Gatestone InstituteIslamophobic– John Bolton founded, Mercer-funded. Links to far-right Swedish sites, along with Stormfront (White Supremacist), Voice of Europe (Kremlin-friendly right-wing), Sweden4Rus .nu & FreieWelt net,Infowars (Alex Jones), & Breitbart (Steve Bannon, Mercer-funded)

Sweden Democrats, Mattias Karlsson, “international secretary and chief ideologist”; Akesson (2000, 2005 Leader) Founded in 1988 as a neo-Nazi party including Waffen SS, sought an alliance with the KKK’s White Aryan Resistance. After speaking at the conservative think tank Steamboat Institute in Colorado, Karlsson attended US Republican convention CPAC February 2019 to study US think tanks and media. Tobias Andersson contributes to Breitbart and spoke to Grover Norquist’s Americans for Tax Reform. Karlsson and Andersson gained fans: the Koch Network’s  Americans for Prosperity director for external relationships Matthew Hurtt, Project Veritass Matthew Tyrmand, an adviser to a senator from Poland’s anti-immigration ruling Law and Justice party

Swedish National Socialist Party-Mats Nilsson

The Global Machine Behind the Rise of Far-Right Nationalism The New York Times Jo Becker August 10, 2019. Sweden was long seen as a progressive utopia. Then came waves of immigrants–and the forces of populism at home and abroad. “You look at what’s happening last night in Sweden. Sweden! Who would believe this? Sweden!” Mr. Trump told supporters at a rally on Feb. 18, 2017. “They took in large numbers. They’re having problems like they never thought possible.” The president’s source: Fox News, which had excerpted a short film promoting a dystopian view of Sweden as a victim of its asylum policies, with immigrant neighborhoods crime-ridden “no-go zones.” But two days later, as Swedish officials were heaping bemused derision on Mr. Trump, something did in fact happen in Rinkeby: Several dozen masked men attacked police officers making a drug arrest, throwing rocks and setting cars ablaze. And it was right around that time, according to Mr. Castillo and four other witnesses, that Russian [NTV] television crews showed up, offering to pay immigrant youths “to make trouble” in front of the cameras.”…”one writer for Samhallsnytt, who previously worked for the Sweden Democrats, was recently declined parliamentary press accreditation after the security police determined he had been in contact with Russian intelligence.

Russian ads on 6 of Sweden’s, far-right websites are deceptively from the same company, Autodoc GmbH in Berlin with Russian & Ukrainian owners. Germany, Hungary, Austria & other European ads.

Nyheter Idag founded by Chang Frick, contributor to RT-Russia Today, an independent observer in Russia’s presidential election and to meet Mr. Putin

Facebook pages: Samhallsnytt (News in Society) and Nyheter Idag (News Today).

Fria Tider (Free Times)– Launders Information with Russian propaganda media Sputnik; Linked to Granskning Sverige, “troll factory” to entrap journalists. Editor Vavra Suk at the magazine Nya Tider has traveled to Moscow as an election observer and to Syria, published “Putin’s Rasputin” Alexander Dugin, author of  The American Empire Should Be Destroyed. Other contributors include Manuel Ochsenreiter, editor of German far-right Zuerst! and regular on Kremlin propaganda station RT-Russia Today and worked for Markus Frohnmaier of the far-right German Bundestag/Alternative for Germany party, and leaked documents showed Russian interference to elect him. Ochsenreiter was implicated with a Polish extremist actor in a 2018 firebombing of the Hungarian center in Ukraine.