Tim Phillips

  • Republican Party
  • Religious Right
  • Council For National Policy
  • Koch
  • Americans for ProsperityTim Phillips President 2005-present, co-founded Century Strategies PR/Lobbying with Ralph Reed, fmr. Christian Coalition President
  • GOP Lobbying – Tom DeLay founded First Principles, LLC
  • Ralph Reed Century Strategies President- GOP Lobbying & Consulting 1997-Present, Atlanta,  Fmr.Christian Coalition Exec. Dir., Co-Founded with Tim Phillips; 1997 General Consultant for Fulton County Commission Chairman Mitch Skandalakis for Lieutenant Governor of Georgia campaign, used tribal Native American leaders wearing ceremonial costumes to attack opponent GA State Sen. Clint Day & ran ads that the Days had “desecrated Indian graves” “vandal” “grave robber” and Skandalakis lost in a tight race.
  • Jack Abramoff2005 Indian casino lobbying fraud with Ralph E. Reed Jr., Grover Norquist, Michael Scanlon, implicating Tom DeLay and Bob Ney (R-OH).  2001 George W. Bush White House Transition  Team: White House Contact was Abramoff’s former aide  Susan Ralston,  Executive  Asst. to Karl Rove
  • Congress
  • Tom DeLay (R-TX-22) 1985-2006. 1995 Tom DeLay House Majority Whip, started the K Street Project with Grover Norquist that infiltrated DC lobbying firms with GOP politicians and led to insider-legislation such as Dick Cheney’s energy task force and blacklisting special interests groups and lobbying firms that hired Democrats. 2002 Dossier of political donations was leaked to the Washington Post. The Honest Leadership and Open Government Act of 2007, Sec 102, bans members of Congress and staffers from using their political power to influence the employment decision of any private entity“on the basis of partisan political affiliation”.
  • Newt Gingrich- 1994 Republican Revolution-Tom DeLay orchestrated midterm election for GOP control of Congress & Senate

The Christian Coalition, 1989-1997+, lost the Republican Lt. Governor of Georgia primary in July 2006.  Faith and Freedom Coalition June 2009.

Ronald Reagan became President of the US

1981– Ralph Reed was an intern for the College Republican National Committee (CRNC) in DC, forming the “Abramoff-Norquist-Reed triumvirate.”

September 1983, Born Again Christian- While at the Bullfeathers pub with “the Holy Spirit simply demanded me to come to Jesus…the Holy Spirit simply demanded me to come to Jesus”.   Thumbing through the yellow pages of the phone booth outside under “churches,” Reed notice the Evangelical Assembly of God Church in Camp Springs, Maryland, attended the following morning and converted.[11] [12]

1983Abramoff promoted Reed Executive Director of the CRNC after Norquist, who went to be President of Americans for Tax Reform in DC

1989-1997-Pat Robertson‘s Christian Coalition- Ralph Reed Executive Director

1994: Students for America (SFA), Raleigh, NC: Reed moved to work with SFA and many Maranatha Campus Ministries members, supported by U.S. Senator Jesse Helms (NC).  Met Ed Buckham and Jim Backlin, the current Legislative Director of the Christian Coalition, who introduced Reed to Tom DeLay.

Fighting For God and the Right Wing: RALPH REED Supple in tactics but rigid in goals, Ralph Reed tries to give the religious right a softer, modern face TIME 

1997-Present: Century Strategies President- GOP Lobbying & Consulting

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