John Pepper

Putin helped Proctor and Gamble while in St. Petersburg. His ties to Kissinger and Trump:

“This father/son combo is a powerful force in middle America. John Pepper is frmr CEO of P&G & his son David is Chair of the OH Dem Party. They are respected in state, local, national, and international circles, and I also respected them (from little I know). However,  they both have interesting histories related to Russia, which the public, Congress, and law enforcement should examine more closely. During Cold War (& presumably now too), the FBI & CIA assessed that Soviet active measures work, in part, because the US is an open society. This is very true, but at the same time, maybe information can be used to counter Russian influence campaigns. Lets look @ the Pepper fam. On 8/15/16, D. Pepper releases a new book, ‘The People’s House‘, about the Russians hacking the election feat oligarchs and all. This “political thriller”, released 4 months prior to the election, is available on Amazon.