Rick Davis

  • Paul Manafort
  • Rick Davis-Manafort/Davis-1996 Dole Deputy Campaign Manager
  • Bob Dole
  • Scott Reed, Dole Campaign Managerwho managed Robert J. Dole’s 1996 presidential campaign, with Davis as a deputy, said Davis deserves credit for “being the manager of the most amazing political comeback in modern political history.”
  • Roger StoneUNPAID DOLE ADVISER RESIGNS: September 12, 1996 CHICAGO TRIBUNE  “An unpaid consultant to Republican presidential candidate Bob Dole was forced to resign Thursday after two supermarket tabloids reported he and his wife had advertised for group sex. Consultant Roger Stone was a member of Dole’s “Clinton accountability team,” whose job was to point out inconsistencies in the president’s record…The National Enquirer and the Star said Stone used the Internet and a “swingers’ magazine” called Swing Fever to find couples or single men to join him and his wife for group sex. Clinton’s top political strategist, Dick Morris, resigned from the president’s campaign two weeks ago when the Star reported he had a year-long liaison with a prostitute with whom he had shared confidential White House information.”
  • David Pecker/AMI The National Enquirer and the Star-The Stormy Daniels and Summer Zevos cases against Trump revealed AMI’s “catch and kill” tactics and control it had of famous reputations-Michael Cohen was imprisoned for lying about the hush money payments

Top McCain Adviser Has Found Success Mixing Money, Politics Washington Post  June 26, 2008 Matthew Mosk “As Sen. John McCain‘s top presidential campaign adviser, Richard H. “Rick” Davis has worked for almost a year without compensation, telling reporters that the sacrifice shows his dedication to the cash-strapped Arizona Republican. He also took a protracted leave from his Washington lobbying firm to distance himself from ethical questions.

But in the eight years since Davis first managed a McCain campaign, his relationship with the senator has been a lucrative commodity. He and his lobbying firm, Davis Manafort, have earned handsome fees representing clients who need McCain’s help in the Senate.”

Wikipedia “He left the Reagan White House to work with longtime lobbyist Paul Manafort, founding the lobbying firm Davis, Manafort. Between 1998 and 2008, the firm was paid at least $2.8 million for lobbying Congress,[3] promoting pro-Russian policies with regard to Ukraine.[4]

  • 1976 Chairman, Alabama College Republicans.
  • 1979 Staff member, Republican National Committee.
  • 1980 Regional Director, Commitment ’80 Reagan/Bush Campaign.
  • 1982 Campaign Manager, Paul Trible’s successful US Senate campaign.
  • 1984 National Convention Director, Reagan/Bush Re-Election Campaign.
  • 1988 Presidential Debate Coordinator, Bush/Quayle 1988 Presidential Campaign.
  • 1996 Deputy Campaign Manager, 1996 Presidential Campaign of Senator Bob Dole.

Davis served as Manafort’s deputy in orchestrating the 1996 Republican National Convention; both would later join Bob Dole‘s presidential team. While working for Dole, Davis told a reporter that he was “blown away” by McCain’s unconventional politics. He joined McCain’s first election bid in 1999, as campaign manager.[1][6]

In 2000, Davis became the head of a group called the Homeownership Alliance, a Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac advocacy group. Its website said that the organization was dedicated to “exposing and defeating trends that would harm consumer access to the lowest-cost mortgage option.”[7] He was head of the group for five years, being paid more than $30,000 per month. At the end of 2005, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac decided that Homeownership Alliance had outlived its usefulness, and it was closed.[8] Davis Manafort, had been paid $15,000 per month by Freddie Mac, for “consulting”, from the end of 2005, when Davis stopped being head of the Homeownership Alliance, until August 2008. Payments stopped when Freddie Mac was taken over by the federal government.”Wikipedia 

Wikipedia “Manafort’s involvement in Ukraine can be traced to 2003, when Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska hired Bob Dole, Manafort’s prior campaign candidate, to lobby the State Department for a waiver of his visa ban, primarily so that he could solicit otherwise unavailable institutional purchasers for shares in his company, RusAL.[84][85] Then in early 2004, Deripaska met with Manafort’s Partner, Rick Davis, also a prior campaign advisor to Bob Dole, to discuss hiring Manafort and Davis to return the former Georgian Minister of State Security, Igor Giorgadze, to prominence in Georgian politics.[86] By December 2004, however, Deripaska shelved his plans in Georgia and dispatched Manafort to meet with Rinat Akhmetov in Ukraine to help Akhmetov and his holding firm, System Capital Management, weather the political crisis brought by the Orange Revolution.[86] Akhmetov would eventually flee to Monaco after being accused of murder, but during the crisis Manafort shepherded Akhemtov around Washington, meeting with U.S. Officials like Dick Cheney.[84][85][86] Meanwhile, the Orange Revolution would push Deripaska to also hire Davis-Manafort, this time to work for Viktor Yanukovych and the Party of Regions.[87]Wikipedia 

Wikipedia“In 2006,[10] Davis and Manafort formed the company 3eDC, an Internet firm,[13] which the McCain campaign selected to oversee the campaign’s Web site and online fund raising.

In 2005, Davis and his business partner, political consultant Paul J. Manafort, pitched a plan to Russian aluminum magnate Oleg Deripaska under which they would influence news coverage, business dealings, and politics in the former Soviet Union, Europe, and the United States “to benefit President Vladimir Putin’s government.” They eventually signed a $10 million contract that started in 2006, and maintained a business relationship until at least 2009.[21]

In January 2006, Davis arranged a meeting between McCain, Senator Saxby Chambliss, Senator John Sununu, and Deripaska at a private apartment near Davos, Switzerland, during the World Economic Forum. Deripaska’s suspected links to anti-democratic and organized crime figures are so controversial that the U.S. government revoked his entry visa in 2006.[22]

Later that month, Deripaska wrote to Davis and Manafort to thank them for arranging the meeting. “Thank you so much for setting up everything in Klosters so spectacularly,” he wrote. “It was very interesting to meet Senators McCain, Chambliss and Sununu in such an intimate setting.”[22]

Davis, McCain, and Deripaska dined together with others at a restaurant in Montenegro in August 2008. Davis had been assisting the ruling party with their successful independence campaign, which was bankrolled by Deripaska, the largest employer in Montenegro. McCain was visiting the country as part of an official Senate trip. After the dinner, a group including Davis and McCain traveled to a nearby yacht on the Adriatic Sea for a party celebrating McCain’s 70th birthday.[22][23]” Wikipedia