm, an entertainment and production management company.
November 17, 1998 “On 11/17/98, the year before Putin became president of Russia, “[a] high-ranking member of the organized crime unit at the FSB (Russia’s FBI)…told the world that Russia’s intelligence & law enforcement agencies had been taken over by organized crime.” 1/


“Starting in 1999, Putin enlisted two of his closest confidants, the oligarchs Lev Leviev and Roman Abramovich, who would go on to become Chabad’s biggest patrons worldwide, to create the Federation of Jewish Communities of Russia under the leadership of Chabad rabbi Berel Lazar, who would come to be known as “Putin’s rabbi.” Politico

Michael Cohen mysterious $350,000 check from a Canadian professional hockey player Vladimir Malakhov involving Brighton Beach crime boss Vyacheslav Ivankov and property in Sunny Isles Rolling Stone. Michael Cohen

“In 1999, a former DEA & FBI agent (a “mob hunter”) told the BBC, “Criminals are coming in who are wealthier & more vicious than any of the criminals that you, or anybody on the continent, have ever seen. As far as I’m concerned, they’re the most dangerous people on earth.”” @JennyCohn1.   BBC

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