Andrew Alan Escher Auernheimer Wikipediaborn September 1, 1985), best known by his pseudonym weev, is an American computer grey hat hacker[3][4] affiliated with the alt-right.[5][6] The Southern Poverty Law Center describes him as “a neo-Nazi white supremacist” known for “extremely violent rhetoric advocating genocide of non-whites”.[5] He has identified himself using a variety of aliases to the media, although most sources correctly provide his first name as Andrew.[4][7]

As a member of the hacker group Goatse Security, Auernheimer exposed a flaw in AT&T security that compromised the e-mail addresses of iPad users. In revealing the flaw to the media, the group also exposed personal data from over 100,000 people, which led to a criminal investigation and indictment for identity fraud and conspiracy. Auernheimer was sentenced to 41 months in federal prison, of which he served approximately 13 months before the conviction was vacated by a higher court.

In 2016, Auernheimer was responsible for sending thousands of white-supremacist flyers to unsecured web-connected printers at multiple universities and other locations in the U.S. Since his release from prison, he has lived in a variety of locations in Eastern Europe and the Middle East. In 2017, it was reported that he was acting as webmaster for the neo-Nazi website The Daily Stormer.[8][9]

Hacker Weev Could Face Punishment For ‘Mass Printer Trolling’ Under Junk Fax Law Forbes Abigail Tracy

Who Is Weev, and Why Did He Derail a Journalist’s Career? The Atlantic  February 14, 2018 “In the span of about six hours yesterday, The New York Times announced the hiring of Quinn Norton as a tech columnist and then apparently fired her. The Times claims that their decision to “go their separate ways” was guided by “new information,” revealed through a social-media maelstrom, about slurs Norton had used on Twitter and about her friendship with someone called weev. In October, Norton called weev “a terrible person, and an old friend of mine.” The rest of the world calls him a Nazi.”