United Company RUSAL– Deripaska- World’s 2nd Largest Aluminum company, overtaken by China Hongqiao Group in 2015; RUSAL(Russian Aluminum)  merged with Glencore in March 2007. 

December 19, 2018 Oleg Deripaska reduced ownership of EN+ Group PLC, which wholly owns JSC EuroSibEnergo (ESE), and owns United Co. Rusal PLC, from 70% to 49.5% and will not have a vote. Deripaska is to be structurally shielded from having any influence in the companies. “With this letter, we wish to provide you with notification that Treasury intends to terminate the sanctions imposed on En+ Group plc (“En+”), UC Rusal pie (“Rusal”), and JSC EuroSibEnergo (“ESE”)in 30 days. Deripaska will remain sanctioned. All of Deripaska’s property and interests in property, including entities in which he owns a fifty percent or greater interest, will remain blocked, and foreign persons will continue to be subject to secondary sanctions should they knowingly facilitate a significant transaction for or on behalf of Deripaska or entities in which he owns a fifty percent or greater interest. None of the transactions to be undertaken to divest Deripaska of his interests in these companies will allow Deripaska to obtain cash either in return for shares relinquished in, or from future dividends he may receive from, En+, Rusal, or ESE. OFAC reserves the right to relist any or all of these companies should the change in circumstances represented by their implementation of the agreement with OFAC be reversed, including by a material breach of the terms of the agreement.” Letter from the US Treasury, Andrea M. Gacki, Director, Office of Foreign Assets Control to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell